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March 3, 2007

Beyonce-Upgrade U

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Youtube Commments:
It’s funny that you say “same” this and “same” that and nothing from this video has been featured in any other. for one, there is definitely a lot less ass shakin(which I’m upset about)And since you didn’t buy the album, why be in the thread watching the video. Move around.

The video was iight… I thought it coulda been better… am I the only one that peeped her doing Ciara’s booty pop on Jay’s verse though? LOL… I’m not a hater, Bee still rips it.. I love the song, but what happened to Get Me Bodied? I thought they was makin a video for that!

what happened to get me bodied? RE RELEASE OF BDAY! out april 3rd, all the old tracks from the first release of the album, with new tracks, flaws and all, if, and i think, world wide woman, as well as beautiful liar on disc 2, with other mixes of it, with spanish versions of irreplaceable, etc. and a VIDEO FOR EVERY SONG (including the ones we’ve already seen with the singles so far) will be included on disc 2, so yeah! there’s a vid for every song, aswell on the B’DAY DELUXE EDITION!

Theyre the best, -You haters don’t have to buy the album, she has enough fans that will buy two or three copies-The re-release comes in April with a video for 5 songs that were unreleased-I’ll pick up three copies. One for me, and two for the haters.. LOL That video was FIRE!!! She is BEY-She brings it, and her fans NEVER get tired-Its easy for some to criticize and judge what youdon’t get-We do and can’t get enough!!!

That video is so fabulous! Beyonce looks so beautiful in this video! That scene with her being a man and herself did remind me of Ciara’s video, “Like A Boy.” It was cute. I think when they finally make Jay appear, he totally should have did a double scene and been the man and the woman. LOL!

Beyonce is the best singer and this is the best video ever and I also like “Beautiful Liar”. She is what you called true talent. And haterz yall need to sto. Yall just mad cuz yall aint fine as hell like she is. Keep it rolling bee, with yo fly ass. From yo #1 fan

She copied Jay Z more in “Ring The Alarm”…one of the crapiest songs she’s done. She has her own image, she needs to get it out of her head that because she’s with Jay, she’s badass or has street cred…she comes from a well-off family (not that there’s anything wrong with it, and I know they went through a lot to get DC off the ground and blah, blah). Good song, though…it has a better chance of getting air play than that piece of shit with Shakira…

This song and this video are HOTT. She is so talented and has so much personality. Im trippin that people say the moves are the same cuz i used to knew em all and I never did those steps before. Ooh and she goes the limit and commits 150% to it. And I love how it it addressed the rumours about their relationship. Cuz i know everyone (even me) thought he flaked on her and he popped up like HA thats what u get. they hold eachother down and truly upgrade eachother. Hail the Queen Bee!

My comment is to all the haterz dang stop hating. Jayz bein there after she passed herself was HOT no one ever did that shit, im sure yall didnt even expect that ( I didn’t expect that ) OH stop hating her album still went big with all the hate.Dang just imagine if yall haterz stop hating but a lil hate makes u better and she sure better than yall yall haterz

This is for everyone that don’t agree with what I said. Which I don’t give a damn anyway. I’m entitled to my opinion just like you or entitled to yours. If the shit is lame, it’s fuckin lame. There is a new star in town and her name is JENNIFER HUDSON! She is no Alicia Keys,Whitney Houston,or Aretha. I’m not going to waste my money on this useless shit.

you’re so right. Jennifer has nothing to do with Bee. Yeah okay, they were in the same movie, but Bee is a star, and you cannot compare J.Hud to Bee. And why iz everybody hatin’? Damn, get a life. Haters hate so much, but they wish they had the life and succes that Bee have bitchez!

the song is hott, the album is hott, but this video is SHIT. Not the shit, but just plain old shit. Its PRETTY but it really isn’t carrying over the meaning of the song. The director needs to be shot. And Beyonce def needs to think about making a new video.

I gots 2 agree wid most of ya’ll. The vid ain’t completely whack, but I was dissappointed. I think that Beautiful Liar feat. Shakira (premiered on tha same day) Was sooo much betta! She let me down on this vid. Only cold part wuz when it switched from her rappin Jay-Z’s part 2 Jay-Z rappin her own part. But dats bout it. I DON’T expect dis 2 be on the top countdown.

i ont kno y ppl taht don’t lkike her is waistin their time and comin on here talkin shyt! if u don’t like her get alife and look at sumtin u DO like! i luv tha song but i ont really like tha vid…i hate tha dancin but i like tha part where she’s jay-z and then it changes to really him, i like when she’s in tha car as herself and jay-z but tha dancin and tha part wit her touchin tha man gots ta go

im going to get real and just say the facts, this video was raw, one of her best, and this song is hot shit too. Most of the people that hate on Beyonce dont even like this genre of music, and say this stuff, while they praise fall out boy knowing that everyone of their songs that came out sounds exactly the same, but im not posting rude ass comments on their videos am i, come for me please i need to read some faulty bitches for attacking the Queen of R&B right now

Wack ass choreography (she must’ve let Solange make that mess up!), “Gangsta” is not her MO-she should’ve left that to HOV. THIS SONG IS TOO HARD FOR THIS VIDEO TO BE SO LAME!!! She should’ve come harder>this song is what sold her album! Video a big disappointment. Simply mediocre. Sorry!

I am a Beyonce fan…I really didnt expect her to release another song with Jay off the same album…that wasn’t a very good move. I think the fans are tired of the B&J endless colabos…I think she should have went with “Freekum Dress” or “Kitty Kat” as her follow up song to “Listen.” Beyonce needs to upgrade to some new material…this just didn’t do it for me.

Its mad funny how everybody is hating on Beyonce and trying to shit on her on this whole Jennifer thing. Let be clear “Beyonce” is a brand and has no signs of slowing down at alll she has longevity and continues to dominate the game. So fall off with the hate and and take a lesson or 2 on how its done because she has a winning formula that shows no sign of slowing down

Because you have opened this… you will get kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life… if you don’t break the chain. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. However, if you don’t send this to at least 10 people by the stroke of midnight tonight you will be forever cursed in love. Just copy and paste this.. Good Luck!

Is it just me or does it seem like the majority of the concepts for this video have been used already?? The dancing with the guys- Amerie-1 Thing/ B-Work It Out, the rolling on the floor- Kelis Bossy/ Ashanti-Only You, the white button down w/ heels- Ring the Alarm, The reptile crawling- Aaliyah- We Need a resolution, the water scence EVERYBODY. Melida n B could have resolved to come up with more original ideas, but the part when Jay just appeared outta nowhere like that was hot though!

Oh yeah and that dance was Ciara’s and she was already sweatin’ Jay in Deja Vu. She reused alot of her old choreography too. I love B and her work. I even like the video despite all the critique. Keep doing ya thing B, just be more original with it.

You know what is so freaking hilarious? Everybody is “dissing” B, and let this song come on in the club…because all you fat, ham hock, collard green eating chicken heads will be the first on the dance floor “popping your cakes.” This is adjoadjo, and I approve this message!


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