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March 4, 2007

Lipstick Feminism.

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Youtube Commments:
Christina Aguilera – Cant Hold Us Down

“if you look back in history
its a common double standard of society
they guy gets all the glory the more he can score
while the girl can do the same but yet you call her a whore
i don’t understand why its okay
the guy can get away with it, the girl gets named”

I didn’t mind FilthyWhores video at all. I mean, I didn’t think it was hot, and I thought it was really pointless. But I wasn’t like, mad at her at all. And all of the people who made such sick comments (slut, whore, bitch, etc…) are far more dispicable than her. =D

thAt’s not tRue and you know it. on a scaLe
mEn = stRonger
men = faSter
physiCal evidenCe all pOint to doMinant maLe. theRe are moRe aLpha males animal gRoups than there are matRiarchs.(i’m not suRe if it’s true but i thiNk so)
deNial leads to all soRts of tRouble and thus you have the feMale psyche.

You’re an idiot. All you contribute to life is a spurt of cum. Women menstruate, endure pregnancy, child birth and menopause. You guys get a common cold and what do you do? Lie around in bed all day as if you’re dying. No, your bodies aren’t half as useful and you don’t have half the emotional strength of women.

Ah, so what do you do when you have a cold? Also, sorry if you have the bad end of the reproduction thing but if males didn’t exist or females didn’t exist we’d all be screwed so anyone who says that either females are un needed in the world or males or that the spurt of cum is a complete waste of fluids is a complete idiot.

Don’t be stupid. Your ideas are merely generated from a world of social constructions, and these stereotypes are embedded in our society. There are cultures where women are more dominant than men – such as when women of a particular culture controls most family matters. Furthermore, I saw on TV recently that a 70 year old woman could push 250 lbs of weight with her legs; most guys cannot. So, shut your ignorant trap and start getting some education.

All you can come up with is “most guys cannot”? That’s rather pathetic! If women are so smart why aren’t they rulling the world? Why is it that men mostly dominate? I have yet to see a woman president, not to mention why are women being brought up through “women’s rights”? If they are so above men then why didn’t they dominate all societies? They should have started at the top, not started at the bottom if they are so much better

You are an idiot! Women can’t rule the world, Nobody rules the world, not even a man so shut the fuck up. A woman will become president one day and when that woman does I’m sure she will be a million times better than any male president who was ever in charge.

mEn ruLe the woRld, and when woMen are in chaRge in society, it’s beCause men let them. laZy men or ambitious men, we wiN. eMotions get in the wAy of cLear thinking, sorry emmaLina, loGic prevaiLs. Who conStructs meGa struCtures, a gRoup of men, and MAYBE a taG aLong female. Who leAds Corperate aMerica? mEn, assisted by paPer pushing woMen. i stiLL enJoy watching eMma, but she juSt doesn’t have the poWer juiCe.

my comment never showed up! ;;
Anyways, emmalina, I agree 100% and people need to quite being prudes. The expression of love is beautiful, and people who think it is shameful need to get over themselves. I am so effing sick of vids getting flagged! UGH, much love! xoxo

Definitely. People need to lighten up. Times have changed, even recently. I’m 19 now and things were way different when I was 9. It’s like people feel compelled to bash anyone who’s comfortable with themselves or anone who wants to show their love and affection in public just because that’s what they’re so used to and they feel like that’s how it’s “supposed to be”. Fucking please. People are too afraid of change.

honestly how the hell are your dance moves slutty? I dance like that and I think its sexy , I mean we’re young this is our time to have fun and enjoy ourselves . I even started taking pole dancing lessons , just for fun , its good excercise!. Guh-heez people need to calm the fuck down and let girls have fun! lol….yeah im done now

Emmalina you really shouldn’t pay much attention to the bad comments. The internet is fubarred for a while now, nice people turn into assholes as soon as they turn anonymous. And yes that includes thinking it’s fun to call every sexy woman a slut because they don’t have the balls to do it in real life.

That aside why do you dance in your videos again btw. Is Luke ok with it now? What’s with the beach in the end didn’t get that part.

Keep making videos, always fun to watch you 🙂


Yeah Luke doesn’t really give much of a shit about that anymore lol. He’s been watching my videos and tells me it’s all right. It was just that when I was 4th most subscribed he didn’t really want me doing it because of the resultant media attention. With regards to the bad comments, I rather enjoy talking about them, because some of them are so unbelievably stupid that it’s a great deal of fun to retort.

hi5, way to go Emmalina. People are just dumb, there’s no other way to word it. I have never found you as a whining person, life is shitty, everyone complains, its what make you ‘real’.

I dance the same as you, if that makes me slutty in some losers eyes who has no clue who I am, then so be it. I was only put on this earth to impress myself, no one else. Ask my fiance, lol!

i love your videos and im not complaning here i would just like to let you know that i think if u didnt wear those white soaks or something… it would make you look longer, you know one long line is always better than being cut up. love you still!

