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February 20, 2007

Drinking Problems

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Youtube Commments:
you obviously have a tracking device in you. they’ll come and get you. you should maybe be thinking of what to do next rather then dwelling on your family’s substance abuse problems.

i’m predicting that this series is going to get a little bloody.

Danielbeast don;t you know that Jonas is really working for the order? That house isnt his parents, its the Order’s house, it was led by that other family that gemma mentioned that became vacated. After the family disappeared. Jonas is giving her her shots in her sleep. The Ceremony is on the Spring Equinox.

Hi I’m Daniel and I’m and alcoholic. lmao exactly what it seems like but anyways, i think he feels weird because the order did something to him dun dun dun, but i don’t know what. maybe a tracking device, maybe a bug, i dunno. but i do think that they shouldn’t stay at Jonas’s but that is just my opinion

Every Year Another Inocent Person Dies After Taking A Glimpse At Daniel’s Yellow Teeth, Please Help Today By Contributing To The GABDOBADF( Get A Better Dentist Or Buy A ToothBrush Fund )Daniel Needs You Help. Dont Let Another Poor Soul Die. Ty
daniel.. u r ugly! and jonas wtf?? he didnt tell u to do anyhtign bad.. he was trying to help.. for what i know.. he didnt tell u to go drink ur problems away.. or join the order so stop talking bad stuff about jonas because ure living in his house DUMBASS!>.
hey smart guy, (or girl) he was being sarcastic, look it up. he was saying that jonas talks about his feelings, so that was his influence for the video, and talking about his feelings has given him a headache therefor joking that jonas is a bad influence. you need to chill

Chester the Molester. Haha. I worked at a tax/audit office one time and we had this client named Charles and he insisted that we call him Dr. Chester. When he wasn’t around we would call him Chester the Molester. Nice vids though. I think you are attractive. Eff Jonas.


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