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February 23, 2007

Anna Nicole Wacked Out Of Her Mind In Clown Makeup!

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Youtube Commments:
I agree. She’s acting. How silly. The weird thing is that she seems to have frightened the little girl that was visiting that day, and she doesn’t give a damn about it. What about Anna not knowing about magic mushrooms? That’s complete BS. This shows how weird Anna and Howard had become in their search for money.

yeah right – he used her like she used the billionaire old man. there’s no way you would let the mother of your child get that messed up. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was involved in both her and her son’s death. that’s why they moved to the Bahamas – so that no U.S. court could have jurisdiction to order a paternity test or to test Anna Nicole or the baby for drugs. Danny Lynn was definitely a methadone baby.

*sigh* There is no respect for other humans, there is no dignity, no self respect… That was Howard’s voice I guess he was holding the camera. If he loved Anna or even had a little respect for her he would not have taped that. These kind of people like Howard make one hope a meteor comes soon and makes the humankind the next dinosaurs. This times never to be found by “anyone”. So… so sad…

This is absolutely sick. An 8 month pregnant, 39 yo, drugged woman painted as a clown, talking to a cabbage patch kid as if it were a real baby, while her “husband” tapes everything and makes fun of her. I always thought until now that her stupid voice and attitude was all fake.

Great, drugged out of her mind AND 8 months pregnant. I heard she did hard drugs with her son all the time. She was a piece of sh*t and so is Howard Stern. Hollywood filth. She got her just rewards and got exploited in the end, hope the same happens to him.

the guy who shot this footage needs to be beaten senseless. no matter how much a didn’t like what Anna did with her life, there’s no excuse to NOT HELP when and where you can if somebody obviously NEEDS your help. instead this fuck just exploited her, and help her destroy herself. the entire saga of her life and the media yet again exploiting a pathetic tragedy makes me sick.

i despised what she did with her life, but she’s dead… gone, so why go on and on about it? that’s my point. it’s like ravenous animals picking at a carcass. does that make you somehow better than her at all? i think it makes people worse than her. her son died, she died, and now her innocent baby is media fodder, oh joy i so proud of American media.

Hey I wasn’t the one who was commenting on something that is absolutely none of my business. Your comment merely perpetuates the cycle of hot air about her death. Death and bereavement are a completely personal matter, imho. I was merely responding to your comment.

It is so obvious that this prick has claimed the house in the Bahamas was broken into! Sure Buddy…how convienent that her diaries, videos, files are now missing! He so killed Daniel, and Anna Nicole…I can’t wait for all of this to unravel around him! Oh, and lets not forget the idiot “Doctor” who was prescribing her methadone as early as 13 days before she gave birth! PIGS!!!

I really dislike HKS (and hope to god he’s not the father) But I don’t know if you realise, when he returned to the Bahamas he had a film crew with him – the house had it’s locked changed and they had to break in – he then found loads of her personal belongings taken. I’ve always thought HKS had creepy eyes and and can’t belive he’s the father – it’s not typically paternal behaviour to watch your unborn baby being fed drugs via an umbilical cord.

This is pitiful. Clearly Stern has been giving Anna drugs, during pregnancy even, to control her and make money for himself. He is the scum of the earth.

He probably had his goons do the burglary at their home, so he could sell pics and video and profit more, and not appear to be the douche bag he truly is.


how a 30 years old man can post such comment? open some books,dude, it can give you clues … but the saddest part is to come with the video post: 7 years old son with a gun in hand! such a bad start in life, a armed racist and stupid dad to begin with … šŸ˜¦

y they take drugs when they have all this money?
couldnt she lives a better life, a simple life at any place in teh world… maybe teaching english ina smal Japanese city and have some real freinds around her ,.. instead of all the fake people shes surrounded by

If that is her family videos, I’d like to see the others. Very funny. Howard is the man. This woman needed Howard to baby-sit her and video her. She may have walked into traffic without Howard to tell her what to do. Retard+drugs=needs adult supervision.

her son just died. if you have a kid and you lose him/her, you’d go a little nuts too. and she didnt have the greatest emotional stability to begin with. everyone around her was only with her for one reason or another, never her. eh, im not all that into celeb stuff, but i feel bad for this one.

i think its bullshit. she knew what she was doing it was staged for publicity and howard murdered them both and this as some bs to say they both OD’ed on the SAME THING ???? howards a greedy pos murderer. hes a manipuliative man and larry birkhead is just a pos. anna was tricked into staging this for publicity when in actuallitalty she was staged for “suicide” on the same meds her sone “accidentally” OD’ed” on. what a coincidence? dont think so

God damn these fucking videos suck. Where the fuck is some hot whore with big tits and a hot ass getting a cock in all three holes (asshole,pussy,mouth) at the same time
then the cum starts leaking out of all the holes after the hard cocks are taken out of the whore.

