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February 27, 2007


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Youtube Commments:
Yes,within one or two years you(the internet user) will notice major changes in the way you log on,surf and watch online video. Censorship and pay per sites visited is coming soon. All of the major telephone and cable companies who provide broadband have agreed on a pay per site visited..where the user would be charged depending on how many sites he visits. Nice eh? Michael Chertoff..needs an ass kicking. He is the real terrorist.

Hi Bill. I’m not in the United States but have watched a few of your videos.

In a number of your videos you call the viewers to take action – such as impeachment of Bush and now the internet.

But what specifically can/should the viewer try to do ? Have you (or anyone else) a plan or recommendation of sorts ?


Its all about MONEY, POWER and FEAR! The US Government is clearly on a path to lock down and most people are clueless because they don’t understand how it affects them. Unfortunately people won’t wake up until it is too late and revolution will be required to correct the path

I also have read some about this. For the first time we can all talk to each other. Governments don’t like it. Look at China. We all need to do something about this. This would make me take to the streets! I think they will have a hard time doing this and people won’t pay to go to regular sites but I bet Youtube will be pay someday.

There are already efforts on the way by private citizens all over the world (Germany in particular) to develop a totally wireless Mesh type network using WiFi or similar technology.
Joe, I know you focus on social and political commentary, but we would love to see more technology oriented stories, since tech is affected too.


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