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February 26, 2007

Re: YouTube YouCash + meditation and stuff

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Youtube Commments:
EXACTLY, no one should get money from them, cause youtube pays for it all.

And it’s all FREE!
Besides, ANY money you made, is paid for, by Youtube, youtube pays for your bandwith.

That’s your paycheck, that bandwith!!


Meditation is good. It is not selfish if your aim is to improve yourself so that you can improve your relationships with those you care about. Meditation has helped my ability to concentrate, but I still have a very very long way to go. Great video! Keep it up man!

I agree. Especially Corporate media that makes a stink of their material recorded from public broadcasting because the anti-constitutionalists accept gov. grants for dissemiating information to the public, when they jerk the vids, they are breaking our laws the same as the terrorist who has taken over the president’s office…

Meditation is about learning how to concentrate single mindedly for a long period of time combined with breathing exercises that enable a person to achieve a deep state of calm and relaxation, if done correctly states of intense relaxation and calmness can be acquired.
Its an art that can be used to exquisitely sharpen all ones senses and overall health.
Harnessing the power of the mind.

I think Youtuber’s should get paid, it’s only fair. I mean those geeks are make hundreds of millions of dollars because of people like you Warren, but the whole idea itself is very complicated and probably will never work. Also if someone kind enough please respond to this by like saying ” Comments getting through,” or something like that because I’m not sure that they are….

Meditiation is better than sitting around doing nothing. Actually, there has been serious research done to see what effects it has on the human brain. It enhances performance, concentration, and helps relieve stress. There are also indications that it helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Om Mani Padme Hum….

YouTube already are paying people like renetto to talk shit about LiveVideo.
Also the self proclaimed “YouTube Celebrities” have gained influence over this site to push it towards what is defined as “family friendly” entertainment.
Eventually this will be a site of nothing but the same attention-seeking emptiness that renetto represents.

Historically until the era of recorded music many artists even popular ones were broke ass poor. Travelling people would beg for money after performing, I think if you want money put up a donation button and I think this is the way forward for music distribution as well, artists get a pittance of the money.

Your BEST video yet. The D L has seemingly influenced your presentation. You are cordial and I listen to your words, as opposed to hearing the “f” word. Perhaps other listeners respond otherwise, but I think this approach suits your gift of communication well… at least with those of my background. Cordially.

I hope you’re not trying to say you’re an artist, are you, Nate? A Bullshit Artist maybe. I do agree that Warren25Smash is ignorant and idiotic but he’s much more than that. He’s a moron, Dickhead, Vulgar, Insulting, Anti-American and much, much more.

yeah but they were ranked below workingclass until the 20th century and the industrial revolution. Actors were treated the worst, musicians not much better unless you were with a premier top notch symphony. Composers status depended on how their monarch felt about their work. Artists who strayed from what the academies taught (ie being creative) were hard pressed to find bread for dinner,

and those that submitted put out hundreds of pieces in the same exact style about Biblical and Helenisitic scenes. The earliest painters worked primarily for the church. Not many were well-off. Remember this whole time actors are spitted on by peasants, treated like whores. Before the renaissance artists were poor, during the roman period they flourished to a degree, but not anywhere near the way they were in later periods.

So please, can you list which civilizations and time periods where artists were paid well? Honestly it took mainstream painters until the 1600s to truely be compensated, and no other artists forms except composers were super successful until the 1900s. Much of the change in that was due to new inventions that allowed mass appeal, such as the phonograph. I do admit they were paid. But not paid like Paul Simon is today.

who are you to say what Warren said is “ignorant & idiotic” It is far from either of them. One could look at it this way. Maybe the normal viewer should be paid, for without someone to click on ur vid, you wud get zilch for being an artist. My point being, there are many ways to look at this Blunty, & everyone believes there POV is the best. So can the cheap shots, unless u wish to lump urself in there with the “ignorant & idiotic”

i believe to certain extent that it makes sense for those youtubers “the celebrities” if you will, are more than entitled to get money for thier videos providing the whole reason why they are popular, the content originally built the subscribers doesnt change, and doesnt become an online plug or advert.

I agree with you on this point and I think when you bring money into anything..well it pretty much ruins it. Commercialism is the problem with the world and this site gives most everyone,regardless of social standing,an equal voice. When money is thrust into the scene..well,you can sort of see what will happen..just look at the people who are always featured.

Although it is a cliche, “talking” about meditation goes far away from it. Meditation is simply resting in your own prescence of being. And yes it is true that if you become addicted to the formal “practice” of it, you become distant and aloof to the world where things have to be done. It needs a balance between resting in being,and being connected to the world of mind and physical reality.Very few manage to find that proper balance.

Paid vlogging could be fair, if they paid you a cut of the ads clicked while watching your movie. That said, it would probably be a bad idea. In the worst case, it would create spam and bad feeling, as people started trying to game the system for dollars. In the best case, the actors for LG15 would get a couple hundred bucks a month.

The one thing I like about youtube is it is fairly innocent as forums go; there is little spam except for that latukatula stuff. Oh, sure, there is namecalling and the like, but you don’t get the same kind of nastiness you see on slashdot. I think adding dollars would be like karma, only a dozen times worse.


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