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February 24, 2007

Brett Keane Owns a loud mouth Christian

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Youtube Commments:
One major thing that struct me is that when Dan barker mentioned that Religion had no impact on moral standings, dan was quick to change his words around and say that he confused Christianity with the islamic teachings. When Dan was talking about religion in general Ted was quick to name all the names of common communist dictators.

Todd Friel is one of the only people I’ve felt like I really wanted to punch. I’ve seen him in several videos and debates (check out his conversations with the infidel guy). He’s actually a real rude deceitful fucking prick, despite the ‘big-goofy-friendly-Christian-just-wants-to-save-you-from- hell’ act he puts on.

Todd’s video is ridiculous. he can not say he debated someone when he never even said a single word in the debate arena (based to the video he had shown us). he failed to show the video in full – it wouldn’t even be admissible in court and reduces its credibility. finally, freezing the tape and adding text at the bottom afterwards is shallow & cowardly. next time he chooses to truly debate someone shouldn’t hide behind his editing, be a man and do it in the proper arena


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