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March 3, 2007

Interrogation 101

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Youtube Commments:
hmmm maybe since Daniel was brainwashed by the order, he is in on it with Jonas. And they made this video just to throw Bree off.

I hope they show more weird stuff, like why was the picture of Crowley in her room? It was interesting when the order was still a mystery to us- and so it almost seemed supernatural.


Turning against each other is what OpAphid wants, I’m sure. x) What if you’re wrong about Jonas and you lose an ally? Why would Tachyon involve Jonas in on the Beast rescue if he wasn’t trustworthy? Take a step back you guys and make sure you aren’t PLAYING into the hands of the Order. :X

Jonas takes off after Daniel “loosens” his ropes …. Taychon would’nt have left them alone with Jonas if he was apart of the Order. Taychon knows things, and of course wants the best for Bree … hopefully there is a new Ophaid, or Taychon video soon, or even a JONAS video …

Straight from Wikipedia- Soon an investigation was initiated which led to lonelygirl15 to be “outed” in the Los Angeles Times, revealing her to be actress Jessica Lee Rose who was merely playing the role of Bree in lonelygirl15. so no more arguing whether this is real or not it is fake. Bree= Jessica Lee Rose, Daniel= Yousef Abu-Taleb, Jonas= Jackson Davis..

jonas actually acted well in this one, as opposed to the other two who are still pretty unbelievable…. it’s unfortunate that it’s obvious that there’s a camera man… when jonas looks into daniel’s eyes, it’s too far left of the camera for a handicam.

I loved this scene, it was amazing and way better. I hope they keep this level of intensity between characters. Interaction like this works a lot better than individual blogs. That set aside…

The order planted the symbol. Ever hear of “divide and conquer”?


I don’t know… I think they are trying storyline-wise to put us on Jonas being a part of the order. with him going out to talk to the order guys outside his house, and then making phone calls on the trip up to his cabin… I don’t know. I think that final comment of Daniel’s says it all though; Jonas is no more a part of the order than Daniel is. ‘Cos they both are.

Wow, Jonas is really hot when he is angry…. come to momma! Oh, and Daniel is in the order, they brainwashed his ass while they had him, I think they are tracking them through him, otherwise why would they let Bree and Jonas take him so easy? Least they are trying harder to write something remotely interesting.

Wow! Jonas is really talented, that was cringe worthy for all the right reasons.

They seem to have gone so far with this that him not being part of the order would be surprising. They can’t just untie him and give him a cookie if they’re wrong, now. But maybe his parents were and he’s just never knew it. Time will tell. LG 15 is such a up and down storyline. =P

The LG15 flash inbetween frames sucks. I’d rather a small logo in the corner or something if they had to do it =P

He IS hot and he is TOTALLY nuts. I wouldn’t be worried if I was tied up. Hey- he is JEALOUS of Bree. Because the order thinks she’s special. He’s JEALOUS. Dude- Jonas is the bitch. ” Wha , wha my parents didn’t inject me with as many shots as Bree’s parents did! I wanna be the virgin sacrifice, boo hoo,”.

there is no way Jonas can be a virgin first off *devil grin* Secondly, I think if he were not somehow a aprt of the order he wouldn’t get so mad. I mean wow the face of very ticked off shines thru more then it should on someone innocent. And maybe Danial is part of the order. Under some drug they used on him before Bree and Jonas saved him. Anyway who… next video.


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