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February 25, 2007

Is it wrong to generalize people of religion?

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I was at Wendy’s today and this guy and his little girl were in line in front of me asking the lady behind the counter if they could have a different kid’s meal toy because the one they’d gotten had “The Fairly Odd-Parents” cartoon on it which promotes “Witchcraft”.

Religion is a kind of institutionalized insanity. I view it as the worst kind of fraud because people are willing participants and they think is a good thing to have faith in an invisible being. However, you have to admit that there are varying levels of religious insanity and that most people don’t become sociopaths because of their religion.

i honestly don’t know where you get your crap from but don’t make yourself look like an absolute idiot.

All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over a black nor a black has any superiority over a white – except by piety and good action.
Prophet Muhammad’s (saws) Last Sermon

Hi Brett, I find your videos entertaining and I generally agree with your views (I’m not religious). However, on some points we differ. You say that it isn’t wrong to generalise people united under a set of teachings. Where I think your argument fails is that individuals choose what to believe and how to behave (whether this makes them ‘untrue’ to their their religion is a another issue).

Being an individual is forbidden by their religion.

So generalization is pefectly valid considering that their religion expects them all to be robots with the same exact programming.

Christians widely welcome the label of sheep and everything that goes along with that label.

It is not our fault that reality still ends up making them individuals against their will.

My point is, most relgious people do not follow their official sources to the letter, they pick and choose what they want to take from it or interpret differently. It is this that shapes their views and behaviour – therefore, they do still have individuality. If joining a religion was like flicking a switch which *enforced* a *precise and singular* way then you would be correct. As it stands, you are not.

Who me? No that’s not my position. I’m saying that *whether* they are real Christians or not is *debatable*, I don’t care. My point is, few people who call themselves Christian follow the Bible exactly – something you yourself have shown. I’m making the distinction between the religion and how it’s practiced, I’m using the discrepancy to show that many religious people are individual in thought and deed and it’s therefore wrong to generalise about them in certain ways (positively or negatively).

I’ve never met a Christian that did not welcome the label of sheep.

I’m going to oblige them and treat them the way sheep are treated.

Like is said before, it is not our fault that they retain their individuality and at the same time like to call themselves sheep.

Do you tell your christian friends that they are crazy when you hang out with them? Why would you want to hang out with people you have such a low opinion of?

Also, can I get a source for your claim that muslims think black people are a curse on humanity?


You’re wrong. Brainwashing plays a BIG role. When people grow up and they are taught so much about God and religion, they end up assuming it’s the truth. Then they don’t question their beliefs because of fear, or maybe they are just fine believing in God. They are fine believing in God, they like to believe in God, it gives them hope, etc. They don’t have a reason to question their beliefs, just as we don’t have a reason to believe in God.

Have you watched Jesus Camp?? I really doubt those kids will someday realize that there is no God. That doesn’t mean they were borned intelectually inferior. You don’t require a lot of intelligence to realize that pretty much all religion is bullshit, so stop thinking so high of yourself. You are not superior or more intelligent than every christian, you are just awakened. Sure, there are christians VERY close minded, but that doesn’t mean you can make generalizations.

You can’t compare the FSM with God. Everyone is taught since children that God exists.If you go to school and they teach you religion and you see your mother praying and you see on TV everyone saying “thanks God” and blah blah, you end up assuming it is the truth. This brainwashing is EVERYWHERE. “In God We Trust”, “It is God’s will”, “This is a nation under God” blah blah blah.

Hello Brett, I would raise this question in regards to alcoholics and drug addicts. I believe that alcoholics and drug addicts have an immunity to religious belief. Many Christians are Christians because they seek the holy spirit, and the high they believe they will get from him. Religion is their opium. Where as drug addicts, realize that there is probably no god. As such they seek a high from proven sources such as cocaine. I would like to know your thoughts on my hypothesis.

You know, it’s pretty hard for me to decide which of your videos are the best. I’ve watched many of your videos and haven’t found one yet that I don’t like. This one made me laugh so hard! I was crying I was laughing so hard. On a side note, I especially enjoy the videos that you have been doing lately where you watch someone’s video and own them. Keep up the great work! Thank you.

since you understand so much about religions, brett, you realize that there is a wide range of interpretations of the bible, so no, being called a christian is not an auto-label as you may think. they hopefully try to emulate Christ in their actions, but the label stops there, and EXACTLY there.


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