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February 21, 2007

Look out London… HERE I COME

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Youtube Commments:
Paul… I understand you’re actually pissed at Hellion… He’s an ass and I don’t say things like that lightly but… come on. I actually have some respect for you and you’re better than that crap. I DO think there is a little bit of being dramatic in your playing along with this which is understandable but I also see why you’re honestly upset at the guy. Just, seriously let him be an ass and try to stay above it.

“Lets get it on!” Who should we nominate to referee the match and is it possible to say these words….probably not as they are copy writed. We can not say lets get ready to rumble as well as they are copy writed. So what do you say to start the match? Youtube or youscrewed!

Renetto, I won’t waste my time on him. From his manners, you can detect poor upbring. Besides, no telling what kind of diseases you can get exposed to when you cause him to bleed. AIDS or Hepitits come to mind. I would demand him to be tested first.


This HExciter guy is a staker. I don’t think you should do anything more then having him removed from Youtube. His videos are hate speech and violate the terms of useage. Use your pull and get this guy removed. I would not trust confronting him in person as a nut like him might bring a gun to a fist fight.

Give it some thought.


Wearing of a Rosary that one actually uses to pray is neither uncommon nor sacrilegious in various Catholic-adherent cultures, and was a common practice in the Medieval and Renaissance periods, particularly among monastics (monks and nuns). Rosaries are also worn hanging from or looped over a belt, particularly with some religious habits, pinned to and hanging from a shoulder or neckline, or wrapped around a wrist or arm as a bracelet.

I my god.. you need a promoter!!!! I will dye my hair dark black and shock it up and be your promoter.. I’m made for the job, Renetto. I won’t wear gold chains and have gold-nugget teeth like the “famous” boxing promoter…but this whole cage thing is totally buff, man.. it’s kewl… I can see this happening on youtube. That guy will not show up.. Awesome vid.

No Sound? That happened to me a little while ago, I had to install a newer version of Flash to get it to work right. You might consider uninstalling the version you have, and then installing whatever version Adobe has for download.

Have fun in London, and I hope you put the beatdown on that punk.

I’d rather you not gamble your videos on youtube over this. New videos can always be made, but still…

i must say, however, it’s a BIG way to smoke someone out alright. I would even go after something like that, as it’s too huge not to go after. So should this come about, train hard, promote the event, and may Renetto lay waste to the HellionExciter. HUZZAH! 😀

First for me seeing someone shave their head….smooooooth it is. Have a safe journey to London. I really hope you don’t do the fight, just ignore whoever that is you’re talking about.. I would rather see vids of you, and all your friends, having a great time partying, an stuff. So yeah, keep us posted.

GO Renetto!…I’m so god damn pissed at that fuckin little prick “Hellion exciter” or whoever the fuck he is. I know you’re going to kick the mother fuckin SHIT out of him. That little pussy,city slicker,wouldn’t last one punch i’d bet. Sorry for the language but, You’re definitley going to FUCK HIM UP!

Have you ever boxed in a real match? You will get knocked out if you come in punching anything like that. I was just kidding about the cage match in my response video. I think you’re nuts to do it but if you do fight please let me know when and where and who will be taking bets. I’d love to come see it.

Renetto if you actually fight this crazy Jew, and he is crazy. He’ll kick the crap out of you. A guy with a mouth like his must have seen some fights in his day, you well…’nuff said. By your own admission, you are addicted to youtube. Can you hold your end of the bet?

Go Renetto Beat that Fucking piece of shit who just Wants attention and keeps bullying everyone on youtube everyman needs a lesson teach him one your not alone renetto ^^ for all those people he fucking harassed his sure to get his ass kicked after you finished kicking his… but make sure you do

A fight? No way, for some reason, I feel a fight would be unbecomming of you and not your style. Family men don’t go to such extremes. Let’s just say, the pen (or video) is still mightier than the sword. Besides, pornographic comments should be banned from YouTube anyway.

BWAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHHAAH hellionexciter is going to kick the shit out of you, i can’t wait to see him fuck that slut you have for a wife in front of your corpse, at least your kids will feel relieved because you won’t be able to rape them anymore.

