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February 22, 2007

Check out my livevideo character…..

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Youtube Commments:
why do you complain so much you have tons of subscribers and views on youtube and very little on livevideo youtube making you famous not livevideo
and you cares if you vids get flaged it only means people have to get an account with youtube do you ready wait ham and eggers watching you?

Just a question: is the coloring on your face(s) also faked? I believe I have detected traces of lipstick, eyeliner and powder. If confirmed, this would constitute a severe case of fraud, young lady. Are you afraid to show us your real face? That’s scandalous.

You just officially freaked me out! Shayne told me you are a very good actress. Well he was right! You are 10 times more deserving of a Mad TV gig than Lisa Nova! I take back anything I have ever said about you! This was some impressive shit! Fake us out with more disguises haha. Be good!!!

I think you’re probably right but still it’s her video. I would never in a million years thought that she was connected to Faye006. I have watched Jamie Lynn a few times and never thought much about it. I re watched them tonight and sure as shit, that’s her. Pretty cool!

cute video! damn! and who would have thought that Stevie Ryan was the Borg Queen–Not only will she take over the internet, she’ll take over the universe. Remember ya’ll: “Resistance is Futile. You will be assimilated” Love the Loca…Love Stevie…Love Jaime Lynn

Your the best Stevie!!! keep it up!!! you can do anything you want, believe me I know talent and you have it!!! You have rocked youtube and the different personalities you have unfolded show you have unlimited skills!! Keep taking over youtube there are another 199 video sites out there if you get to much flack here. Also there can be television in your future 🙂


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