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February 24, 2007

The maijuana legalization movement

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Youtube Commments:
Stop the war on marijuana now. Sick people who find relief from this medicine are still being arrested, their houses raided, property seized. It’s a horrible situation, an outrage!

We need sensible marijuana regulation. Marijuana is harmless, no overdoses ever documented.

Im pretty much for legalization. I dont smoke marijuana, and I probably never will, but I think if its desensitized and pushed out of the spot light on the ‘war on drugs’, it only benefit the country, not to mention the medical field, and maybe there will be less idiots representing it and making it trendy when it should be more a personal choice then a trend to follow.

Why are softdrugs illegal and alcohol not? The effect of alcohol lasts hours. The effect of weed is gone within an hour. It doesn’t matter to people whether they buy soft or hard drugs. But when soft drugs become legal, people tend to stick to soft drugs. You get less attracted to hard drugs, because of all the hassle and dangers of being arrested. So criminality drops. Most people here who smoke weed, do that maybe a couple of times a month, just for fun.. Weed addictions are very rare.

I’ll enjoy the US when and if they stop spending pointlessly, and screwing over every last bit of the bill of rights. Till then, Canada (or Mexico, perhaps) or bust. Legalize and spend the money on things that count, like a government that works.

People need to realize that the government has an investment in keeping marijuana illegal. Think of all those DEA jobs that would be gone. There’s not enough meth or coke to occupy those employees or justify those billions of dollars. Think of all the people in our overflowing prisons on some type of marijuana-related charge. It’s about time people woke up and realized how wrong it is to make people criminals because they like a different drug, the government won’t change this for us.

A lot of people are fooled about the REAL reason it is criminal to use/grow.

Congress passed a law after 40secs or so of debate, ignoring the American Medical Association thoughts. Apparently, AMA should “get with the program and not hinder congress”.

Look at immigration vs great depression in USA for more details… and don’t be fooled!

More crime comes from drunks than from stoners. Most stoners just sit munch and play PS2. Drinking is notorious for causing fights etc.

The people who want the decriminalization of weed are the same people that need to be governed, controlled, and told what to do by people like me. I LIKE the fact that the brain fazed masses become succeptable to suggestion and thought control as it inevitably increases my bottom line. Much like cattle being coaxed to the slaughter, really.

“A simple progress, to legalize…there would not be a choice but to take our side…”

Legalize it, sell it as seeds, pre-rolled, and loose in bags. Tax it like cigs/alcohol, and let us sit at home and smoke up legally finally. The only thing we as pot heads hurt is our health through tons of muchies, and any video game characters whom we happen to blow away.


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