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March 5, 2007

Death Note 20 1/2 Sub

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Youtube Commments:
Lmao at the opening. Really, what the hell? Not necessarily in a bad way – I kinda like it. It’s just like “wtf random” and doesn’t really suit the Death Note theme. I hope they don’t make it crappy now :/

Ty to the guy for the upload 😮

the opening makes me laugh!
well you have ryuuk dancing to disco lights and chasing apples..L spinning on a chair eating cake…light laughing evily (yay for Light..i love him) and then misa being a regular poser then mello underneath a drain..near just being white..
THat’s dumb. Not all rap sounds like that. If you’re generalizing, then I should too. (In cookie monster voice): ANGRY! SO ANGRY!!! DIABOLIC!! SO…ANGRYYYYYYYYYY. To me alot of bands sound like that. And yeah, alot of rap sounds like what you typed, but those are just the trends. There is good and bad in every genre. Except emo.

I’m sure there are people here who like the kinda music that is in the new intro, and I respect people’s choice in music – but I think for an intro for a TV series (or any TV show really), this song just doesn’t fit… the old one was much better.

“Purpose of rap.” >_>
I don’t exactly adore, love and obsess over the screamingness, but I do understand why they put that with Death Note. >> Call evil, diablic, whatever. XD It’s Death Note for crying out loud! Rap.. talking about sex and rhyming is so great. >> -off to go find D.Gray-Man episode 22-

If the logic that the worse the intro, the better the anime. Then Pokemon and Dragonball Z would be the best anime series ever. (and thank god they aren’t). LOL We don’t like this shitty opening (and yes I do like some metal, but honestly this is shit) so we like Britny Spears? Ha. . . .such stupid logic you have. This new opening sucks and doesn’t fit the anime, it’s funny though.


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