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March 3, 2007

Glenn Beck Asks US Weekly Editor to Pose Nude

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Youtube Commments:
Well, Christian fundamentalists are being used to support
neo-con war crimes and the subersion of the constitution. Religion and state were supposed to be kept separate in the U.S. This was something the founding fathers were very clear on and with good reason.

But yet Tyra Banks feels a woman up on her show like some kind of dike, and it’s all good.
This world is losing its mind and probably the brain
damage caused by too many prescribed drugs & plus
all of the Robotussin they’ve been drinking to

Yeah, the Neo-Cons and the Rabid Right ruin it for everybody. Probably the best translation of “cut us some slack” is that errors are made, but don’t make a final decision based on that error instead of the whole subject. (anyone else care to translate?)
Sadly, it’s like Americans judging all of Europe based on what some French politicians do.

Hey bigbalko, I’m American and live in France. Not only could I kick your ass, but I’ll speak four different languages fluently while doing it. You Europeans think you’re so globally conscious but most of you don’t know shit about what’s going on beyond your own backyard – Western Europe. I can say with first-had expertise that your radius of consciousness is smaller than Americans.’ Why don’t you actually contribute something to the world instead of just gawking over another country’s errors?

Hey Poopy, the name fits. I’ve lived in the US for 1 1/2 years, in Spain and in Poland. I can tell you that the general European knows far more bout any other country than the regular American who can’t find Germany on a map. If global conscience means to you playing the world’s police officer while fucking human rights you’ll be right. Which countries government and press again didn*t know the difference in between shiits and sunnis till 2005?

Put things into perspective. Europeans live in tiny little countries with little importance on a global scale. So they know about the little countries that surround them. OK, some Americans can’t find Germany on a map. How many Germans can find Washington DC on a map? Most cannot. America is an enormous country and most Americans can find Mexico, Quebec, Vancouver, etc. You’ve got ignorant red-necks in every country who know jack shit about the world.

Most cannot? Have you lost your mind? We’ve got ignorant jackasses in any european country. Sure. Otherwise, not half the population consists of uneducated, ignorant jack-asses to put things into perspective. I’ll bet you a trillion dollar more Europeans know the capital of American countries like Uruguay, Brazil or Argentina than US-Americans. By the way, France is by far the most ignorant Western-European country in my opinion.

OK bigbalko, I’m ready to put my money where my mouth is. I’ll take my video camera and walk around Paris and ask 20 strangers randomly to find Washington DC on the map. I’ll let the tape roll – no cutting or editing. I’ll bet you $100 that the majority will not be able to find it. Let me know if you want to bet and we can work out the details. I can’t wait to see your answer.

bigbalko, watch this video: v=jVHDYWHJTjI. Here’s how smart Europeans are (French in this case). They went to the audience (in Who wants to be a millionaire) and most of them thought that the sun evolves around the earth. That’s a random collection of responders, most likely representative of France. Yeah, you Europeans are brilliant!

Yeah, Americans are dumb, that’s why there’s millions of them all over the internet creating most of the content that everyone uses and loves, writing brilliant blogs and being intellectual powerhouses on forums, and why 9 out of 10 europeans who bash the US online do so while mangling their grammar.

Maybe you should consider the fact that english is lingua franca. So content in English can be viewed by anybody, content in german only by 80 million people. while mangling their grammar? I got a B in my Senior High-School year in the US, better than the redneck kids who couldn’t read their own language. That was an experience.

Excellent scientific study you’ve performed. Comparing yourself in an environment with other students who had a dissimilar educational background from you, in a country where education is not standardized, with no control group for comparison data, and extrapolating your conclusion upon the entire country and applying a stereotype. Brilliant. Oh and… play in traffic. That is all.

It might have something to do with the fact that your countries errors lead to the arming of Al-Qaeda, the installing and supply of arms and military intelligence to Sadaam up to the 1980’s and the support of evil central American dictators to name but a few mistakes which have cost millions of lives…Do you know how many Americans don’t own a passport?

These are Bush’s base. So while you may be well educated and still support the neo-cons but just reflect that in the main it is the uneducated masses of Americans who take the Bible literally in its entirety who are Bush’s base and who have propelled him into a position where he can destroy nations such as Iraq while committing the same poor communities of the U.S. to lose their sons and daughters serving in an illegal war. When America makes a mistake, the rest of the world pays.

ohhh god will you fucking tree hugging whinny ass bitches shut up about the Illegal War…there’s No such thing! How about the Muslims VS the Jews??? Think that’s illegal? Get over yourself, more american slodiers loose their lives due to drunk driving than this war ass!