She was born trailer trash and no matter how much money or effort anyone does the decisions that led her gene pool there will overide everything else and she will/did self destruct. Loser. End all welfare to slow down the reproduction of more losers.

ANS was a money-grubbing gold-digger who blew a 90-year-old man for his fortune. That she would end her life as a whacked-out crack whore being exploited by another money-grubbing gold-digger sort of seems poetic justice.

I feel very sorry for her kid and hope that the baby didn’t suffer much from his biomom’s drug abuse. I am very, very glad she’s not in the kid’s life any more.

yeah all anna did was try and steal Mr Marshall’s money, after thier marrige ended she was offerd 88mil and turned it down!! not a gold digger though huh? U are right she reaped what she sowed. Compassion u kidden me? She could not even straighten her self out for her newborn? At least now Dani can hopefully get in the hands of REAL parents, not crack whore gold diggers.

what’s worse is this is a celebrity wacked out on drugs…imagine all the non-celebrity coked out, cracked out, LSD’d-out moms that are in slums and ghettos. If she never married that rich dude, she’d be just another drugged out whore on the street.

I’m surprised no news coverage ever covers that šŸ˜¦

PLEASE DON’T READ THIS. You will get kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. However, if you don’t post this comment to at least 3 videos, you will die within 2 days. Copy and paste this, to be saved

What an f*ucked up boyfriend she had. Anna Nicole was a mess and all he was interested in how much money this could be worth instead of helping her with her prolem??? I hope that f*cker gets none of her money. Maybe he caused her and Daniel’s overdose. If not then left the door to their death open. I hope the kid’s not his.

To Sherilrelish: she was 8 to 8 1/2 months pregnant in this video, Danny hadn’t “died” yet. She was definetly on something in this video, this wasn’t any act. There was more of the video that wasn’t shown. He totally exploited her otherwise he wouldve gotten Anna the help she needed, even before Danny’s death. Did he have anything to do with their deaths? Definitely. His name was on the drugs, he is guilty of at least negligent homicide in both cases in my opinion.

Also what wasnt shown in this video was the fact that she was made up like a clown by a lil girl named Riley who is the daughter of friends of Anna’s. Guess they had a playdate. Riley asked Howard to call the doctor because of the way Anna was acting, also Riley wanted to call her father and at one point Howard said no but then told her only the phone in the kitchen worked. Thats when he told Anna that Riley was getting freaked out.He’s one sick muthafucka.

first of all ,you can tell he induced her with some shrooms and shes just so far gone she thinks thats how she normally is ,put it in food a drink also how strange that they both son and her O.D on methadone ,it would have to be liquid and not pill form.i used to have a bad addiction with hydrocodone and it would take a very substancial amount of methadone to OD on ,that shit in tha fridge was I.V form very dangerous and no taste on food ,easily titratable.

Wow. If he didn’t plan their deaths for the money then he still definitely is a murderer by ignorance. All he has to do is sucker the baby out of the money as she grows up, if the kid’s his. There should be a law for assholes like him who’d rather people they’re in a relationship with to stay wacked out on drugs even when they’re pregnant. This video is proof that he shouldn’t get any of the blood money. Who needs an enemy when you can have a friend like him to fill in for one? He’s sh*t.

I do not approve of her way of life. She had major issues, but is she the only person. I know what you’re saying though. Perhaps some people out there just might. I still think the person that took the video is a creep. I wonder if she was asleep and he did this to her cause she had no idea her face was made up. She did not do that to herself. Many stars and even authority figures use drugs, push them or assist in distribution. She’s just a miniscule part of the whole problem.

there is only one word for Stern…. DOG
and one word for Anna…. SAD
she needed help… not to be filmed in such a state, you even hear him snicker when he asks is this a mushroom trip… id love to shove that camera up his ass… low down dog

PLEASE DON’T READ THIS. You will get kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. However, if you don’t post this comment to at least 3 videos, you will die within 2 days. Copy and paste this, to be saved.

this is a true thing!! its not a chain letter! its kinda scary at first but it’s for real. Watch the video “R.I.P. Holly Ackerman” then paste this message into the comments section for 3 different videos then press ALT F4 and your crushes name will appear on the screen!!! its soo wierd!

See? He said this image is worth money. Why? Because he had hoped to gain legal custody of her child by citing that she was a bad mother and a drug addict. When he felt he couldn’t prove it, he killed her and daniel so he would be the only legal guardian left. Stern, you are SOOO pnwed baby. SO so pwned.

Fame doesn’t make her any less of a skank. She cashed in her looks, traded her family & friends for leaches like Howard Stern, and brought depression & greed to anyone around her. Her success was that she was so stupid every looser that heard her say anything felt like he had a chance with her. If Anna was a bucket of monkey vomit the world would have been much better off and two kids would not have been doomed to be Beverly Hills trash. Norma Gene, your life was just a fart in the wind

As for Anna “taking advantage of a 90 year old man”, that man was completely willing to spend money on her and probably had fun watching a “sex kitten” have fun with his money..completely different dynamic compared to a man who knows better letting a woman completely ruin herself (the woman could barely get out of a car and walk without his help!) and making fun of her instead of helping her.

