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February 22, 2007

Grandpa Bunny Bunny

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Youtube Commments:
Sorry mate, you don’t need any more stress at this time. You have enough to worry about. It’s sad about the rabbit, but it’s incidental to how your dad is and so, of course, the memories flood back about how your dad looked after it. Take care my friend.

Bun is part of the family and if and when he leaves this earth you know he had a good time living with the family and you will see him again. All my Love Zipster and your dad and bun are in my prayers tonight as well are you my friend. Love Ya friend.

i’m so sorry, zipster
in pretty much every culture but ours, what boomchick said would be held to be true…bun wants to be there to greet your dad. i have a friend whose dog left a week before he did. so very sorry zips my heart goes out to you.

šŸ˜¦ i’m so sorry to hear about this zip- i’m sending all of my love your way! it’s so hard to lose a pet, not to mention with everything else going on right now with your dad. hang in there and know that we all love you and your bunny and your dad are both in my thoughts and prayers!!!

Sorry about your bunny Zip. I just watched the video where you introduced him to us and you seemed so happy and full of energy – I hope you will feel like that again soon. Bun is 10 years old! I think that is pretty old for a rabbit – you’ve taken care of all of those around you and you’re a good person. Best wishes from your fan in Japan.

Hi Zipster,
So sorry to hear about your bunny,one of my 2 doggers is not doing to good either,she plays frisbee real well
but was unable to get up on the couch this morning,we are looking into it.
We hope for the best for bun.
love Scott and Rosie p.s. sending you strength on the wind

The “drainage” from Bunnys eyes, I feel were tears. Animals sense when someone they love is sick, and leaves them. It isn’t unsual for them to grieve themselves to death. I feel Boomerchick is right, with what she said.

It’s really hard for us when we loose one of our four legged family members. It is great that Ginger is going to see Abe, and visit with others there. She too knows what’s going on, and she knows your hurting as well.

Blessings, and Much Love!

Oh Zippy, I am sharing tears with you right now. I am so sorry. Bun just wanted to get there first so he can show your dad where all the best clover fields are, that’s all. I’m so sorry, Zip. May Bun rest in peace. I am going to send you link in your messages, k? look for it!

Terry, I am so sorry. I wonder…could you take Bun to the hospice to visit your dad one more time – or would that be too sad for everyone? It’s sad that all this sorrow is coming along at once; it often seems to happen that way. Thanks for sharing with us, Terry. You’re in my prayers.

Oh Zip I am sorry about Bun and your grief wish I was there to offer you a hug man — I am so very sorry
As well I am glad they let the Ginger in hospice — they do here in NYC too.
Your going thru a rough time buddy keep talking.
Your Friend
Marc in NYC

Sorry to hear about bun, it is so strange how pets can relate to so much about what is happening with people they care about. Such as when my grandma was sick with kidney failure and lived with us we had a cat. The cat ended up the one sleeping with her and just being there for her. When grandma finaly passed a few weeks later we found out the cat had kidney failure and passed the next day. Keep your hopes up and all of us at you tube are here for you.
love ya Zip

I’m so sorry about your precious Bun, Zipster. I wanted to thank you for opening your life to me and letting me grieve along with you. Being able to share in your experience via YouTube is a daily reminder to me to truly love and appreciate the people and animals in my life while I still can.

Zipster, This on top of everything else. I’m so sorry. Isn’t it odd how sometimes animals seem to have an instinct and know things? My heart goes out to you with this on top of all your other pain. I’m sure time seems to stand still for you right now.

Terry, i wish that i was there to give you some support, you really have been given a bad trot lately.
Animals know when something is not right, they feel just like humans do, at a guess Bunny is missing your Dad mabie next time leave Ginger at home and take Bunny with you when you visit your Dad next? Just a thought anyways my friend.

zip my heart goes out to you,im so so sorry,on top of everything else your having to deal with too,im crying seeing you hurt so much,wish i could take some of ur pain away,try and be strong or should i say stay strong,because you have been strong so far babe,hugs n kisses coming ur way from me zip.luv u my friend x

Oh darling! This is the LAST thing you needed right now!

You have my complete sympathy. I lost a favorite kitty and my grandfather in the same week several years ago. It was so hard but I like to think that they take care of each other now.

So sorry honey!

this is so heartbreaking to see this happening to you Zipster, even tho i just subscribe to you i feel you are a friend . im so sorry about bunny , i know i would be devastated if i lost my pet. your still in my thought s and prayers zip you and your family and bun, take care of yourself dear.

