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February 20, 2007


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Youtube Commments:
Before I started writing this comment I had the same problem (for an hour or so). But before posting I tried again and it worked.

But it’s not only LV. I currently have problems with half of the videos on youtube and other non-video-sites like the english wikipedia (german version works fine). Did anyone pull an important plug?

those fucktards banned him again?…this is for the birds! well i think LiveVideo rules anyhow! YT is plagued with cheaters, trolling haters…and they run rampant on this site, unfettered. I’m already at LV and i can stay there if i want..but he’s still got me for subscriber!

Watch “watch?v=DMOjPi1Uo0o”
Someone got a real reply from youtube, which says every video is removed only after reviewing, warning and then on purpose.
Mordeth didn’t get a warning, the other user, which the video is about, didn’t either.
Youtube also wrote an entry in its blog (see bottom of page) about the recent banning of accounts.
All together doesn’t fit that well. I don’t know what to think of youtube anymore.

Hey, thanks for the update on Mordeth … I do disagree with one thing though and that is if he makes a new account to just back away from what happened. I believe this Shawn G will only feel prouder of what he’s done if Mordeth doesn’t do anything about it.


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