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February 20, 2007

HUAYANG HanaKimi13-7 +behind the scenes

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Youtube Commments:
I liked this episode, but there were a couple of things that just made it scream: UNREALISTIC. Well, having a girl dress up as a guy in a University… that’s unrealistic enough.
But stuff like, Tian Law just changing his attitude and ripping the apology…so weird. And then, the IronMen got dressed up… but they didn’t do anything! What was the point of introducing them? I felt bad for them.

And then, taking so much time having Jian explaining what the reporter said and so calmly too. I felt like it was a melodramatic drama XD and not an “emergency” situation.

But lainemma/serathing, you’re amazing. Thanks so much for the wonderful subs. I totally admire and appreciate you!

yeah it did come out awkward when Nan and the two other dorm heads dressed up and just started explaining what they’re supposed to do… but they really didn’t even DO ANYTHING… i also found it funny how jian was telling them in a calm sorta casual way when siuyi’s already signing the letter… i mean how long do they think he could write his own name? lol. over-all though i’m glad they didn’t exclude this story arc out of the series. poor siuyi… i just wanna hug him.


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