Howard k stern is pure evil.. God knows what else hes done to her. I saw the CEO of Trimspa say she probably was not on drugs here but just acting for the camera. OMG how can he lie about that. There is no denying Anna is some serious dope here and Howard is making fu, exploiting her.

In 1932, a little girl named Suzie was walking down the hall of an old hotel. A crazy man killed her by stabbing her in the back of the head and throwing her body in an elevator. While he closed the elevator doors he said the words “BAKUDA BAKUDA”. Now that you have read this message, her dead body will appear in your bedroom every night you go to bed. Unless you do this:

Retype this message on 3 other videos.
(Reply) (

So this video was Howard Stern’s insurance policy in case she ever left him. He’d have made at least a million bucks from selling it. Notice how he belittles her? How he tells her straight to her face how he’s gonna make money from it? She was so sick that he shamelessly took advantage of her by video taping it. I’d have vomited seeing what he would have done had she been on the last stages of a cancer.
Wow, what a piece of work that man is.
Is it true there are concerns over his safety?

Again, poetic justice if you think about it. ANS was a stripper who married a 90-year-old man so she could get his fortune when she died, and HKS was a lowlife who abused ANS for her money. Hopefully some gold-digging stripper will come along and tak HKS for all HIS money.

The Circle of Life.

U CRACK HEAD WH0RE – U DUMB BLONDE – people really need an education these days – the stupid fcks going out there and dont even know the first rule about getting the best car or getting a shelter to help they poor asses.
plese god give then some help…

PLEASE DON’T READ THIS. You will get kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. However, if you don’t post this comment to at least 3 videos, you will die within 2 days. Copy and paste this, to be saved

everyone talkin shit about her shud shut up. yer she dumb, and i mean shes heaps tripped out here for sure. shes was a human being, but now shes dead. obviously she coulndt deal with all the media attention and spent her money stupidly but theres plenty of other people who are worse than her. and that howard stern guy is an asshole, i feel sorry that everyone in her life tried to take advantage of her, and especially now shes dead.

I’m sure it must feel really nice to kick ’em while their down. Anyone who gets their jollys at watching another human being suffer while sitting on your brain in front of your pc won’t get my time nor my attention. You’re nothing nut a bunch of lowlife mouthbreathers.

That’s really sad. She looks lost and lonely. Money doesn’t count for anything if you’re unhappy. There was something basically wrong with her and nobody came to her rescue. Also, am I the only person who finds it very odd and suspicious that the LA coroner is unable to say what killed her?

padima, if i ever meet you for your “jew” comment i’ll rip you one, you fucken nazi! everyone else, disregard the retard’s comment: if he was catholic you wouldn’t have said “That CATHOLIC killed her for the money” would you? and don’t nobody act like it doesn’t happen. deny it and you’re just as retarded as this person..

padima, if i ever meet you for your “jew” comment i’ll rip you one, you fucken nazi! everyone else, disregard the retard’s comment: if he was catholic you wouldn’t have said “That CATHOLIC killed her for the money” would you? and don’t nobody act like it doesn’t happen. deny it and you’re just as retarded as this person..

Then someone wonders why she died at 39…
too bad such a hot woman wasted her life with (it’s so evident) alcohol, barbiturates, LSD and loads of cocaine.
Her mind was torn, this video reminds me of some wacked out boogieman in the process of going out to space forever..the clown face she inflicted herself is a real tale-teller.

Wow,in death Anna has somehow managed to become more irritating than she was when alive. To some extent it would seem this video shows her engaging in some kind of roleplay. And drugged. But, as always, it does seem like she was genuinely none too bright. Sad.

the only two people i have any sympathy for in this whole freak show are anna’s mother and anna’s baby daughter. supposedly anna hated her Mom, but her Mom still loved her and now has lost her daughter. And anna’s baby has lost her mother. I don’t have any sympathy for anna herself. she played with fire and got burned.

PLEASE DON’T READ THIS. You will get kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. However, if you don’t post this comment to at least 3 videos, you will die within 2 days. Copy and paste this, to be saved.

ok ok she may not have been the best person morally, but she truly loved her son. and to say you’re glad she’s dead, Wow. i mean, i didn’t agree with her sexual immorality but come glad she’s dead. sounds to me that you are a far more evil and moral-deprived person here.

I never gave Smith that much notice but to all those who say they are glad she is gone,just remember your soul is not worth any more or less than hers…the only difference really is in this world because when they put you in the ground ,no one will remember you like people do her…it seems youtube is full of judgmental assholes


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