You don’t have to create an argument to defend yourself or your terrirory , So stand up for your rights and take pride in your ability to take action when it is necessary . Really calm down , You knew he wouldn’t show up , and never will . So please don’t rush out to buy a new pair of boxing gloves .

I see you are using the intimidation thing giving your opponent a view of your body. I bet you think you’re in pretty good shape and that is all there is to fighting. Have you ever been in a fight? Some can fight and some can’t, so it really doesn’t matter how good of shape you are in. My question to you is – when it is time to fight will you fight like a man or fight like a bitch?

Rosary beads are used for praying. Each bead as a certain prayer to be said when holding that bead in your fingers. They are NOT meant to be worn and they are NOT considered necklaces. Most catholics recieve their first rosary beads at their first communion and use those for life. Why don’t you custom make a necklace of beads in the same Y shape with a cross attached but not “spaced” out like a rosary? Just a idea for you since you like them so much. Can’t wait to see your london adventure!

Dude, a few things. 1st you scare me w/that razor.The whole time I kept thinking, OMG he’s gonna really cut himself, really bad. 2nd you really have that whole Picard thing going…looks awesome. Keep on Trekin. Live Long and Prosper.

After the Hail Marys on the next bead you pray the Our Father,Announce the Mystery and the Glory Be. Repeat all that all the way around the rosary until you get back to the medal.This time you pray Hail Holy Queen and the Rosary Prayer. Then repeat the same prayers you prayed on the way up the rosary to begin with.

I posted a comment in between these two. 1st the rosary. Start at the cross, make the sign of the cross and pray the Apostles Creed. Then move up to the 1st bead and pray Our Father. Move to the next three and pray Hail Mary on each. Then on the next single bead pray Glory Be. The move on to the medal and Announce the Mystery and Our Father.Then move to the next set of beads and pray the Hail Mary on each bead.

You really shouldn’t fight with people and call people names on youtube. I think its very childish, but more importantly you could be placing yourself at risk. I understand you have a huge ego and think only of yourself. But what about your family? You are not very smart to take off on some big adventure, leave them behind and then call people names and make trouble on youtube. ANY lunatic CAN be on youtube. This IS a dangerous world Renneto! Why do you have to make trouble? Its a disgrace.

Although part of me would like to see you guys fight, I implore you to reconsider. You already beat up that heidilow utubedrama guy and broke his camera, just leave it at that. Take the high road and just ignore helion. I respect the fact that you’d fight to protect your wife and kid’s honor but it really isn’t worth it.

For liability and insurance purposes you might want to disclaim that this will not be a you tube sponsored or you tube condoned event in case of serious injury or death. Does anybody know how to download videos from youtube (since all renetto’s vids will be gone soon?)

Paul, think about it. You’re one of the good guys. You’re a family man, businessman, entrepreneur, inventor, musician, and well liked on you tube. The other guy is a reckless hate spewing loser. He amounts to nothing and has nothing to lose. One lucky punch and he could damage that well developed brain of yours. Reconsider.

Dude! I may hack on you sometimes but you might want to think about this fight thing. Your a frekin 40 year old man with a family. He lives alone, works alone, and probably has sex alone so just let him live in his fantasy world with all his music, porn, movies, and posters. I could pull his heart out of his chest and feed it to him for talking like he did about the wife and family but screw the punk. Unless of course this is all a publicity stunt.

He’s probably not gay (if you mean homosexual). Paul is actually married to a female. As far as I know, he is straight. But I don’t know him personally so he could be a closet homosexual I guess. I sort of doubt it however. I think he did a video describing his distaste of gays at one point…

I’m pretty sure that 10 years from now Paul Robinet will look back on this period in his life with the same embarassment that people did 10 years after the citizen band (CB) craze of the 70’s. Seriously dude.. you are a tool… But you do have that sort of Je ne sais quoi… 10-4? LOL!

The only reason I watch him is because he goes to the same church I go to and I sort of know who he is. I don’t know how many of his fell church-goers is aware of his online shanagans but I have to admit, he can be funny. But his pride and ego unfortunately seem to get the best of him most of the time (sadly).

