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February 26, 2007

Our promise to you

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Youtube Commments:
The message of the video is great, but, why cant I get the Bill of Rights on the Jet Blue website? Will passengers be provided this information when they arrive at the airport?

I love Jet Blue, and was a loyal customer; I’d still like to fly the airline. However, while it’s great to have a bill of rights, it isn’t likely you’ll be held accountable in the future if passengers can’t read it. Upload a copy to your home page.

I love Jet Blue, and was a loyal customer; I’d still like to fly the airline. However, while it’s great to have a bill of rights, it isn’t likely you’ll be held accountable in the future if passengers can’t read it. Upload a copy to your home page.

Am I the only one that noticed that David Neeleman did not say “I’m sorry” in the youtube video. Yes he admitted they were wrong but never said he was sorry. To me this is a sign of “feeling bad he is in this situation” but not really asking forgiveness to the people and public he let down. Perhaps Jet Blue needs to learn another lesson in humility hopefully before the public votes with their feet and jet blue is no more.

i’ve flown that BUR–>JFK flight at least twice a month for the past two years and never once had to land to refuel. once it had to land to refuel JFK–>BUR due to strong head-winds, and that’s true of other carriers as well. i’ve been stuck on a jetblue flight on the runway for 5 hours, but i’ll keep flying them every chance i get. they try harder than any other airline & david, who i’ve met on several flights, is a genuinely nice guy.

No apology, I notice. Just the most difficult time for THEM, feeling sorry that they are in this mess. And when one called, the recording said “we have decided to stop answering phones, please check online”. What kind of ridiculous recording was that??

That’s because he was lying, and he knew it. The “Bill of Rights” is a completely meaningless document, because none of the provisions apply in the case of “Weather or Acts of God”.
Not a single word. This is an empty PR move. Totally.
They suck.

To all those who say David Neeleman never apologized, please visit jetblue’s website and click on the Bill of Rights on the front page. There is a letter from David and the first line reads:
” We are sorry and embarrassed. But most of all, we are deeply sorry.”

In addition the entire Bill of Rights is listed on the website, take special note of JetBlue’s Overbooking policy:
Customers who are involuntarily denied boarding shall receive $1,000.

Wrong jetblue. The Bill of Rights says that “*These Rights are subject to JetBlue’s Contract of Carriage”
The Contract of Carriage says:
The following passengers will be refused transportation on carrier: Passengers whose transportation is deemed to be inadvisable (at Carrier’s disgression) on Weather condtions.

In addition, this completely empty “bill of rights” doesn’t address the LARGEST grievance against the stupidity and callousness exhibited by the airline: They left hundreds of people SITTING IN A PLANE WITH NO AC AND AN OVERFLOWING TOILET FOR 11 HOURS.
I see this empty “bill of rights” as a PR move, no substance.
Congress needs to define airline penalties for this kind of callous “we’ll let them just sit out there for as long as we want” behaviour and “decision making”.

Another Airline that starts our real well…. I actually wouldn’t fly if it wasn’t JetBlue. But then, things just went downhill: higher prices, no standby, bad customer service and last weekend.

RIP JetBlue

I should have heard my mom when she said “I only fly American [Airlines]”

Most company’s reaction in a fiasco is to never admit that it occured, but to inist that only an isolated number of people felt there was any problem. Admitting a mistake occured, and promising that not only will it never happen again, but categorically adressing the issues is a progressive step. I’ll fly JetBlue as often as I can.

I’m flying out on JetBlue next Friday. I’ve always found them to be reliable, friendly, and on-time. Looking forward to continuing to do business. I feel sorry for the folks that got jobbed last week, but at least JetBlue isn’t sweeping it under the rug.

But sir, consider this from that unknown but very special flyer who may be ‘critical’ to our National Security who said: “With The CEO of Jet Blue’s attitude, who needs hijackers to hold significant numbers of Americans against their will, with callous disregard of the costs or consequences?” I add, “Great Bad Example” of mercenary capitalism gone criminal.

This passenger’s bill of rights is a joke! You will only get vouchers for “problems caused by JetBlue” – who determines what problems are caused by Jetblue?

It wasn’t weather that caused this. If so, every airline that fies in or out of JFK would have been down for over a week. It was only Jetblue. Take a chance on this airline again if you want – nothing this billionaire says could make me take a VOUCHER for being on a runway for 10 hours without a toilet!

We are also disappointed by the disproportionate prioritizing of Profit over Safety and lack of Preparedness. Barnstormers operated more wisely. “Shall we discuss over coffee, after the crash, what we ‘should have done’?” Such incompetence demands grounding and seizure of assets for public safety and national security purposes- what a terrorist vulnerability this idiot airline is!

Arrogantly presumptive, sir, as if Money Trumps Peace, Freedom, Civil Rights & Civil Liberties? I don’t think I will ever let thee fly me, for this was not the way your priviledge to operate was predicated; Abbrogated responsibility cannot be rendered safe after the fact- were I ATC, or FAA, BLUE would be grounded, pending top to bottom recertification, including airframes and powerplants, given the CALLOUS DISREGARD EXHIBITED.

Have ANY of you JetScrew defenders even bothered to READ their Bill of Rights?! It says that NONE of these compensations will be given during WEATHER or AIR TRAFFIC related issues. In other words ALL DELAYS WILL BE INELLIGIBLE! This airline sucks!

