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March 3, 2007

Bleach 117 FULL with subs

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Youtube Commments:
PLEASE DON’T READ THIS. You will get kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. However, if you don’t post this comment to at least 3 videos, you will die within 2 days. Copy and paste this, to be saved!

But on a lighter note, thanks a lot for uploading this Naralno you rock!

Lol D-Roy suck balls, so weak and expendable. His main purpose was just to wait around for ten minutes and then get killed so Rukia gets a chance to show off her Zanpaktou ice power.

Now, poor Chad, I pity him. He was not even a match against that D-Roy who was a real weakling. Chad, I hope you get much stronger. If not, then you’re no longer needed.

She was trying to explain things to Ichigo, and he misinterperated something she said and tried to sacrifice himself to the hollow so it wouldn’t eat his family (which Rukia knew it would do anyways). Shinigami are supposed to never let anything bad that they could prevent happen to a soul (and in her case it also probably had something to do with the fact that Ichigo looks like Kaien), so she took the near-fatal blow herself and was to injured to carry on.

5:15… is it just me, or is there something wrong with that?

And right when Byakuya appeared, one of the other applications running made a thunderstorm sound. *imagines Byakuya as a mad scientist* xD

The thing at the end… Soi Fong cracks me up. I so knew that she was using her agents to stalk Yoruichi. She has them at her disposal and she’s that obsessed…

lol…i love how the anime is so far behind…
lol let me ruin it for you guys…ichigo goes to heuco mundo(misspelled) hallow world (algond with Ishida,Sado,Rukia, and Renji) to save inoue, and Sado gains 2 upgrades to his power Shield(Right Arm of a Giant) and Left Arm of Diablo, also Ichigo’s Vizard form only can last for 11 seconds. Also the Blind(african american) Ex-Captian, Cuts off GrimmJaw’s left arm.

ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG super awomse amazing as ever wow spectacliesularanars!~!! funable like.. last ep was porno but this is UBER USPER SPECTACULAR BOSS BATTLE FOREVER!! 1man
… wtf guyz D-Roy GOT KILLED IN ONE HIT.. what a loser… one freakn hit .. that was .. it was like the first time he got attacked lol.. but other annacaranars look super awsomes wow next episodes r gonna be awsom battles!!! im so excited!!

Renji helped Ikkaku get to Ban-Kai lvl..cuz renji didnt want to be promoted to Captain Class, Ikkaku doenst want to lvl up ranks cuz he wants to be Under the commands of Kenpachi.

being able to release Ban-Kai is part of the requirements to get to Captain Rank(Kenpachi is an exception).

ikkaku DOES have bankai. it looks like 3 huge cleavers with dragon symbols put together. rukia HAS the potential to be taicho-class, but byakuya made sure her abilities won’t be noticed. call it brotherly love… ;P if you have questions regarding BLEACH, just pm me. i’ve read the manga. the anime version’s attention to detail of the manga is really sugoi… ^_^

no. the espada only contains members from 1 through 9. They’re kinda like captains. Any arrancar ranked from 10 to 99 is referred to as Los Numeros. These guys aren’t ranked by strength but by the order in which they were created. D-roy was just extremely pathetic.

wouldn’t the episodes be done already? I wouldn’t think that they would do it all in just one week. I mean they had to come up with a story line, and then draw and get it to how they want it too look like and what not. So i’m guessing they would have had it all done along time ago and there just putting the shows on everyone once a week.
Aren’t the images in the intro parts from different episodes?

Alright grimmjow is not dead. Even with ichigos full release grimmjow is still more powerful. In the mean time toushirou and the other shinigigami with rank of captain have to release their full power in order to defeat the Arrancar. Ikkaku must release his zampakutou in order to defeat his opponent. When all of the arrancar are defeated (‘xcept for grimmjow that bastard!) Ichigo goes to find the vaizard to try to get them to teach him how to control his hollow. At first they refuse.

But the little girl (who is a senior vaizard) starts to fight ichigo When she tells him to take out his hollow, he refuses, eventually after getting his butt whooped a little, his inner hollow slips out and totally annihilates the little girl in battle. It takes every single vaizard there to stop him, but they don’t have their masks on of course. Sooo… They finally start to teach him. They make him train on some sort of treadmill for 3 days straight, he doesn’t want to.

A long story short, ichigo has to defeat is inner hollow in order to gain hollow powers. He does. After training 1 month, ichigo can only stay in hollow form for 11 seconds! That is not enough to defeat grimmjow. He gets his ass kicked and eventually is saved by a vaizard.

Take note : These arrancar that are fighting now are not vastro lorde arrancar, they are gillian arrancar, rukia is at vice captain level, while d-roy was not, which means it was easy for her to win. But Grimmjow is actually a vastrolorde arrancar, so look out for him.

WTF is going on here? Listen, the entire squad sent to protect Karakura Town and defeat the Arrancar are fucked. Only 4 can stand up to them. Ichigio, Hitsugaya, Matsumoto and Ikkaku. Why Ikkaku *SPOILERS* He achieved Bankai, but hid this in order to stay in Zaraki’s squad.


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