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February 25, 2007

♥~LaBers~♥ Episode 98 [3/3]

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Youtube Commments:
haay grabe napapanaginipan ko na ito hahaha…thx karla. ayon sa panaginip babarilin ni oca si fidel pero magmamakaawa si jackie at sa sobrang pagmamahal ni eli kay jackie sasanggain na naman ng loko ang bala at don makakarealize ang lahat ng umapi sa kanya tapos si oca magsisisi din at papakasalan si mama siony lol. ano pustahan;)

Bankrupt na si Don Fidel. Inasar pa ni Mang Oka.
Suntukan na sila at sana madedbol na si Mang Oka, may mga maiitim na balak kasi itong si Oka palibhasa panget. Baka mamaya ipa-kidnap ni Oka si Jackie o nakawan si Eli, mahirap na iba ang takbo ng utak ni Panget Oka.

Thanxs Karla Ur d BEST

thanks a lot karla…alam mo ba since friday ko pa hinanap itong account mo…gusto ko na sanang mag pa book ng ticket uwi nlang ako pinas para mapanood lang to…hehehehehhe…it seems like a miracle for me na i finally found you..

ano ba naman to si eli nakakainis na…his character and attitude towards things lahat nagbago na..aba’t nasayang ata pagod ko kahahanap kay Ms K kung ganito palagi ugali nya..

thank you ulit ms. k

Hi Karla..Thank you so much..My mom is happy now..Bcuz of your maging sino ka man moviesz…She miss you about putting up the videos..,.I hope you can put up all the episodes every day so My mom can watch them….Thank you again…Bye…She is so happy now… !!

Barging in a small bank and qualming non-sense is the stupidiest thing that Eli did.. (Common-sense will tell you that you cant withdraw millions of pesos OVER-THE-COUNTER, plus government force will suspect you for plunder and may have you arrested or freeze your money.) What a boob-tube-boo-boo..

Class (sophistication).. Eli.. you neeed class in executing revenge.. Read Sidney Sheldon novels (esp. the writers) for enlightenment. OK na sana, sumablay lang dito..

Barging in a small bank and qualming non-sense is the stupidiest thing that Eli did.. (Common-sense will tell you that you cant withdraw MILLIONS of pesos at once, plus the government would suspect you for plundering money and have you arrested or freeze your money.

to be continued…


Eli needs class (sophistication) in executing his vengeance. He (and the writers) should start reading Sidney Sheldon novels for enlightenment.

Ok na sana, sablay land dito. Kung matalino si Fidel, it will be hard for Eli to withdraw his money.

didn’t they explained that in the episode, and about eli needing to be more sophisticated is something we might not see because were talking about a guy who has the urge to seek vegeance and will do almost anything to get it, not to mention the way he was brought up.
his character is that way without it we wouldn’t be watching this.

thnx again Karla dati hindi ako nanonood ng mga ganito na teleserye dahil nacurious about this and all comments from the veiwer nawawala ang inip ko ..lalo pa wala sa city itong napuntahan ko isang agricutural land ng amerika kaya minsan nakakainip

Eli grew up in a poor family kaya he may not be aware sa mga dealings sa bank and access to accounts. (JB would know this, but Eli wouldnt). Ruby702 is right, Eli wanted revenge, not carefully planned though, because he is not exactly the person who is aware of all these financial related matters, funds in banks have money circulating to many customers, not just to be stored in full quantities and can be withdrawed at any amount anytime he pleases.

While Eli argued with bank manager, did you notice Oca in the background plus all the suspicious characters while Eli waite in line? I suspect Oca was going to rob Elie if he was successful in withdrawing his money. I suspect Fidel was having a change of heart towards Jackie’s dilemma and possibly allow her to follow her heart….but timing maybe too late!


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