Zip Im really sorry you are going through this tough time. Sometime life just doesnt seem fair. but u know what they say.. what doesnt kill us will make us stronger..
Your an incredible person and i love you to bits.. I wish i could be there to give you a hug.. but you’ll just have to settle for a world famous TJ style OK BYE!
Hang in there buddy,

hey zip you bunny was so fluffy and all you have to do is think of the good times and how mutch you dad loves that big fluffy pillo . my rabbet (honney) died just last week and that is what i did and it made me a bit happer well i will talk to you soon cya koby1991 šŸ˜¦

Aw man what a sad thing to happen. Zip, sorry about Bun. What more can I say that hasn’t been said – thanks to YouTube and 12 hour video feeds. Bunny Heaven is a GREAT place. Better there than sufferville!! God bless you brother. Too much is just too much. PRAYERS continue. Peace and optimism even in the face of so much pain. Love you bro.

zipster…10 years is a really long time for a rabbit. Your lucky he made it that long. I used to raise three different breeds and we always told people not to expect more then 6 years. I know this doesn’t help and your right, this is really bad timing and I am so sorry you are going through all this. My heart goes out to you Zipster! xoxoxooxxo

Dear Mr. Zipster,
So heartbreaking when we lose our beloved little friends. Along with the love we feel for them, we also get so many memories tied up with them don’t we? We had to assist our cat in passing a year ago as she was 15 and just went in to a failure thrive. My husband and I cried like babies when we took her to the vet for the last time. My son grew up with her so we had so many memories combined with them. My sympathy goes out to you.

Hey, Zip. Believe it or not, just started checking you out. Life certainly is strange. Sorry to hear about your bun, and especially what your going through right now with your Dad. But remember, everything in our life happens for a reason. God works in strange ways. Just keep faith. Having faith will help you get through anything. Take care and may God Bless.

Oh no, Zip, how sad. I can really empathise with you on this. I had one of my beautiful dogs go into kidney failure, and I had to have him put down Saturday. Haven’t been too happy for the past few days. Our animal family is the greatest, and I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have one or more near me. I know you’ll miss Bun like I’ll miss my Bear. šŸ˜¦ xoxo, Vicky

You gave Bun a long and happy life Zipster. I love animals too and have had many have to leave me…I know its sad and my heart hurts for you right now. My thoughts and prayers are still for you and your family through all of this difficult time. Big hug..

Hi Zipster,
I ran across the Bun Video on YouTube that is made of stills of Bun and music with Abe and Bun still at the end. I wanted to watch it again and I cannot find it? Rosie has not seen it and yet and would love to see it tonight when she gets home from work.

May Abe Be Comfortable…He is in our Praers.
Love Scott and Rosie Tehachapi Ca

Ohh…so sad for you! I know how the loss of a precious pet feels. Just remember that you gave him a great life and memorialize him (we had our son paint a rock and put it in our dog’s fave spot so that we will always see it) so that you can always be reminded of him and the good times! šŸ™‚
Thinking of you!

Terry – When will the technology allow us to put our arms around you.
My thoughts and prayers go to you and your family.
Believe Bunny will be there for Dad. They will both be looking after each other and smiling down at you.
As always. We are here for you anytime, anyday.
Bless you.

Love to you, your dad and bun. ‘The price of love is grief.’ I heard that the other day and it’s so true (I don’t know who said it). None of us want to go without loving so we know someday there will be sadness, but the sun will shine again. Keep your chin up.

Have you seen “I Heart Huckabees”? It’s all connected.. there is no such thing as coincidence! He’ll prepare the meadow for your dad and they’ll have a blast up there, believe me! Hang in there. It’ll be just fine. Just hang in there.. I’m with you… love and hugs

I know you’ve had Bin for a long time, and that s(he) was a pet of your’s and your partner’s together. It must be hard to see that Bun is getting ready to go at the same time as your dad – but also that Bun’s departure will bring memories of your partner passing as well.

It’s strange how life is. So many joys, so many pains.

Keep sharing!

*HUGS* We cried for you and then we said our prayers and asked that God give you some peace. We are at a loss for what to say for all that you have been going through as of late and all we can seem to do is pray and offer our love, support and friendship! If we could, we would just hug you and your family!

i’m so sorry. i know that the loss of a pet can be very difficult. i have worked in animal hospice for a number of years, and one of the first things they teach you is that when an animal is dying, there is no way to be of greater comfort than to hold it. im sure bunny was very comfortable in his last hours, thanks to you. stay strong.

Oh Zip …hunny…I’m so sorry and everyone is right when they say its like our pets know. I’m sure that he just wants to be in that better place with his pops. Hang in there sweety, chin up, and smile….your fab-u-lous when you do Dah’lin. Sending lots and lots of love from Louisiana!


It hurts, Zip. I KNOW how it hurts. Bad timing is an understatement.
It’s been almost a year since I held a 17 year old lady in my arms, a cat I’d cherished since she was 8 weeks old, felt her last purr, and felt her take her last breath. I still cry…
The pain is no less real than losing family. Bun WAS family.
Bad timing indeed…
Hang with us, Zip. And lean on us. Right now I have a shoulder that’s available 24×7, just for you. Use it.



When pain and illness are my companions, let there be room in my heart for strength.
When the days and nights are filled with darkness, let the light of courage find its place.
Help me endure the suffering and dissolve the fear; renew within me the calm spirit of trust and peace.

hey zipster i just started to watch your videos and i came across this one. i have yet to feel the loss of a loved one so so far i feel fortunate but really i am so sorry. bun sounded awesome from your other vids and such. so yea just hang in there for all of us zipster fans. šŸ™‚ o yea and pleas dont pay attention to people like ddstar. there are a lot of haters out there and i guess thats just the way the world is.


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