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March 4, 2007

Spit ART with Loca!!

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Youtube Commments:
Loca you are so much fun! It seems as if a lot of entertaining stuff happens everytime you go around the town. That was funny when that dude w/ the chili comes up to you. I was laughing so hard cuz he is so nasty and crazy. The dude with the spit art-dang he is talented!

I liked the Albert Reyes part. It was educational-those are the blogs that I really enjoy. Like the one you did on sexual abuse. It makes you really stand out from the millions of others on Youtube. However, the interruption was really unnecessary and not funny. It just broke the moment and the message.

Wow that’s really interesting. I don’t really comment much but I do stop by from time to time to check out your blogs. And whenever I do comment I never see it, so I don’t know if it’s just my stupid computer or what.

Anyway’s if you read this know that I will vote for you.

Take care, Loca.

Well now that I can see my comment I wanted to ask you something else. Well if you don’t mind I wanted to know what kind of camera you use? And I wanted to know if you used any programs to do special effects as you have done on your other videos. Well if you can get back to me I’d appreciate it.

Once again take care,
I’m going to start a campaign to get Little Loca on the ballot for the Presidential election because she kicks ass and we need a strong and powerful, yet very thoughtful and beautiful woman like her to run this country. Then nobody would fuck with us!! Viva Little Loca!! Gracias senora Loca!!

Very good, Go little princess, reminds me The Helen Pitt Gallery dowtown Vancouver. Art Will never come to and end. We should build a virtual gallery of arts of any kind from spiting moment art to big scale videos. No Limited universe. Festival of the foolmoon in Antares(Antares is big that it can contain 5 galaxies or more imagine how much love we can share with others if we could scale with no limit. In all that can happend just in a moment…

i’ve been subscribed to loca (and all stevie’s other accounts) for, like eight months! i changed my mind. i’m not gonna unsubscribe. i love stevie too much.

HOWEVER, i DID unsubscribe from renetto a few months ago. a new renetto vid every two or three hours was just getting to be too much. anyway, that guy lost me when “renetto” became “paul.”


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