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February 19, 2007

Richard Dawkins interviewed on Paula Zahn Now

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Youtube Commments:
damn, I wanted them to re-invite the the two bitches they had on last week so Dawkins could wtfpwn them.

Oh wells at least he got to put a great representation of Atheism, I especially like his last bit.

Richard Dawkins is my hero.

His words may echo Gilmore’s only in that they are attempting to see through realistic and unbiased eyes – they are not even close to being the same in true content or meaning. Satanism is even more misunderstood than Atheism is, and I really hope you’re not trying to compare the two schools of thought.

Satanism is a far more realistic religion than Christianity is though, if you want to get down to it. (And no Im not a follower, im an atheist, but I have read all of LaVeys work.)

True, the furthest conclusion we could possible reach is Agnosticism, beyond that is making a leap of faith.

Atheist and Theist are the same in that both have to make a jump in faith: Theist make a jump in faith in god, Atheist make a jump in faith in believing in no god. Neither has been proven or disproven and neither statement can be known with 100% certainty.

The leap Athiests and Theists make is really quite different- you say that Athiests make just as much of a jump in faith that there is no god as Thiests make in saying there is, which is most definitly not true. I don’t know any athiest (myself included) who would continue to deny a god if there was concrete, reproducable proof that god exists.

2. Who says humanity has to be at it’s peak or even have a large amount of intelligence to take on subjects like god. Every single other species on the planet does just fine not believing in god. You don’t see birds trying to wipe out the Jews for their beliefs..

And this is one of the main points from Dawkins. The fact that you can be pursuaded to believe in some fairytale and even cause harm to other people because they don’t believe in your fairytale is horrible.

airportpanic – there are more positives from religion than negatives. Where I live, our Catholic church has a kitchen for the poor with daily meals, a warm place for anyone, takes care of those abused by spouses. Yes there are some fighting and using religion as excuse. These are few and far between. Most are from countries based on extremist education. For most part religious people help more than hurt. I am not saying atheists dont help – I am saying stop attacking religious people.

We don’t state that there CAN BE no god, simply that we are of the opinion that it is most likly that there is no god. Thiests, on the other hand, regularly make leaps of faith not only to believe what is said in various scriptures with no evidence supporting it, but to believe what is said in scripture with significant evidence to the contrary.

Reaper, what you just stated is Agnosticism and you appear to be agreeing with my thesis that “the furthest conclusion we could possible reach is Agnosticism, beyond that is making a leap of faith”

You don’t really seem to be disagreeing much with me except for the semantics of how the leap of faith is made. My thesis still stands.

An agnostic atheist is what every atheist is. Agnostic shouldn’t be used as a noun, but rather an adjective. Atheists lack a belief in god as opposed to actually recognizing and claiming that he does not exist. Besides, I lack a belief in god for the same exact reason i lack a belief in the invisible 6ft rabbit sitting in front of you right now.

I agree with ReaperIII here. Predictions are based on probable outcomes. Nothing is 100% certain. However we look at the probabilities of given situations and make judgments accordingly. If you believe that all options are equally likely, then it wouldn’t hurt to pray to every God. As Athiests, we live our lives assuming that it is most probable that there is not a god and therefore live life unfiltered from religious doctrine.

realyperx, the idea that god is so powerful that it is impossible for humans to understand him is ridiculous.

I think you believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster too. Didn’t you know it was all powerful and if you don’t believe in him you go to hell? pwnd, you unicorn loving freak.

nice that you would resolve to name calling. This is exactly what atheists do when they can’t answer me a simple question. How do you explain evolution to an amoeba? With a follow on question – what makes you think humanity is at the peak of evolution to take on subjects as God?

realhyperx, “How do you explain evolution to an amoeba? With a follow on question – what makes you think humanity is at the peak of evolution to take on subjects as God?”

1. How is it even possible to explain anything to an amoeba? We don’t share a common language…

If you believe in a god, you haven’t done enough research on the subject. Think for yourself – ask questions. Religions are nothing more than cultural icons – fabrications of mankind repeating the same stories over and over and over throughout human history. WAKE UP.

Why wouldn’t people who base their lives on myths feel threatened by Richard Dawkins? (Clearly, Zahn appears uncomfortable.) He seems to want to simply lead his life in peace and not be screwed with by superstitious simpletons. Perhaps he’s motivated by those who seek to impose their supernatural beliefs on children or by those who seek to hurt or even kill “non-believers” of their particular religion. Dawkins is fighting on behalf of reason, with both incredible guts and intellect.

I agree that most atheists have subscribed to a mindset almost as limiting as theists. I consider myself an apathetist — I don’t CARE if there’s a God and, yes, religion is bullshit all the way. But atheists will also tell you ESP doesn’t exist when in fact it does. They will tell you there’s no such thing as a miracle, when in fact there is. At least agnosticism is intellectually honest in that one withholds judgement until the evidence arrives.

Hitler believed that evolution only applied to “inferior” races. He believed that the aryan race was descended from Adam and Eve, and was created specially in God’s own image. Mein Kampf is full of references to “the Almighty Creator.” In any case, no matter what he believed, evolution was certainly NOT his “main driving foce.”

Hurr hurr! See what I did there? The old brainless switcheroo. Hurr hurr! “Richard Dawkins is a religious fanatic! Because I just said so! Even though the evidence shows Richard Dawkins is neither religious nor a fanatic! Hurr! I am teh smart!”


steveM999, your “proven facts” are not. Google the “One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge”? No one has proven they have ESP or that they can perform miracles. And true, Agnosticism would be intellectually honest if the facts wavered 50/50. But God has no evidence to support its existence, why even acknowledge the possibility of something’s existence if there is no evidence?

PROCLAIMEROFTRUTH, whether or not Hitler’s main driving force was evolution (evidence states Hitler may have been Christian). That in no way discredits evolution. Have you heard of the Crusades? That war was started because of Christianity, by your logic Christianity is a lie!


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