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February 21, 2007

Mary J. Blige @ The Grammys 2007

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Youtube Commments:
u are so negative in short time throughout her career she has title called the queen of soul and she still wear that crown i dont recall those other artist u name has a title, even though i love whitney, mariah, and celine mary still stands alone with no comparisons

It’s one thing to say Beyonce is bad or Jennifer Hudson or anything other singer who’s been in the business less then five years but come on Mary? Mary is great she’s been in this business for years and she has so much heart. I think Mary deserved all the awards she won. I’m truly happy for her.I Luv Mary

Mary is not about voice. Mary is about passion, spirit, feeling the f–k out of what she’s trying to bring across to you. All that trained, polished singer shyt isn’t what Mary’s about. The Queen of Hip Hop Soul is about preaching and bringing her message to those of us who have been with her since she told us what the 411 was.

Honestly, I never was a fan of Mary for real. Her music has always been okay with me, and her performance’s and singing never moved me. But for the first time, this performance really moved me and (The Breakthrough) album really had some good songs up there. Very good. Good job Mary!

Whitney is OUT the game and her voice is shot, Mariah is a redneck who lip synchs, Beyonce is a GIMMICK who sells sex, NONE of them WEAK bitches will NEVER EVER be able to deliver like Mary, 16 years in the game and still on top, yo broke ass should have cried about this then, your opinion DO NOT matter, she is already KNOWN to the WORLD as one of the GREATEST SINGERS OF ALL TIME, deal with it.

I really liked Mary’s performance. I really felt like she sung that song from the bottom of her heart and she sung it like she really meant it and with so much emotion. She was really getting into the song. I thought she did a great job and I congratulate her on her three Grammy awards. Her album was very good.

The performance was good..i guess. To me she sounds like a dieing cat with all that screaming and carrying on. All these years Marys been singing and she still cant control her damn voice…damn bitch quit already! Please ppl don’t get offended you know im speakin the truth :0/

OMG! MJB is the QUEEN! I’m a 25 y/o guy and she made me cry! She gave me goose-pimples! By far the most powerful performance of that evening!
The next best thing was Christina Aguilera. She’s the best pop vocalist to date. She gave a great vocal performance, but not as powerful and hair-raising as Mary’s performance!


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