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March 1, 2007

Britney Spears Shaves Her Head To Go to Iraq as a STRIPPER!

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Youtube Commments:
Most girls have had days where they just want to shave their heads..

..and call it a day.

I think this was very liberating for her.
True, there is a certain mind-set one has to achieve
in order to see this rash impulse through.

Some may call it insanity.
Others call it BRASH.

Go Brit.

Has anyone not thought that she maybe has been told that she has cancer and will be going through chemo? its the first thing I thought of. Maybe is going through hell and thought that taking off her hair before it falls out.

Or of course she could be just a fruit loop

I don’t know, I’m digging the new look! Its like good girl, gone bad and now she is bringing her image up to date. She has been deviled spawned this whole time but she first needed to sell records before she took over the world. Who said the anti christ wasn’t female. xoxo

OMG…I could /not/ stop laughing! Buck…you are a /genius/! *shares this video with friends* I will get your name out there, and then you’ll have more hags than you’ll know what to do with!! Hell, I think I’ll even post this on my Myspace page. Much love!

Yeah I was thinking that for a while I had hoped that Britney Spears would wind up dead in a hotel room… but then I thought… someone who got famous for being in playboy and whoring herself to an 89 year old man gets THIS MUCH media attention… think of how much We’d have to put up w/ slutty Spears media whoring if she croaked…ugh!


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