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February 26, 2007


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Youtube Commments:
Terry I think it’s so amazing that you had such a close kinship with the a very rare pet. A Bunny. It shows what kind of true heart you have my friend. Stay strong and know that you’re sweet bunny is resting in peace and thinking about you and you father…

Zippy, we LOVE YOU and we grieve and cry with you over Bunn. He really WAS a cute rabbit and to have had him 10 years, well that’s amazingly lucky. Keep the faith brother. As I said, bunny Heaven is a great place and God does take care of the animals too. HUGS and all our love.

I know what you’re going through. I always remember the good times with my Bogie. He passed before my grandboys were born, but they know Bogie because we never forget him. He may be gone, but he lives on in our memory and stories we’ve passed on to our grandsons.

Zipster, what can we say? The unconditional love of our animals is a hard thing to be separated from. Cathy and I are thinking of you.

I don’t think it is unreasonable that Bunner has left under these circumstances. The synergy between ourselves and nature has yet to be fully understood. Peace and woohoo unto you, Zips.

Zip, Bunner had a great life! how many bunnies like Bunner get such great caretakers and are always fed and held and loved? not many! so don’t beat yourself up with sadness! Just know that he had a great stay on this earth thanks to you and your family!

So sorry for your loss.. 10 years is a long time for a rabbit to live, so he must have had a wonderful life. I too lost a pet this week.. my donkey died so can feel your pain. Be thankful for the joy he brought to you the last 10 year. I wonder if he and Eeore are hanging out together now 🙂

10 years is an awfully long time for a Bunny to live. I think it was the special connection he had with you and with Abe’s pickin all that clover and dandelion just for him that kept him here so long. (Ok you don’t have to say it, we all already know that YOU ate some of that dandelion….but no worries, Bun never missed it.) I am so very sorry for the challenges you are facing right now, Zip. I wish you love in your heart, and much peace in your mind.

Jen (moxiethedog)

Dear Zipster, We are very sorry for your loss. We take great comfort in knowing that you had so many Special years & times with Bunner. He will be fondly remembered by us. Thanks to his Daddy, T.
Hugs, Health, Happiness & Love,


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