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February 27, 2007

I QUIT. (Asshole, stupid, dickhead corperate scum)

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Those freaking bastards. I’m so sorry, Maren, that you had to deal with all of this shit when you were just reaching out to brighten a 90 year old man’s day. I’m kind of glad you quit, Maren – those people would only bring you down and you’re so above that. Something better will come along soon. Keep your chin up, girl. – Smooches – Kathy

I’m so sorry that you had such a horrible time, Maren. The Thomas-whatever guy was more abusive than the Ed guy. You have the right type of heart for that kind of work. It’s so wrong that they acted like such jackasses. I know your hopes were dashed…try to hang in there.

It not a flaw but it called you have compassion and you have a huge heart that cares for other human beging before your self. You naturally want to make a difference in the world. and I always said go with your gutt feeling when it come to things. woman interwishen I swear is usually right. Maren Follow your hear and never stop shouting for the stars and yuo dreams!

love ya

oh god maren thats so horrible what they did to you.. you don’t deserve to be treated like that! haven’t they ever heard of “innocent until proven guilty”!? oh well.. you got bad vibes from that place the first day you were there.. so at least you don’t have to deal with that shitty environment anymore right? hang in there hun.

Wtf, that sounds totally unreasonable…what a moron…

I’m sorry that happened…It sounds like they were completely unreasonable and stupid about the whole situation…

I hope it all turns out for the best for you.


I would have been so pissed off if I that man would have said those things to me! His ass would have had a sexual harrassment lawsuit on his hands. He was very inappropriate, and unfortunately he probably thought that he could intimidate you, and I’m glad that he didn’t Maren. Yes, he upset you, but that place is not worthy of you. I am angry FOR you! What a jerk!

You shouldn’t feel bad about anything. You know what your intent and actions were, not them. Just because a person treats you badly or is mean does not mean it is personal or deserved. Since you like the idea of that type of job, simply find another one and apply there. That seems like a good idea to me. Kinds thoughts for you and your future. Go get ’em! 🙂

i use to work in a nursing home and let me tell u it was servious fuck up about the same thing happen to me pure sick is how that nurcing home has made me feel know that you are a very smart woman u will get a better job then having to deal with that shit take care your friend mary ann

you should take them to court. That was completely un called for regaurdless of there past experiences. They had no right to degrade your charct like that. I am appauld with how they handled the situation. I would definatly speak to your father about the matter. Much love sweety. – Joe

I’ve been watching your videos for a while (and I’ve sent you a couple of e-mails because I would like to use one of your videos) and I have to say that this one made me SICK. I’m so sorry that you were made to feel that way. You did what you thought was right and it got twisted! Hopefully you will find an amazing job that you love!


You are full of hope, and thats a good thing. Never allow Shitheads to steal your hope from you. Disapointment is a natural reaction to when you feel betrayed because someone/something did not live up to your hopes. Disapointment = okay to have. We need hope to in order to have a reason to keep going when things are going bad. People who have a lack of compassion have a difficult time understanding people who do have it. I feel sorry for the sick asshole. Take care.

sorry hun 😦 big cyber hug for ya, that was totally uncalled for how they treated you. maybe you could look into a job being a care-taker for an elederly person, then you wouldnt have to deal with the gossip, snitcher, and coperate bullshit. dont let their (bosses) comments affect you, they are just trying to proctect their greedy asses. night hun

oh my god, this video made me so fucking pissed. i want to strangle “glenda”, “stacey” and especially that fucking jerkoff who got paid to “investigate” (read: sexually harrass) you.

uughghghghgh. it’s been about five minutes and i’m still really, really pissed. that must have been awful for you. it wasn’t your fault, it wasn’t right, and that’s all there is to it. i’d throttle them all for you if i could.

(continued)) If there isn’t, there must be websites which give personal reviews of nursing homes…be sure to tell your story so that families will know not to send their loved ones to such a badly run establishment.
P.S. Props for using the word “repugnant”!

oh my god, this video made me so fucking pissed. i want to strangle “glenda”, “stacey” and especially that fucking jerkoff who got paid to “investigate” (read: sexually harrass) you.

uughghghghgh. it’s been about five minutes and i’m still really, really pissed. that must have been awful for you. it wasn’t your fault, it wasn’t right, and that’s all there is to it. i’d throttle them all for you if i could.

im studying i welfare at the moment and it seems to be a web of bullshit no matter what you do. i think what he was trying ot get at with the mother theresa comment was something that our teachers said to us on the first day “if youre here to save the world then welfare isnt for you” people that work in this industry become hardened and cold. they forget why they are there. youre better than that.