Dude thats kinda harsh. You must be pretty confident to say you would take all your videos down if you lose. Honestly that wouldn’t really effect him much because he isn’t very popular on youtube. On the other hand, this would be devastating for you.

What a tool! I just watched Hellion’s latest video and what a geek! I could whoop his ass and I’m a chic in a wheelchair!!!! I was nervous when you said the looser would not post on YouTube anymore but after seeing him, I honestly don’t think you have ANYTHING to worry about. And what’s that smack he’s talking about Andrea? What a mensch!

this whole conflict thing is renetto’s attempt at some bad acting. He and some other YouTube ‘stars’ (lol!
)are trying to do some kinda scripted YouTube fiction. They think once the gag is up their genius will be well known. They’ll be rich and everyone will want to be like them.

renetto good luck against hellionexciter, tho i think ignoring everything that he’s said would’ve been better – he’s single, alone and obviously just wants attention… haha i see u got some strong supporters on ur side (i’m pointing at TheDramaTube’s vid response)

Paul, just an opinion here … why not set an example of peace for your children? Physical fighting cannot and will not “teach him a lesson.” If you cannot appeal to his sensibilities, then you must turn from him. In the longer view, your wife and children will respect you much more if you remain a man of peace.

Can’t we all just get along? Let’s all take a big deep breath and relax…

Seriously Renetto, stop this shit before someone gets hurt. Just ignore HellionExciter. Don’t watch his videos. You go your way, let him go his. Stop this immature bullshit. Think of what kind of example you’re setting for your kids by fighting him.

HellionExciter or whatever is scary. =( please be careful.. I went and looked at his videos. the last one is entitled “renetto kids have Asperger Syndrome”, yeah.. how does YouTube let this man stay a part of this community? My daughter has Aspergers syndrome… ugh I’m so upset.. what an ass. Take care and stay safe..

“we’re not celebrities, just real people”

HAHHAHAHAHHA do you seriously think anyone views you as ‘celebrities’? You’re a loser for going to some dork convention and actually thinking you are famous . Besides lonelygirl15 and lisanova, nobody on youtube is famous. Thats it

This is the first time I’ve ever commented on a YouTube video, and you probably won’t even see it, but man… that guy isn’t worth it, Paul. Whatever crap comes out of his mouth, he does not deserve your time or energy. Give him what he deserves: nothing. Let it go and I swear you’ll look like the bigger man. This is just stupid.

This is the first time I’ve ever commented on a YouTube video, and you probably won’t even see it, but man… that guy isn’t worth it, Paul. Whatever crap comes out of his mouth, he does not deserve your time or energy. Give him what he deserves: nothing. Let it go and I swear you’ll look like the bigger man. This is just stupid.

It’s amazing these days by how easy it is to become suedo famous, Case in point this guy. Quite honestly first impression he looks like an overweight not very handsome, fairly talentless balding plug, who has found a cheap outlet to promote himself, hey bud fame is’nt all that, now you and Britney look like twins, except you were hit by the ugly stick.

Hail Mary,
Full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of death.

SWEET you were here in SF. i would love to see that fight…i hope you win.

That was the first time I’ve ever seen anyone shave their head…at the end you were going so fast i though you were going to cut yourself lol

one question…What do you do for a living?

if this this ever gets under way (which i doubt) h.exciter would eat you alive. don’t ever fight with a crazy person. you can saw off his arm and he will keep coming back, like a rat dog, until you kill him. so you better hope he is out of shape, watching his training video’s i think he’s not taking this as a joke.

Seeing this I now feel deprived. Why couldn’t my dad have been like Paul, spending so much of his time posting videos of himself like this one. How I wish one of my friends from school or a million other kids could have watched him stand there, half naked, shaving his head and demonstrating how he’s gonna fight a complete stranger from the internet. No,I got stuck with a dad who wanted to spend his free time doing “quality” things with his family. Thanks a lot dad!-literally!

pls dont u shave ur head… the breast is way more imporatant.. and please the part under your arm… and i bet there are some more parts to mention… keep on the hard work and save some money to buy all this ” on time shavers” it will need u too… good luck man … almost impossible. u look like a bear lol


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