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February 23, 2007

Sana Maulit Muli – Episode 32 (022007) [3/3]

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Youtube Commments:
jasmine ano ba?!! follow what your heart says. obvious naman na mahal mo talaga si travis. why don’t you fight for your feelings? we know that you just want camille to be happy, but please do yourself a favor! hindi mo pwedeng dayain ang puso mo, hindi mo ‘to pwedeng diktahan!!! ikaw ang mahal ni travis and you know to yourself that you feel that same way.. wake up girl!!.. anyway, thanks again carried away by the story!! it!!

the story is getting worse, yet people still keep on watching for 2 reasons: 1. the story was good at the start, so some are hoping and waiting for the improvement/betterment of the story to come. 2. they love the actors performing, but unluckily they hate the story and the roles they performed.

Hay naku, sa totoo lang ha. Ang bagal na ng plot na’to. Bakit naka-focus na kay Camille and Jasmine instead na kay Travis and Jasmine. Sana matauhan ang writer nito. Boring sobra. Nakakainis na ang mga characters. Ang ganda ng first half tapos biglang bumagsak.

ahh ! everyone on this show is making me mad. camille is just being selfish. and jasmine.. you cant make someone like your “sister.” she`s pretty and all, but she has a bad attitude, and lies too much. if you love someone, you should take that oppurtinity to be with that person, because you will only meet one person in your life that will love you like that. dont let it pass you by because you`ll regret it.

Bitin na bitin ako…whoooohowoooh. Wala bang tape na tapusan? heheh. Anobayan! feeling ko teenager pa din ako. Nakakakilig naman sina Kimerald. Ang galing nila ha knowing na bagong artista lang sila. Gusto kong magpasalamat kay brokensonnet sa walang sawang pag po post. We really appreciate it. We, kase yung husband ko eh lagi ding inaabangan ang SSM.

look at it this way: travis is soo cute for being so persistent (because he loves jasmine so much, he’s going through trials and obstacles to make it work between them) on the other hand, jasmine is not OA she’s good natured, i love the fact that she’s risking her love for her sister (blood is thicker than water you guys=P) drama’s good yo!

shows is getting interesting but for me im watching the timeline btwn jasmine and travis. hindi naman naging sila nung auction date, magiging sila pag tapos na yung swimming competition ni travis
its just nice to see how things are different and getting better btwn the people around them, right

thanx for the upload

This comment does not mean any offense to any of the viewers: I agree with what most of the commenters have mention. The story is dragging. Seriously, everyday when I watch it, Jasmine cries all the time. (Super OA) Also, when will sometime new happen. There stuck and the story is just going around in circles. This has been going on now for quite a few weeks now. I do hope something new will happen. Thank you Brokensonnet


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