I’m also American and I also live in France. It’s an old & easy argument to suggest that someone who doesn’t think like you is ignorant. Add a little sweeping generalization to it and you get a comment like Bigbalko’s. Add a little righteous agressivity to it and you get a reply like Poopyhead’s. When we just ignore these trolls Americans and Europeans can get along wonderfully.

All I’m trying to say is that the world is loaded with ignorant people. Americans are in the spotlight because everyone knows America via movies, international news and fumbled foreign policy by our short-sighted elected leaders (yes, elected by American morons). But make no mistake about it, every country has a huge moron population, just as every country has its intellectuals and innovators.

Why is someone a pervert for enjoying pictures of naked women?

Based on your comment, you’re likely one of the following:

1. A straight woman/girl
2. A gay man

If you are, then you would not understand the psyche of most heterosexual men.

I don’t think the perversion is in the enjoyment of pictures of naked women – it’s in the fact that you would SAY that you do to a woman on national TV. Is sex really that much on your mind that you have to disrespect a woman in that way by making her uncomfortable about her sexuality?

Heh, my boyfriend is completely heterosexual my dear, and is not so desperate for female attention that he obsesses over the images of naked women. I’ll put money on it that you’re either a virgin, or a guy who hasn’t gotten any in a long time. I adore the view of a naked man, but I don’t collect folders upon folders of them on my computer. 😉 Get a life.

i’m not a neo-con you jerk. i don’t say shit about Muslims, i talk WAY more shit about christians. i would say religion in general is pretty bad but I don’t target Muslims in particular. why do you take things so seriously? it’s a goddamn joke dude, just chill. damn!

stop judging people and acting all high and mighty. just chill

Then I apologize, its hard to judge sarcasm/humor through internet dialog. Nonetheless I share your views on religion. I only jumped the gun because you sounded like the typical “I’ll defend my FoxNews till I die”. Although you think it should be evident that is a joke, the scary thing is Neo-cons will seriously make that comment.

yeah that’s understandable and it is a REALLY fucked up thing to say for a news caster, unless he’s saying that to all the people who come on his show, in which case it’s hilarious. some people are just fucked though, like there were kids in my highschool who had prayer meetings all the goddamn time during lunch and stuff and then they would turn around and criticize muslims for their religious practices, saying they were ridiculous. god i hated those little hypocritical bastards.

“somedumbnoob: Because Glenn Beck is not an actual sexual pervert… he has just repeatedly, and unnecessarily, made himself look bad with poorly worded questions and tasteless humor.”

WOW the your youtube handle says it all. 🙂 I amuse myself all the time!

just to let everyone know how truthful the romney committee is, go to any of his sponsored videos on youtube, ALL opposition to his comments have been removed and anyone who writes in opposition of him has beeh prevented from commenting. THIS IS NOT THE SIGN OF A MAN WHO IS OF PRESIDENTIAL TIMBER.

however, i’d sort of go the other way. i think the dishonesty is in allowing comments and deleting the bad ones. i have no problem if a candidate disabling comments altogether. any presidential candidate is boud to be a lightning rod for cranks, disinformationalists and trolls and allowing them to pollute your campaign message doesn’t nessesarily strengthen free speech.

Edwards and Romney are pretty much the same coin, different sides. I can confirm GovMittRomney does block comments and deletes negative ones. Many of his trolls and shills post the typical sycophantic messages. Some even take on multiple IDs, often close in spelling to any opposition (someone took MCB2814 or gfoneil for example). They also like to call opposition as “gay militant activists” or other boogeymen.

this dumb motherfucker really thinks he is the shit.olberman tore him a new asshole on tonights worst person.this block head bitch needs to be on fux news with those other two racists,slant head hannity and bill orally the phone sex freak.ahahahaha

All you have to do is watch his cable television show or listen to him on the radio to know that he has some issues with the female gender. He seems totallt obsessed with sex and young women in general. He usually signes-off his shows by calling his audience “Sick twisted freaks.” To whom is he referring?


she smiles but the corners of her mouth.

may I be blunt as this asshole?
fire the fucker.


Let this slide & overturn every Sexual Harassment Lawsuit – against a male or female accused.

