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February 25, 2007

Dumbness factor USUK part 1

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Youtube Commments:
it wont work here. gun control only works if the government does not abuse power and the right of the people do be able to defend themselves. if the us is commiting such bullshit acts. gun control wont work here at all. it would only lead us down the road aldolf hitler took. i would think europeans would get a clue about this by now.

He doesn’t understand.

Hell, I own a collection of samurai swords, all of which were designed for killing and war. Should I be forced to get rid of those too ?

I hear some British hoodlum just stomped a Londoner to death, we better confiscate everyone’s boots, warren ! If there’s no more boots there’s no more stompings !

Are you honestly expecting me to return this belligerence ? Philip, forbidding guns doesn’t prevent anything – I can not state it any easier than “yourredcomrade717” posted above, it’s a very common sense observation. I know you lack an imagination but just try to consider the simplicity of the Iraq invasion if those people had your ignorant gun laws. Your blind opinions are ignoring any other so you’ve doomed yourself with limited knowledge.

You know, if you stopped using insults you would come off as an intelligent person. And I agree, gun laws don’t work, people are doing the killings and if a country like America has such a variety of people who can’t always get along with each other then there will be deaths.

No, don’t misunderstand – when Philip and I insult one another it’s all in good fun.

He calls be an arse, I laugh it off – I call him bigot or an idiot, he cries and telephones his mum for reassurance, but after some mild bed-wetting he eventually gets over it.

No harm done.

hi!! wheres my English lesson 2day?? T_T
kewl vid enyaways ^_~ n dont worry my dad did not allow me 2 study at Julliard cuz my dad said America has lots of illegal drugs rapists etc. its my dads
point of view so Americans pls dont h8 on me!!

Excellent point regarding the failure of preaching religion in an attempt to stop teens from fucking. Awesome quote as well with the English religious bastards ‘we don’t want that to be in our fucking bollocks and shit!’ like they would ever say that. The shootings recently have been tragically saddening but there’s such an excessive amount of it I would burn myself out if I was expressed anger over it.

yep liberalism has fucked this country up.

look from the 50s and past, we didn’t have liberalism(creation of germany during the middle of the wws) 60s to present we do. 50s past: america is respected, 60s present: america is a joke. THANK YOU LIBERALS

I’ve seen dumb people in all countries. The difference between America and the rest of the world is we’re on television. We’re scrutinized because of our position in the world today. The ironic thing is that most of the people who say “Americans are dumb” are usually the people that would be in that very group if they were American.

People dont like you Warren..because you tell the damn truth and the truth always hurts the worse. No,not all AmeriKKKans are dumb,but per capita..yeah,we are probably number one when it comes to idiots. We are a country whose leaders have forgotten what made the country great. Our constitution has been raped,our president is an evil,greedy and elitist bastard who is only a puppet for the major corporations and leaders of the secret societies. Yes,sadly,much of what Warren the truth.

50% of voting Americans have proved they are very dumb by voting Bush into office twice…and Bush is quite possibly the worst President in history. And the War on Drugs is just as fucked up as the war in Iraq…a waste of money and life all while the “war” is wagged on the wrong front. (ex. Why go after dumb pot heads and spend money to keep them in jail?)

Their lack of intelligence expresses also in their music (particularly), and in their entertainment business (generally).
In other words, they make a really shitty music and tv shows.
But… you gotta give them some credit for the porn 😉
The girls are pretty stupid, but you dont give a shit about that when you’re horny 😉

ive seen americans that dont know how many sides a triangle has… sad really. this was in a news report but in the process the american news reporter made himself look like a idiot he said “and the reality couldn’t be farther from the truth” i have no faith in humanity.


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