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February 23, 2007

elvemage pk video 10 runescape

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Youtube Commments:
finally, a vid were u actually kill pkers, i dont know how u got 99 range from 95 in 2 days, but ill have to say, i like u now even if u no lifed it, u killed cyal ranger near end, he is a big pray noob, always prays me, and ranger lb is a bser. he bses me and prays then teles. and tzhaar owns, pjed me once when he was 80 range and i was 95…. anyways nice vid-shadowstr622

i am sorry but i have 2 say this vid is the shit vid out of em all where is the realy elve gone with the tbs and the solo pks =( i should be ashamed i saw u only had arhim on elve once ! no range skill cape u have fucked this vid man. Also the music has gone down hill 2 and putting ur other pures init that wrong this is elve’s stage. (p.s this vid is bad 2 stars only)


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  1. hey elve mage im just saying i wish i was a pker like u! ur the best pker of them all i realy likke ur vid number 3 ty plz add stan mmk3y

    Comment by stan mmk3y — April 18, 2007 @ 1:25 pm

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