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February 24, 2007

Brett Keane the Destroyer of Myth

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Youtube Commments:
11 dimensional string theory explains the big bang nicely, in short 2 dimensional planes of energy bumped into each other causeing the 3 dimensional space full of points of energy(subatomic particles) orbiting each other(in the form of atoms) to expand into the universe we know today

This video came through in a hour to maybe things are getting back to normal – comments are still slow though. Good, solid stuff there Brett. One problem is xians have never had to defend their beliefs until recently so have no experience of proper debating techniques. They need educating in more ways than one…

Bravisamo! (applause)
We do have pictures and films on Hitler.
There may even be pink unicorns that shoot fire out their ass on some planet? Maybe on some planet there is a being with supernatural powers? I’ll accept any solid proof for either. Only because i think a ass-flame shooting unicorn would be a cool pet. LOL

atheist have been destroying religion in the past ? wtf … and you know this how exactly ? various gods died because the civilizations that created them ceased to exist … an atheist wouldn’t have dared refute the primary deity of his/her community, they would have been banished and left out in the cold with the wolves…stop making bullshit up.


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