I don’t know about where you live, but in California you can find out the organization where that person who chewed you out is licensed through and report him to the moral and ethics board for his certification and he WILL be investigated. That is extrememly unprofessional and ethically wrong the way he approached you and he could very well lose his license over it. If anything report him to fair wage and labor board. He doesn’t belong in the human services field with that kind of behavior.

Maren-you dont deserve that-YOUR rights were violated! Just keep reminding yourself that they are taking out their past indiscretions on you-DONT RESORT TO OLD COPING HABITS aka not eating. You should be proud for standing up for yourself and getting yourself out of a bad situation. Focus on your needs my dear.

Sorry to hear about the job, if they were going to make, big deal, over something as silly a this, the sooner you get out the better. That job would definitly crack you up sooner or later. Your are a fantastic talker you shold look for a job where that talent is appreciared. love

Everybody is being really supportive. I wish I just wouldn’t have gone in. I figured out through Lucy exactrly whats going on. They hire weak people who are easily manipulated so that they can intimidate them to quit when they fear a lawsuit. (IE-Ed making the breast comment) Thanks so much everyone.

oh my. What an awful place. The real problem is they did not brief a new staff member on the issues with Ed. You should have been told and could then be aware and act accordingly. That place is disgusting. It sounds like they do not protect their staff or their patients. You are better off out of it. It is not your fault, it is the incompetency of the nursing home. Please don’t let it effect your motivation, you’ll find somewhere nicer to work.

Ridiculous, you should call the Board of Health and make a complaint against that asshole. Who knows how many people have been degraded by him and maybe your complaint against him will be the one that does him in. He was completely unprofessional and obviously on a power trip.

First I would take this to the news paper, second I would get a lawyer and sue their asses! I can’t believe this. I used to work at a prison with ALL men inmates in closed corners. Never was I ever treated this way! This place sounds worse than a prison

Geez,nursing homes don’t exactly pay the best pay and you have to put up with a lot anyways.I worked in 2 different ones for a combination of 3 and half years.Some of the administrators of these places are a real trip.I don’t think that they handled it properly.

i totally know what you mean about imagining new things to be so great & then feeling really bad when they don’t turn out the way you plan. i do that all of the time & it really sucks when things you thought were going to be so amazing turn out shitty.
i have dealt with nursing homes with my nan & pop and both have male and female visitors. actually i spent alot of time with my pop & often he didnt get other visitors coz i was always there but i have never heard of any home restricting visitors to the elderly because of their sex. it seems really cruel that they elderly men cannot talk to women and vice versa – its the last years of their lives.

your boss definately sounds like a douche-bag. good for you for quitting. another job will surely come along that you can devote yourself to and share your happiness–without being accused for being mother teresa part 2! youre such a great person and have such good intentions, dont worry about that jerk and that psycho facility!

I think it is very important that you not lie about this, don’t worry about covering for Stacy because she was cleasrly willing to be flat out dishonest to cover herself. What that man said was abusive and acting lawyerly ( in the worst way) & it sounds like he was trying to manipulate you to into losing your conviction because that is what is your greatest strength in this situation. BTW you have every right to leave and refuse to talk w/o seeing your attorney

oh maren, that is terrible. i cant even begin to explain how much your experience touched me. that is so messed up, and it sucks how in life we can try to be kind, loving people and we end up getting fucked in the end. that is such a horrible thing, and i cant believe that mofo could honestly say those rude things to you. good luck with dealing with your disorder. i love your videos and i watch every single one of them.

I can’t believe that they would just jump to all those conclusions. And, of course, because you are female–you know, you MUST have tempted the guy. I can’t believe how ridiculous that is. I’m at a loss for words. I hope you feel better and realize you did nothing wrong. Take care.

Hi Maren,
I am sure you will not miss Glenda, Stacy, Juggalet, and Mr Thomas. But, I think that you will be missed by Ed, Viola, and Effie. I feel that you were in the right job position, just in the wrong place. How about another nursing home?


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