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February 22, 2007

A Word or Two

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Youtube Commments:
I wish I could have been there. It was probably very hard for you because you couldn’t give your full attention to everybody.

We are very lucky to have you in this era because you bring some people a whole new world of music they probably never would have listened to.

You are a star and one of the most gracious people that I’ve met on the Internet.

MaryAnne, You are anything but a simple lady. I say this because you are all at once, beautiful, talented, wise beyond your years, and much much more mature than most everyone I know. And that is anything but simple. You are wonderfully complicated…and don’t ever change that. Love from Chattanooga, Tn. Shawn

You are right about the weirdness, so my girl and I left (I’m the tall red head.. kiss to build a dream on) but it was super nice to meet you. Keep in mind, internet fame is fleeting and your star is rising, while every one else there was falling. People can be mean when they feel threatened. Keep singing for us, and we will love you in return. #9 most watched this month, but #1 among real people doing videos. Keep your chin up. We love you, me and my 1.3 million friends!

Just the right time indeed. 🙂 Cheer up MaryAnne. I wish I couldve meet you but sadly I live across the country. Sorry things didn’t go as planned. 😦 But I just want you to know you have geniune people that love you very much, and that is the gosh darn truth. 🙂



What a personal and sincere video. Sorry the YouTube gathering wasn’t all you had hoped it would be. Sounds like you did have a lot of fun even if it wasn’t all fun. Sorry I couldn’t come. Keep singing. (I’m guessing you’re deleting all the comments.) I think you are right about the time you were born in.

Your friend ttlms

Maryanne, yours is a unique journey, which you seem to be traveling with grace and humor. I hope that you experience hope, joy, and a sense of accomplishment — the result of the happiness you give others during the course of these fleeting moments which touch so many people.

Pure class. I don’t doubt that some of the other people where there to be discovered. As for being born in the wrong era I think “that’s crazy” those songs remind us of a better time in this countries history when we use to know are neighbors and say “Hi” to strangers and hold doors for females (I still do it)and you sing them so great. As Bob Hope would say, “Thanks for memories”.

Gee, way to be cryptic! It doesn’t surprise me that you have mixed feelings about hanging out with some of those self-important attention whores. You remind me of geriatric1927. That guy is truly humbled by the positive feedback he has received and he’s not interested in media attention, he just wants to continue making his videos for his YouTube friends. You strike me as being exactly the same. I believe you’re as real as it gets.

It’s too bad that people feel like they have to manipulate others to get ahead in the world. I could see some of what you said in other videos about the get together. It seemed like some people just wanted it to be about themselves and not the “Youtube community”. Hopefully the good outweighed the bad for you tho. Just remember to stay gold.

I have no idea what went on in SF, but please don’t be sad Mary-Anne. You can take solice in the fact that your singing is making a lot of people happy. I would return the favour, but…i’m not that strong a singer. As well, I love the era of music you are so fond of singing. Thanks for bringing it back to the world’s attention. Brett xoxox

You’re simply the most astonishing person I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Your graceful honesty is both refreshing and lovely. You have a way of telling it like it is without sounding like you’re just complaining about the world. It’s very nice to see someone like you on YT. Don’t ever change.

From Nagoya Japan…

Ysabellabrave, all you can do, need to do, is to do what you you’ve been doing. Which is to sing and to sparkle and to send your love, God’s love, all over the world. That’s why, maybe, you are here now — at this time. // Beetroot babies hanging on the blackberry bush/Shush/And you will have your beginning./Boys and Girls already gone to see the Lark/Hark and you may hear her singing.

So I am watching this video and listening to you talk…and the entire time there is one image that came to mind…Judy Garland…during the dorothy era of wizard of oz…and trust me that is a great compliment…I love your videos and I am so so thankful that you sang Eye is on the Sparrow….because just the other day I was going to send you a request for that song and then decided against it….hmmm did you read my mind from the other side of the country????

I thought I’d better comment before I get lost in the crowd here.This video feels like it is out of some old movie.I guess it’s the music,or maybe its the tone of your voice.Anyway,I just wanted to say that I enjoy your videos.You have a wonderful singing voice.Wish you well.


So MaryAnne, Interesting to focus on the situation. Many people hang on you. I recently found you and do you ever deliver beautiful song after another. I tell my son who sings so well: Look at how this lady is putting such beautiful songs into the world with such feeling. You can do that too. It is such an enhancement to the world that you can do this. it it nice to feel your life and personality shine through. Keep it up and please also keep your balance in a difficult sea.

Well, I thought I was first too, when I realized there is so much web traffic from people wanting to hear MaryAnne, the comment counter just didn’t get updated, and the first comment was actually three hours ago. Her family is pretty big – all trying to see her new vid at the same time overwhelms the technology a bit!

MaryAnne, I am at a lost for words. It turly hurt me to know that you were, for lack of a better word, disappointed by the behavior of many of the YouTubers who showed up in San Francisco. Please don’t judge the 1000’s who didn’t go by the few who did. You are still very young and a little innocent and naive. A tastee of the real world gives us wisdom but it doesn’t have to change who we are. Don’t let it change you.

Hi Maryanne, sorry for whatever happened and that the gathering wasnt a positive one. I almost went but got sidetracked on Sat. You where so excited and now a bit disappointed and sad but dont let it take away your passion and energy. Tomorrow is another day and you always make me smile. Cheers! M

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful gift of song and precious heart with us.

Yes, you were born for this time. The world so desparately needs to see that a lovely young woman can be popular and wholesome without loosing her soul the insanity of this world.

May you be blessed!

Isaiah 40:31

You remind me of a screen star from back in the day when class meant something and times were simpler. You could walk down the street and say hello to strangers without having to worry about getting shot for looking at someone wrong. So… simple lady keep on singing and making these times special for everyone that’s watching.

I hope the day wasn’t so off putting that you feel discouraged. There are still quite a few of us who look forward to your songs and enjoy those little slices of life you give us from time to time. Yeah, we Internet types can be a little odd sometimes. It’s certainly easier to be charming in text form then it is to do so in real life.


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  1. Speaking of Judy Garland, there is an exciting and popular new group on Yahoo called THE JUDY GARLAND EXPERIENCE. They have ever changing and always ultra rare audio files, great photo’s, lively discussions, and the most eclectic bunch of Judy fans you will ever come across. The only thing missing is you.
    You should check it out.

    Comment by Daniel — February 22, 2007 @ 9:06 pm

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