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February 20, 2007


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Youtube Commments:
Joe, I have to respectfully disagree, regarding Israel.

Those people (Hebrews) have got the short end of the stick for too many centuries.
Geographically, history shows that the area around the West Bank was theirs 1st (after the Caananites, of course). Now- they have offered to live in peace w/the Palestinians, but the Pali won’t stop until they kill every Jew.

So why should the Jewish “be nice”?

Historically speaking, the aboriginals claimed Australia before European white settlers forcefully evicted them with their boom sticks; I heard that this kind of thing has happened all around the world.

The problem isn’t land; it’s about the intense racial hatred between Jewish and Arab people, and their apparent apathy in concerns to changing these attitudes.

This is not something as simple as ‘oh Muslims hate Jews.’ Check out Jews in various other Muslim countries not. Its about Israelis (zionists) not ‘Jews’. Numerous Jews oppose zionism and others simply have no opinion or care about the matter. One other thing to note is throughout history there have been intermarriages between Muslims and Jews.

Thanks Linaverse. PPL need to know that Zionists for Israel, are like our neocons here.
Not all Jews are Zionists.
Not all Americans are neocons.
Not all Germans were Nazis.
Not all Iraqis are taliban or al-Qaida

See the point?

Wise words, honorable grasshopper! And very true.
But the problem w/Linaverse’s point is: if an extremist muslim meets a person of Jewish descent, I don’t think they care whether the Hebrew is Jewish or Zionist- they STILL want to exterminate him.

I will be honest- I need to do more research on the difference, as I thought that muslims thought that Americans are Zionist, as well.

And that is wrong.

ShortbusMooner You have a good point there! The PNAC (Zionist/Neocon plan) is all about extermination of Arabs that have oil and border Israel , so it pretty much contradicts the theory that Iranians want to exterminate Israel. Iran is simply watching out for themselves, which is not extremist, but a normal human endeavor!

ShortbusMooner Muslims know that Americans are not Zionist for the most part, but the Muslim leadership DOES know that American leaders have been hijacked by Zionists, which effectively makes the whole nation of America a Zionist nation due to the trickle-down effect

Sorry, I should have explained that more clearly. Arab people and Jewish people in Israel and Palestine hate each other due to the fact that at any one particular time, one is killing the other, or on special occasions, each other at the same time.

I’m not talking about the rest of the friggin’ world. I’m referring to the macrocosm of the Gaza strip, the West Bank and both countries respective borders. It’s an intense racial hatred. Do you disagree?

No offense, but your reference “offered to live in peace w/the Palestinians, but the Pali won’t stop until they kill every Jew” is inaccurate. Pal’s are being systematically squeezed out of the area and confined to a minor %’age of the land originally alotted to them – something that’s fully documented and indisputable – including repeated warnings from the UN council.

Their land? I think that can be debated. Anyway read the comment by peppermintpaddy below. Israel wants peace, ha, Palestine has no nukes. What would you do if you were being oppressed as they are? So of course they attack Israelis. Google or youtube Mordechai Vanunu.

you contradist yourself, you said:
“Geographically, history shows that the area around the West Bank was theirs 1st (after the Caananites, of course).”
Which is a little earlier than what? – 1947, or something.
Sadly you try and shift the terms of reference, an argument has to be consistent or you fail to make a point. You can’t have it both ways.

btw go to Rome in Italy and you’ll meet millions of Romans, soak up the culture, visit the Pantheon, try the food – you’ll love it!

Great. Yes,the USS Liberty just goes to show that the U.S government will gladly sacrifice innocent soldiers just for an excuse to enter into a war,but their plan backfired. The surviving sailors tell a horrifying story. Ah,gotta love the old US government. Tricky Dick.

hey shortbusmooner,90% of the jews,have no “hebrew “connection at all.DNA testing show 90% have no semitic blood,as opposed to the palestinians who are 100% semitic.And the fact they have suffered so much throughout the ages should make them treat the palestinians with more humanity,not the apartheid system thats in place in israel now.

hey joe, i have to disagree with you on the iranians in iraq. i myself have been to iraq and have detained and medically screened for HET. iranians who tried to kill us. although i agree with you on certain “subjects that should be addressed”. but keep up the great work

with all due respect, how do you know they were iranians? told so by your commander in chief? more importantly, how can you tell they were employed by iranian government? number of individuals/ groups, from allover the world, have been coming to iraq ever since spring 2003, trying to get americans out of there. most of them do not act on behalf of any particular government.

just to let you know we found their passports and id’s on them…. just to let you know, but i know the thats just a few people i ran into not saying the iranian gov. is in to it. and i was there 3 times so i know what im talking about. our intel doesnt come from the pres. it comes from CAG,RABID,etc. all unit’s in country. personally im sick of war… war sucks we should be focused on our own problems.

Bushmoonster makes Nixon look like a choir boy. this insane, arrogant, ignorant “man” has absolutely no conscience and NO guilt about killing innocent people all over the world. It is absolutely DESPICABLE that congress has done NOTHING TO STOP THIS MANIAC. i just can’t take anymore. WAKE UP AND FIGHT IT MAY ALREADY BE TOO LATE I WANT MY RIGHTS BACK AND WHAT ARE THOSE HALLIBURTON CAMPS FOR ANYWAY?

billy actualy a high Russian military officer said the decision to attack Iran was already made and it would be on 28th march, i hope someone puts an end to this madness or there maybe be a third world war, Putin bashed Bush because they know what the plans are.

Israel voted for war, but that’s another video. Even the first gulf war was based on a lie, there were no incubator babies. Bush the first lied! Joe is correct, Bush and Israel, both criminals. The state of Israel creates more problems than it solves.

I concur, as usual. Yet another great report.

Why, for the love of God/Allah/Moses/Dawkins/whoever/whatever, is GWB still president of the United States (or a free man (about calling him a ‘man’: it might be a little unfair of me to include him with the rest of humanity; it sounds almost absurd))?


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