You stupid moron. You think women have sex and create kids with thin air? Believe it or not, but there’s a penis involved in there somewhere. “No father”? I’m sorry, but yeah, there’s a father out there somewhere. Most likely holding no responsibility for his actions and leaving the woman with no option BUT to go on welfare.

She has all the sexual freedom in the world to fuck as many guys she wants without considering any of these options Or she tells us that she can raise the kids on her own, without a man, because feminists are always talking about how men are the problem. But when the children are fucking around, joining gangs, and fucking up society… well I guess it’s worth it for women’s “sexual freedom”

What the hell? Where did she ever talk about kids? And not all feminists think men are the problem. Also, why are you asserting that because of a lack of a father figure that a child will grow up promiscuous? Your post literally makes no sense. It’s just double speak mixed with emotive rhetoric. Fail!

Emma, your not a slut, not a whore , but I know as much as you do that nobody kan bring you down =) and i love that about you, thats why i keep watching your videos ! and yeah, I LOVE YOUR DANCING SKILLS !! there amazing. Plz make one video where you only dance (a) haha take care / isabelle

You tricked me!! There wasn’t any dancing in the discribtion..
Now I was forced to watch it.

And I can see you clean really efeectively – away from the sight, away from the mind =D
(It is a translation of a Finnish proverb)

dont agree with ur opinion on the comments she got, if she makes a video like that, not everyone is going to be happy about it and i think they have a right to comment that it was abit of a desperate cry for attention, although i dont agree with people calling her a whore, also i dont think you having ago at people who simply didnt like the video and made comments such as “i find that digusting” and, “ur attention seeking” is a fair way to abuse them in this video either

I agree with you – there is NOTHING wrong with that video!! Good to hear, that girls can stand up for other girls, because I think there is too much bitching between women in general. Keep up the good stuff, Emmalina!!
Btw, I love your voice!!

oh shut up Emmalina, clearly you’re a slut for abiding by your natural feelings and desires. you know what? you’re also a slut for breathing. what a whore you are, BREATHING IN EACH AND EVERY AIR MOLECULE THAT COMES YOUR WAY. OH MA GAH HAVE YOU NO SELF-CONTROL?!¿ HAVE YOU NO SHAME?!¿

you’re so opinionated…i love it!!
i think it’s stupid how easily people will call girls “wh0res” or “sluts” or whatnot. it’s really ridiculous now how a girl can do any tiny thing and be called a slut.
ps. you looked so tanned, w0ot!
pss. was that the theme song from SAW? =O!!!

Two points:

1. To be honest, I found FW’s video… Well, hot? Not really. Utterly pointless would be closer. Of course, she’s entirely within her rights to post what she wishes – such is the beauty of YouTube – but I feel that’s just scraping the bottom of the barrel in a slightly desperate, attention-seeking attempt to rack up views, subscribers, or both. There are people on here doing some really creative/entertaining stuff, yet I wouldn’t classify what FW posted as creative.

And I’d say the exact same thing if it had been a guy posting what she posted. 😉

2. With that said, I think you are essentially right – when it comes to sexual behaviour, women are judged by different means to men, and I completely agree with you on that score. It’s wrong, and we can only hope that over time the playing field is levelled out.

Still, a thought-provoking video, Em – keep up the great work! I always enjoy hearing your latest rant. 🙂

I have a tendancy to mute videos where you
starr in. I’m only interested in your looks.
btw Come fuck me! Get on the dick that
belongs to someone that hasn’t called
you a whore, stupid, slut or told you
to kill you’re self. ha!

You’re hair is lovely in this emma.
You are right about filthywhore’s video. People will always find a way to call woman whore’s and slut’s even if they are only dancing, and even if the picture clearly shows a couple kissing. Lets face it, it’s to make them feel better about themselves 😛 😉

Keep making vids like this, the rants are always productive 🙂

What a beautiful beach! I haven’t watched the other vid, so I can’t comment on that, but I liked this one. I seriously cannot stand when people care so much about how other people, that they don’t know, mind you, act. The people who sit and talk crap about girls because they dance provocatively or sleep with who they want to, are usually the ones who want to screw them. 😛

Lots of us are from Uranus which is why we’re so anal. HAHAHAHA! Man, I kill myself. No, honestly, I’m all for public snogging (double g?) and support the filming, publishing and distribution of resulting materials. You’re not a slut, you’re cool. Calm down boss, you need a rest.

wow..Emmalina dancing was the cutest thing!!

I love how forthright you are in expressing your views and the fact that you have a boyfriend and you’re having great sex with him. Thats bloody normal. I hate the prudish who pretend otherwise. You go emmalina!

I’m not a very “sexual” person but I compltely agree with you on everything you talked about.