I really like Mr. Beck’s work – very worthy of the title ‘journalist’ [and not for entertainmet purposes only!] with the very informative topics he takes on – when other liberal-left media seems to not care about the real issues – thank God for “Beck”!

just to let everyone know how truthful the romney committee is, go to any of his sponsored videos on youtube, ALL opposition to his comments have been removed and anyone who writes in opposition of him has been prevented from commenting. THIS IS NOT THE SIGN OF A MAN WHO IS OF PRESIDENTIAL TIMBER.


At least that weasel at FOX NEW
didn’t commit sexual HARASSMENT on the air.

you tell that to my sis & you will be found with your colon blinking your camera flash sicko GOP asskissing freak. CNN, Ted Turner.. the Neo-Fox News

At some point, very soon I hope, Glenn Beck will say something equally inappropriate to the wrong person who will smack him down on national television and then sue him.
He makes himself out to be “just an ordinary guy” but he makes Neanderthals look like models of grace and intelligence.

Just shows you that these Conservatives for what they really are … just simple minded punks…and you’d think he could get his kicks elsewhere…but nope, just like O’Really…he has to actually sexually harass on the air.

Looks good on him.

Conservatism is a necessary movement, it is neo-conservatism that is destroying America’s constitution and standing in the world. Neo-cons want to suspend Habeas Corpus and tap your ‘phones. They want to make the U.S. a theocracy and maneuvre into a position of control over the world’s oil reserves no matter how many lives it costs.

Consider yourself lucky. He is judging, presumptuous, ignorant and close-minded, and would probably jump down somebody’s throat and create a two hour special about sexual harassment if it was anybody but him pulling that off. All in all, I really hate the dude.

Beck is the biggest piece of rotting shit on the face of the earth, and anyone who actually thinks he should be on TV is totally fucked in the head. Day after day he leaves his smarmy slime on everything. God, why did I even watch this, now I need another shower.

beck’s the salvation army store version of right wing crazy loud-mouthed dip-fucks like flush and o’really that obese suburban pattern-bald crackers watch to delude themselves that the world really isnt changing and they really arent an the endangered species people not on drugs know them to be….

For the people who have never heard of or seen Glenn Beck’s show before, consider yourself lucky. He is judging, presumptuous, ignorant and close-minded, and would probably jump down somebody’s throat and create a two hour special about sexual harassment if it was anybody but him pulling that off. All in all, I really hate the dude.

gatorgirl2222 (1 hour ago)
For the people who have never heard of or seen Glenn Beck’s show before, consider yourself lucky. He is judging, presumptuous, ignorant and close-minded…

Now you wouldn’t be judging him now would you?

LOL omg LOL His humor isnt for the non-humorist people. I mean hes a prankster and he does funny impersinations, but the problem is people think hes a real reporter or a serious talk show host. But really hes no dif that colbert or john stewart..just not a comedian, a prankster

Calm down people. Glenn’s show is prerecorded. He does his show in the afternoon and it airs at night. If he didn’t want that to be on the air, then they would have edited it. Either you like him or you don’t. If you don’t then don’t watch. He is number 3 in the talk radio world only behind Hannity and Rush. The difference with Glenn is that he adds a lot of comedy in his shows and some people don’t get it or can’t take a joke.

buy what shit? what shit do i buy? i never see ANYONE doing ANYTHING about the stuff the U.S. does so you might as well shut the fuck up, unless of course you are out there protecting children from bombs and “stray” bullets. fuck people who denounce an entire nation. if you were a german in wwII, living in england would you expect to be treated badly? what a dumb bitch

That’s exactly the point. Aside from your policing the world, the US would have to lay pretty fucking low in shame. No one else can be bothered with your country, which is infested from the deviants of other countries. You’re a Heinz 57 of fucked up diversity.

I have heard this “moron’s” radio show 2 years on and off. He’s so moronic, he’ll change his attack-attacks are for anyone who doesn’t agree and worship him-depending on how the wind blows. I can’t believe any of you guys even think this moron is funny, he’s actually a moronic. crude, uneducated, unfunny, ex-alcoholic cokehead. Glenn, baby, I hope you showed this one to your perfect wife that you’re always yapping about.
p.s. Moron is his favorite word, moron

Glenn Beck has a radio show its on am the one with out the music so I would not think you know who it is. He is a really good guy if you watch it more then 28 secs you would get who and what he is for and you would know why he is a sick and twisted freak.

…I think if the internet had a better ratio of Republican:Democrat we would see a few more left wing people saying dumb and misunderstood stuff…

I don’t vote for the party, heck I don’t even vote yet.

