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March 5, 2007

DBSG_Mnet WIDE_Concert Secret II part 2_2 [ENG SUB]

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Youtube Commments:
ahhhh ! i sooo wanna be jimin!
being caried by jaejoong and uknow . being loved by uknow ! and micky telling her to give him a kiss on the cheek .
i`m so jealous of this little girl .
what parts did she act in with dbsk ?
she picked uknow ! i loved it when he carried her.

jaejoong was sooo hyper.
& at the end , while uknow was summing up , the rest of the members were soo kiddish.
i loveee this whole interview!

i agree!!!! i was soo jealous of that girl jimin when yunho carried her and was love by yunho xD
i really wish i was her!!! and yunho was like her daddy!
and the whole thing with jaejoong and micky was very cute ^^
and thx for posting this so soon with subs gina!!

Thanks so much, I really liked this cause it really showed their brotherly love a lot and I liked how yunho talked a lot=]..but not in a mature way and you saw his fun side and the little girl was soooo cute when she shouted “JIMEN” lolss and how she went to yunho and he picked her up=] but yunho did look hot in that all white outfit lolss and when yunho ‘dissappeared’ jumin went somewhere and it was so caring how JJ went after herr; ) THANKS AGNSS SO MUCH GINAA! =]

haha.. anione know where is the HUG performance tt yunho was talkin abt where he sang out of tune.. haha.. so cute!! and yes yunnie u has grown as a singer.. ur singing improve!! and u are goin to be such a good daddy.. i also want a hug from u~~~~

and minnie is jus standin at the back there watchin tv for the whole time –“”
talk more…

the beginning was hilarious…XD.
yuno with the squeak!

jj’s very talkative…

it’s funny how they said yuhno look’s like a dad…
XD! and junsu look’s like the sun from teletubbies.

for me it’s funny how they mention teletubbies.

OMG, Jae must be the nightmare of all subbers… loool But he is so cute… ^ ^ Thanks for taking the time for the subs!
Love how JJ’s face changes at the beginning, after Yuhno supposed squeak. It remembers me of the end of the Ballons MV, quite the same expression –> annoyed Jae looool
And Minnie… love him! he doesn’t speak often, but when he does… LOL XDDDDD

this is first time seeing jae joong talk so much…seriously, he is so talkative…total opposite of what i have thought of him all this while…

yunho, definitely is ready to be a father…even the little girl picks him…so adorable

just wondering why junsu is always the target of being bullied…even chang min joins the gang of bully…junsu always get teased…

jaejoong is so good at acting ..he changed his expression from happy to annoying so fast…gosjh jj really changed alot…he talk so much..i mean i realize the change earlier but he is getting more talkative and talkative day by day…maybe in one more month time he will do all da talking ..arr poor yunho

jaejoong is sticking to the camera…he talk nonstop…like wat he say..he crave for popularity..tat y he look so cool back then..but now he realized tat craving for popularity is to appear infront of the camera…more…i think he change his concept..tat y now he is trying to talk more and more..but i like it..the new jj..he should try up hosting..seriously..he is good choice now…man whatever pop up from his mouth is so.funny

ginaya saranghae!
thank u so much!
watching this vid just made me grin and my heart soar… especially the yunho bits… especially when he carried jimin… so sweeeeet!
and at 4:44.. when the others were teasing him… she touched him as though to assure him… hehe..

as yunho says… it’s d teamwork… i agree.. their bond’s so cool! hmm… like in xman dbsk special… yunho says jae always speaks his mind… so then there u go! hehehe…

hehehe… my comments was 2 long.. till “ur comments has to be lesser then 500 characters” came about!

well to continue, each member as their levels of wittiness.. but everyone sure can be spouting “wit” anytime wen they feel like it. hehe
1st level, jae, then changmin, then junsu(d get me some remark is 1 of d funniest), micky, yunho(diplomatic yunho but he can get silly wen he starts)

GINAYA… all of us fans of DBSK owe it 2 u for this euphoria! really really appreciate lots!

oh oh! haf to say … junsu is perceived as the “innocent” one in d grp then.. wif all d teasing.. plus his reaction.. blushing… jus encourages the members to tease him more… hehehe….

and i do think changmin is mature for his age… hehehe… dongseng….

dbsk fans! spread the love… duncha think DBSK can feel the warmth of it? teehehehe

i looooooooooove this!!!
jae oppa’s sooooooooooooooooo talkative!!
soooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuute!!!
my fave “gag partners”, jaechun, are sooooo hilarious!!
loooooove ’em!!!
DBSK hwaiting!

Oh again the Junsu teasing. So funny. And this time even Changmin went along with it. Love the JaeChun friendship. I have always wanted to see Hero styling hair after I hear he had a hairstylist license. So that was a dream come true. And of course the fun he and Chun had after was hilarious. Aww and the girl chose Yunho. Wet hair Yunho was sexy as hell at the end. Plus damn the mand has beautiful hands. Couldn’t stop looking at them

finally, the video worked. thanks, gina ^^,
jj and micky as hairstylists, their banter is so funny.
junsu claiming that he’s the girl’s fave and the girl chooses yunho. though, there’s some truth to jj’s claim. kids generally like adults in bright clothing coz they are less threatening.
and micky, poor him, always asking for a kiss only to be ignored he he

once again i looooooooooove this vid!!! jeajoong is definately carving a permanent place in my heart now~~~he’s is so talkative and goofing arnd with micky is hilarious!

the whole group is too fun to be with whenever they are together*** totally love love love `em even more!

tanx sooooooooo much for the vid n subs! LOVE YA TOO!

Thank u again Ginaya for this..cannot thank u enought..the clip makes me so happy n i am sure a lot of dbsk fans also feel very grateful too u ^^ i love jj..and he is so talkative here but it makes me love him more..micky is also funny but pity him that jimin doesnt give him a kiss hehe..n xiah innocent expression when he got the name of the girl wrong n yunho show a fun side too..ahhhh i just love all of the dbsk boys..dbsk fighting ^^

thanks you so much for subbing this…. lol.. thye’re such a great group… i especially loved when they were like.. this father thing garbage.. and then yunho apoplosed.. LOL.. ahahahah omg.. i’m lahughign so hard at the end.. p;oor yunnie.. he alway shas to be mature…

lol they are so funny!

and i loved jimin! shes so adorable and so lucky! she didnt kiss mickys cheeek! but it was cute how she picked yunho!

omg i loved what changmin said about junsu’s face looking like the SUN! LOL!!! he says the funniest things everrr!

JAECHUNNNN~~ xD The beginning was just hilarious. “HIRING HAIR STYLISTS!” -flies there- I’d be their hair stylist anyday. 😉 And Jimin is so adorableee~ When she said her name outloud I just wanted to hug her, her voice is so cute as well. Squeak, squeak. xD Nonetheless, the great leader has proved himself once again! ^^
Thanks again for subbing all these videosss! I really appreciate it. =D

this is one of my most favorite interview =] lol, yunho during “hug” days =P the hair salon & jimin ^.^ she’s so cute…lol they’re jealous cuz she choose yunho, ajushhi haha
wax kim X] changmin look kinda sad at backstage but he was so cute on the interview XD the ending was touching hehe
thank u so much gina…4 everything !


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