This wasn’t about them addressing weather or air traffic delays. Those are beyond ANY airline’s control. This was about addressing their backlog of flights this past weekend, and then having to cancel 100 flights on Monday because of FAA regulations on pilot/crew flight hours. They were ill prepared and they are making amends. Fly someone else.

Michelle, are you kidding me??? This isn’t about ANYTHING except EMPTY PR. Your own video post says,”Never do to another anything your aren’t willing to have done to you”, and “Speak Truth”.
Here’s truth: Jetblue deliberately left Hundreds of people stranded in cesspool like planes FOR HOURS and now makes zero mention of this. They suck.

David,indeed you are brave man; facing reality & honesty by communicating directly with your customers. Jetblue is a great company. I am a PM myself, and when situations of this nature occur, I can distinguish the fact that you need sharp and well trained operational/conflict resolution PM’s on the bridge and on the floor. It’s worth the investment; only one more fiasco + your recoup will be costly & difficult. Keep it up, & make a big Jetblue.

There are more companies like this. Northwest Airlines, for example, who did THE EXACT SAME THING, AND WHO WERE SUED FOR IT. This is incompetence due to cost cutting, seen on a grand scale. They were completely understaffed, and the staff they did have is third rate, since they LEFT HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE IN CESSPOOL-LIKE PLANES FOR 11 HOURS, within SIGHT OF THE TERMINAL. I imagine their mechanics are also third rate. I’ll never fly JetBlue.

Exactly Midnightblue. Someone made this decision, “Well, we’ve already screwed those X hundred people…they hate us, so instead of delaying another inbound flight for 30 minutes, we’ll just continue to screw them, they’re not going to fly us anyway”.
I will NEVER, NEVER fly this airline again. This kind of ‘let’s cut our losses’ decision making is a disease that runs deep.

There is a reason JetBlue has gotten so much good press in the past – it’s this guy. I’d take what he says at face value and not read too much in to it. I am not an employee nor have I stepped foot on a jetblue flight, but I know this guy is really out to make his customers very happy with their experience. They messed up, and they are taking steps to fix it. No spin doctors here, just the CEO being himself. What other airline would do that? What other corporation would do that?!?!

Don’t worry sir My family and I were served very well over the summer of 2006 by J.B.during a very critical time.We flew from rochester to JFK on several occasions and eventhough we were in the situation we were in and the seriousness of it I was able to snicker in a good way because of one of the crewmembers on JB everytime.(during serious meetings with doctors).As for me and my family we will always fly J.B.! (snicker snicker)

Am I the only one that noticed that David Neeleman did not say “I’m sorry” in the youtube video. Yes he admitted they were wrong but never said he was sorry. To me this is a sign of “feeling bad he is in this situation” but not really asking forgiveness to the people and public he let down. Perhaps Jet Blue needs to learn another lesson in humility hopefully before the public votes with their feet and jet blue is no more.

Dave way to get ahead of the story/storm on this one but a federal passengers’ bill of rights is still needs. Such an initiative shouldn’t be tied to one airline. I agree that storms are out of anyone’s control but treating your customers like humans instead of cattle isn’t.

For those mentioning that humility and lack of emotion, I’d have to disagree on a larger level. Those things are important, but I’d much rather hear how they plan on fixing things and a promise that it will not be happening again. It’s his duty to be organized, business-like, and come across as an honest man, not to beg or apologize profusely.

This is crisis communications at its finest. You accept full responsibility for the problem, offer a full apology, and you state exactly how you are going to change. The Japanese are big on this kind of mortification strategy, and it’s refreshing to see it used by an American company. Well-played, Jetblue, and thank you!

With everything that has gone on in America over the past 6 years, finally, finally, someone with enough integrity to take immediate responsibility for an error and take steps to try and correct it. JB is my favorite domestic airline (Singapore for international) and this shows why.

JetBlue may have screwed up last week, but it’s not making me cancel my reservations with them for flights next month and later in the year. They still have the best service for economy class; the legacy airlines treat their economy passengers like trash. Obviously those who hate JetBlue are just snobs who only fly first-class on legacy airlines.

This “Bill of Rights” is a complete joke, and a liar’s PR move. None of the ‘rights’ listed would have applied last weekend, because they don’t apply if Weather is deemed (by JetBlue) to be the problem. Read the “Contract of Carriage”.
Also, they completely ignored the most abusive and cruel behaviour they exhibited: Leaving hundreds of people locked in no AC, overflowing toilets planes sitting within sight of the terminal for 11 HOURS!!! I hope they get sued to high heaven.

This doesn’t even address the biggest issue. What about those people that were held on those airplanes for hours and hours and hours. What makes you think you have the right to hold people against their will? As soon as someone asked to get off the plane and was told no it was nothing short of kidnapping.

Y’know everyone is bashing these airlines but the bottom line is that you have to pay for good service. Since 911 the airline industry has been losing money. They’ve had to resort to having their planes serviced in China and other low cost maintenance countries. The price of fuel has gone through the roof. I can’t imagine what they pay their pilots to fly them? Anyway you get what you pay for.

Sorry, Jet Blue, just like the rest of the airlines, you F**Ked up. We need more than just a pr stunt “bill of rights”. We need LEGISLATION. The airline industry has proved that this hasn’t been fixed and has happened over and over since 1999 – with Northwest, American, United.. enough already.

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Although this was a very unfortunate situation that was mismanaged on many levels, I will still fly Jetblue. I travel very frequently for professional reasons and I tried just about every airline….they all suck! Then jetblue came about 7 years ago and changed all the traditional bullshit that the older airlines serve you up. i love Jetblue, so get it together, guys!

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