I think this would have turned out a bit differently if she wouldn’t have taken it so seriously. I bet he would have explained his reasoning, and this would have gone unnoticed, but she was offended, and he decided to cut his losses.

I used to tune into CNN headline News whenever I wanted an update on the day. Then they put this idiot on in Primetime, which means they show him in the afternoon in the west, and replay his nonsense again 3 hours later. why is HN trying to follow the Fox News pattern? I want news not the opinion of a ranting middle aged man scared of the world.

…I wish I knew whether he were a sleazeball or not. I have a feeling he isn’t, just because of the way he used to talk about stuff on his radio shows. Republicans didn’t like his radio show a whole lot because he didn’t talk about politics half the time.

I think he is way to much of a comedian to put out a serious sounding and topical show.

Was she really offended or did she just not understand what he was saying? I can see how it may have taken a second to grasp that he was trying to make a joke. In either case, he must’ve relt really small after that awkward silence. And someone must have told him that it’s a top-viewed vid on YouTube today.

OK but he’s on national TV….you can’t precede something with “the only difference” and make it seem like it’s not a big deal. If you don’t believe me, ask Antonella if she’d rather those pictures circle within a small group of friends or on national TV. There is a huge difference. He makes a living off of being trained to know what the say on TV.

There is a thing called “Bad to the waiter syndrome” (iirc). The premise is if a person on a date acts like a prat to the waiter odds on they are like that in real life.

Probably expected her not to take it offensively because the woman he goes out with expect that sort of attitude.

She attends Catholic University of America. That is not a lightweight school. If you think she didn’t know what was going on, you’re deluded. Just because she is blonde does not mean she’s stupid.

He’s a real rod for making such disrespectful comments and should make a public apology to her.

I laugh mostly at the ignorant comments people have posted calling him “rude” or accusing him of “sexual harrasement” etc, etc, etc, etc, and among other names “an idiot”. Hehe.
Why dont you try and form an opinion of someone from watching or LISTENING to something longer than 28 seconds…SHEESH!

Why are these sociopathic lying sacks of diarhhea on American t.v.? Oh, that’s right. He’s a Repukelican tool, like Limpdick and Bill O’Lielly. All psychopathic germs who get away with the worse insults anyone could hurl and they’re supposed to be taken seriously? He’s a p.o.s. who needs to have his ass kicked and this redneck motherfucker would love nothing more than to do it. Insulting a woman is what the ReThuglican party does all the time, besides pissin’ on blacks, browns, yellows, etc.

I love her reaction. A professional, accomplished woman being sexually harrassed on tv… I’d be shocked into silence too. I hope she sues. That sort of ‘sarcasm’ is part of the problem. If you don’t belong to the white male (and balding) Christian club, you’re less than human. Its not about getting a sense of humor, its about personal dignity. He could have made his point without resorting to crappy humor like that.

here we go again, troll. How demeaning do you think it is to try and prove yourself over and over, your intelligence and skills? Only to get onto TV, on a national show… and have the presenter ask for naked photos of you, as if that was all you were good for?

Boo hoo, he made a joke.
If she’s so strong, intelligent and skillful why doesn’t she react and defend herself from being “demeaned”?
Fucking grow up and go and see how people in relationships behave. My girlfriend would think there was something wrong if I wasn’t acting like that.

PLEASE DON’T READ THIS. You will get kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. However, if you don’t post this comment to at least 3 videos, you will die within 2 days. Copy and paste this, to be saved

no, you’re not alone on this. the only reason this appeared awkward is because the comment went completely over the girl’s head. her vacant expression and subsequent confused giggling speak volumes. if anything, her reaction can be tied-in to the reason beck made the comment in the first place.

I doubt she would win anything. She wouldn’t win because look at what they were talkin about. He was tryin to show an example. If any naked photos were takin of you, would they lead back to your coworkers at the workplace. So quick to jump to a lawsuit over nothing? I bet you got made fun of in class alot…

Actually, in Quebec City a couple of years ago, a weather presenter won a huge sexual harassment lawsuit against a radio station — CHOI FM — and its radio personality for debasing her on the air.

The judge gave her $100,000 in moral damages, $200,000 in punitive damages and $40,000 in legal fees for derogatory remarks that he described as sexist, hateful, malicious, unfounded, hurtful and damaging to her dignity, her honour and her integrity.

(part 2)
This is in the same vein. That wasn’t an example. It was a creepy comment that obviously made her uncomfortable and treated her like a sex object.

