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February 25, 2007

♥~LaBers~♥ Episode 97 [3/3]

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Youtube Commments:
all of them are safricing bec of love…pero hindi ko ma-gets kung paano maniningil si eli kay don fidel? babagsak ang RSL dahil magpull-out sya ng stocks which he owns the 50% and this way don fidel’s co. will be affected dahil business partner ito ng RSL?…ang gulo…wala talaga akong alam sa business… many thanks happy again!!!

Eli’s act of vengeance is merely an eye-opener, realization and to give Fidel a lesson in life so therefore I don’t think it is wickedness. I believe that Eli’s retaliation is more of an objective and rational act. Eli actually is a conscientious person for he definitely emphasizes on every occasion that he owes his LIFE from Dadoods & family.

To be continued…

In the story, Eli is truly a good person for he is not only thinking about his biological mother’s well being or even only for his personal interest but as well as the welfare of his recognized family who has been powerless & defenseless since from the very start. Thanks again Karla!

Hi Karla, Thanks ulit, di lang pala ako ang nag-panic nung di kita makita , marami din pala and to top it all, magkakasama pala kaming naghanap and nagpuyat just to find you, that means malapit na talaga kaming magtayo ng Karla fun clubs:-) Thanks and more power to you…God Bless…hugs from Denmark…

Karla Ur d BEST.

Im just wondering what makes Eli go to Fidel to confront him? Is Fidel part of the RSL? Does his company completely dependent on Corazon’s business? Did I miss any episodes that states involvement of Fidel’s wealth? Im a little confuse guys, any 2 cents?

nakakainis kasi i dont know kung kanino ako magagalit, kakaawa si jb coz his in a bad situation that nobody understands him, tapos si fidel after all the shit he did now his trying to be nice to his daughter,
ang haba naman ng story just let them be together and everything will fall to places. right? lol

cguro ang pinakaganti ni eli kay fidel eh pagpinull out nya ang pera nya sa bangko ni fidel malaking pera ang mawawala kay fidel at maraming investors ang mawawalan ng tiwala sa company nya due to non performing loans dahil sa laki ng capital na nawala. then magiging mas mayaman si eli sa kanilang lahat. tapos si oca magpapakasal kay mama siony lol….si jb naman magiging driver ni eli….echus


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