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March 4, 2007

shakira y beyonce Beautiful Liar

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Youtube Commments:
This song and video are just mesmerising. I think its absolutely incredible when two dynamite performers get together instead of going the classic route of hollywood beef. The fact that they both deeply respect eachothers talents and are confident in themselves to work together shows how strong and humble these two women are. show me any other women in hollywood with the dynamics and diversity these two have.

OMFG! This is like the hottest video..EVER!! I LOVE IT! The sexiest and one of the most talented women in music today get together! Could it get better? I think not! Certainly turned me on 😉 Check out Beyonce’s new video “Upgrade u” also whil you’re at it:D

Beyonce and Shakira has to be like one of the best collabos for the yr… i cant believe it… i never thought something like this wud happen.. but it actually did… I LOVE THESE TWO together… the vocals even worked together… gosh i think im in love!!!

God you people should get fucking REAL ok Beyonce and Shakira are great dancers singers performers and they both have a sweet personality.. This video is awesome. and Beyonce isnt trying hard in the dancin as you can see her hips are bigger than shakiras so the movement looks more agressive.. STOP HATING. Beyonce and Shakira the best

Beyonce-haters ever wondered y the choreography for this video was based on shakira’s dancing style n not beyonce’s? Shakira probably cant do choreographed creative dancing worthadamn. The purpose of doin this colabo was to show what critics were talking about for a long ass time ie. beyonce n shakira lookin very much like each other. Give it a rest people, the video is too sexy n hot to be comparing who does/looks better. shakira aint got shit on beyonce. Yea I said it….Now!!


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