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February 28, 2007

La Corda D’Oro 20 (2/3) RAW

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Youtube Commments:
(For those who want to know)
Basically the Guy with the red hair..uh..yeah him.. He asks Hino for a moment of her time…takes her to the Ferris wheel, asks her “Do you have to be back soon” Hino says “no” he says “O good” and then I think he says something about feeling excited being on the ferris wheel and it’s height, despite his fear? (More than likely a subliminal lecture)

And then something like a nostalgic feeling from the children who wanted to play violin so muc despite the difficulites?

And then I think Kaho goes home and basically torments herself by admitting she loves the violin and cannot play it. Like how she cannot play no matter how she wants with no magic left in the violin and the at she is sorry for her senpai who had tried to convince her…and that she is afraid to feel good about playing again.

Then Shimizu bumps into Tskimori and he notices that Shimizu is looking sad..So then Shimizu asks him “Have you ever made a girl cry?” And then he says “I wonder what Happened to kaho..” and tskimori thinks to himself..”What in the world is happening..?” And maybe why does he feel so bad if she’s not even his girlfriend..

so shinobu & kaho bump into each other, and shinobu asks if she’s going home. she is, but when he sees her violin he becomes sad and asks if she could come with him for a short time. she agrees and they end up in the ferris wheel. he asks if she’s afraid of heights, “no” to which he is relieved.

as he talks he says that from the ferris wheel if you look closely at the town, you realize how big the world really is, and when u understand that it can give you chills down your back. there are so many people in the world, that so much music is played.

shinobu tells kaho that the kids are also practicing real hard to learn how to play and that they are going to put on a concert. seeing that, he realizes that music is not particular. even tho there are those who are refined and play classical music with high skill, if u can smile laugh and play because of music, then it’s all the same.

then she realizes that ever since she met the violin, so many wonderful things have happened. all bc of that violin. >shinobu’s words that her choice/answer will come naturally echo in her head
man i dunno if any of my comments are getting thru cuz i can’t see any of them.. but anyway at the last part shinobu tells kaho not to give an answer forcefully, but that her answer will come sooner or later naturally. (about playing violin again) The next day, she sees the violin and acknowledges that she wants to play and likes violin, but without magic she can’t play.

sorry, ouzaki-senpai. my fear is opposite of how i feel. then shimizu and ren bump into each other and shimizu asks ren if he’s ever made a girl cry. “why did she cry?..kaho senpai” he wonders as ren realizes he was referring to kaho wonders what’s making her hurt so much. then hihara asks yunoki why he started flute, and yunoki can’t really answer that. hihara is relieved bc even he doesn’t have an answer, to which yunoki says is bc he too, is human.

as he leaves, yunoki says “i started flute bc my brother was already playing the piano.” there wasn’t anything he could do. which is more difficult- to repress himself or to repress someone else?
tsu to ren: violin does not sing arrogantly. ->
why couldn’t i keep my mouth shut?
ren: that’s right. i can’t repeat the ave maria from that night (w/kaho)
just then kaho is about to part with the violin, when suddenly she hears ren’s ave maria.

the strings snapped so the power of the magic can’t help her play anymore- is she ok with this? yes bc she wants to play that violin. although the strings are cut, during the time kaho played the violin until the strings snapped, they were able to bond. in italian, “gen” is “cord” and bc of that, the meaning of bond/relationship is intertwined with the word bow string, and is why the gold-colored string didn’t break.


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