As for getting made fun in class a lot .. well .. that’s another story. Umm .. Have we met? P- 🙂

It’s simple. Go into your work place tomorrow, in front of every one at lunch or in a meeting, let them know you have a camera and want a co-worker to pose naked for you, then explain that it’s only a joke. How long would you keep your job? It’ obvious by Glenns quick change that he knew he had crossed a line. If he wants to promote himself as a comic I have no problem with what he said. If he want’s to be seen as a jounalist, it was was wrong. It’s that simple.

dude, that is a bit too far. even though hes joking… glenn beck is good show though, i like it, expecially knowing he doens’t care what anyone says about his ideas or opinion. cuts through the crap, and just tells the stories, i wish alot more news did this.

Umm… this is what Howard Stern does everyday… As far as political analysts go, hes about as close to a “shock jock” as there is… You have to understand what youre getting yourself into if you are on his show… just like if youre on Olberman’s.

I listen to Glenn everyday and you never hear him say anything remotely close to this….So far he is THE only one in the media that is reporting on the things that we should be worried about.But I guess we are too politically correct to care….

Ah, I see he’s living up to his idol fulaffal O’Reilly. If any of us did such sexual harrassment on our jobs we’d be fired. I call for his termination ASAP. Didnt he say on another show that he was one comment away from losing his job? Nows the chance!

yeah, know. I hate when that happens, when you tell a joke, and everybody thinks you’re serious.. Got out of it pretty nicely though, not having to squeeze forth the conversation to avoid embarrassing silence. Without stuttering too. I know I would, although, I would never say something quite as stupid as that.

Glenn Beck is basically a retard. He’s one of those jokes that tries to seem ambiguously political so that he can get straight men into his fold, and then is much too retarded to be the leader of anything, including apathetic straight men into conservatism. HE IS A MORMON – I WONDER IF THEY’LL LET HIM INTO THE TEMPLE NOW?

I can’t believe that this guy is of the same faith as me… what an idiot! I don’t really know this guy, but this behavior is so beyond proper behaviour of members of our church.

I just want people to know that is not a LDS church authority, whatever his religious or political leanings are!

Man, I am tired of these fake ‘corporate” right-wing Christians bashing everyone. That is all this nut job does. He is a fool and CNN is trying to be like Fox News which is the biggest propaganda machine on the planet. What ever happened to “OUR VOICE” when was the last time you saw an average American on the news expressing themselves? We’ve been reduced to “polls” while the wing-nuts brainwash on t.v.This is NOT America anymore.

I’m not a Liberal myself but I must address that average American comment. NO! You are a brainwashed tard who is more like a cult than a thinker. You ASSume people are what you say because you have been fed that crap and are way too weak minded to think on your own. I take it your pathetic comment comes from the ATTACKS on Gore’s electric bill. Did you know that he uses his home as an office and has guest homes on the property? Did you know he buys a less pollutant fuel that costs double?

Diablit01 are you too dumb to realize that BIG OIL is the very people that are spreading rumors about Global warming? Are you aware that they have funded HUNDREDS of front groups that spread propaganda? Do you care that you are a dumb ass brainweashed, cult like sheep doing their bidding because you are too dumb to know?

he’s proving a point…not that he really wanted her to stop by, but that SHE wouldnt want to get her face out to the world like this girl from AI as being a slut. she was saying that the pics werent bad at all, fucking morons, pay attention before you make all these stupid ass liberal comments…no wonder our country is going to shit…

Truththroughresearch change the account name please. If you were an intellectual at all you would know that the soldiers are not sent against their will, they volunteer so they actually send their self. They know what they sign up to do, and for most of them that’s why they do it because they are patriotic. The president doesn’t decide to send troops they decide to send their self idiot!

you can tell from her body language that she’s thinking about actually doing it. That innocent smile why they both pause and then she lightly shrugs her shoulders if he wanted naked pictures of her she would let him do it. She’s just an innocent looking slut. Glenn pound that tight young pussy

His comment seemed to go over her head. I can’t believe how serious some of you are. He was obviously joking to make a point… Lighten up! It’s amazing how the same people that defend Clinton’s actions in the white house are ready to crucify Beck for something as silly as this.



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  2. I agree with your article “tv on pc”which is helpful and useful to all the peoples.Now even if we pay ome time than no need of paying twice we can open tv on satellite option and we can watch whenever wherever we are. A professional, accomplished woman being sexually harrassed on tv… I’d be shocked into silence on pc

    Comment by cathy — March 3, 2007 @ 11:55 am

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