I think its funny that people called you a slut and whore and such for dancing…when thats how pretty much the entire world dances at clubs, dances, parties.
Why is it so bad when you dance individually on video?
Those people are idiots. You dont need to waste any brain power on reading their comments.

hey. emma sup, i have been a fan of yours for a while because you always seem so cool and let everything just brush off. lol i know you gave the warning to turn off if we didn’t want to hear bitching but i like your vids so much i had to watch. now you have your right to voice your oppion but don’t generalize, and become stereotypical. alot of guys don’t fuck and tell.

What all you people fail to realize, aside from the fact that I am SOO exclusively fabulous, is that letting what others think of you is just a waste of time. I really don’t give a hoot about others so whatevs!! Keep on going Emma, at least your perspectives are thought out and make sense. Way to go!! Fuck whoever you want to fuck, just use protection stupid!!

The internet’s for bitching? What the hell have you been doing “away from the internet?” The internet is serious business, and clearly because you, some uninteresting little camwhore, feel the need to “express” her “opinion” about something that riled her up on – you guessed it! – the internet, this statement remains true. Feminist my ass; that’s elitist talk right there. Where the hell did equality end up when you threw it out the window? That empty beach? Jeez.

What the flying fuck are you talking about? That’s one run-on sentence that I can’t be arsed trying to make sense of, honey. I guess you proved that you were brain dead the second you kept watching after I clearly said that I was going to be ranting in this video, though. Right?

you don’t make any sense–and it is amusing that you call the internet “serious business” as you post a hostile message on a youtube video–something globally known for entertainment/expression/opinions. What about all the serious business you should be taking care of?
Basically, I don’t think you made much sense and it must be the serious business! you need a vacation from the serious business. too much serious business Pink Bridget!

I totally agree with everything you said, men get congratulated for screwing lots of women, while if women sleep with maybe a few guys and people find out about it, we get called whores! umm, something in our society is definitely not right…btw i LOVE your clothes!!!

… I promise it will be much more satisfying if you actually make an effort to get some girl to be with you. When that girl spreads her legs for you, you can congratulate yourself for a job well done, because you didn’t need to suggest it to some girl on the internet like back in your social reject days.


my only problem with you video, is you look and act (minus the aussie accent) exactly like my aunt went she was young..she’s dead now…
so it’s weird watching you talk about the subjects you do..I mean it’s not anything me and my aunt chatted about :/
other than that, 5 stars

The reason girls are called whores when they sleep with multiple guys is because the guy can tell when the girl has done that. Hence the phrase it was like throwing a hotdog down a hall way. A girl can’t tell. Don’t worry I wouldn’t explain this to a girl in person I would get slaped. Now you no.

Oh whaddaya know, you claim to be 21 years of age. Wow, I’m 3 years younger than you but already I’ve shown considerably more of a respectable manner than you have. And with your oh so witty rebuttals, my urban homeboy, you have only served to prove me right so far. Congratulations, have a cookie.

On the contrary, my head is planted firmly on top of my neck and my arse is seated where it is normally supposed to be. Oh how I feel sorry for you, due to your notable lack of both maturity and logical thought. The internet is no place for either of you. Good luck with future prospects.

I love you emmalina but im sorry im gonna have to disagree. women who do sleep around with basically anyone are whores. BUT i have the same view towards men as well. Im just as disgusted when guys sit there and brag about all the chics theyv fucked. i call them manwhores. i think its all about self respect…but yes there is a huge stupid double standard unfortunately…

Your right that women should be able to do wat they want, just the same as us men. The bit about it being 2007 and all women being able to do wat they want aint exactly true, its only in westernised society. The middle-east and all Islamic states still treat women like shit. But i totally agree with ya!

For me your argument crossed track midway.
i.e. It’s OK but I wasn’t doing it…?
Maybe if you invented male equivalent word to slutty behaviour then you’d accept it’s not OK no matter the gender?
No implication, I have’nt seen that video.

I wouldn’t call you or filthywhore anything of the sort, i mean…sure i wouldn’t post a video of myself making out with somebody but i wouldn’t down her for doing something i won’t. I f’ing love this video. OH! By the way, i love the way you say ‘No’ xD

“slut” means promiscuous. There is no way to be a “slut” by the way you dress. You can dress slutty, but please, Emmalina’s nothing compared to most of the general female population. Showing off skin, also, isn’t nescessarily correlated to sexual promiscuity either.

yes you can f all the guy you want, but fact is girls like guys w/ experience and guys like girls w/ lower mileage. easy chick only get guys who r suckas that they won’t care 4 or guys who kno easy girls are only used 4 sex and that they don’t have the substance required for a meaningful relationship. the easier you give it up, the lower your value is. that won’t change. f it up alls you like but your value (if any) is depreciating. nobody wanna love a chick who been all over town. fact o’ life.

Good point Em.
Girls who are faithful to their boyfriends for such a long time, would indeed not make them slutty. I think that’s totally wrong that people think so. They’re either jealous, or just have a sucky life. Who knows. And I too really don’t see what’s so freaking bad about showing off your love to the public. People need to get over it.


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