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March 5, 2007

Random Hatness

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Youtube Commments:
Oh,my.This requires a video response,as soon as get home.I like the hats,are there otheres?
Do they get jealous if you wear one hat more often?
Is there a pecking order to your hats?
Do you have hats for fancy dress?

OOps,voices in my head,gotta go…

Not really up to your usual standards of delightful weirdness. It seemed like you were trying to be odd, whereas in the older vids, it seemed more like you just were being yourself. Then again, I guess it’s unfair of us to expect you to be brilliant and hillarious all the time. Keep being you!

The mad hatter’s back
With a rap
Served on tap
Don’t nap
It’s a trap
On a map
This I strap
Oh snap!


… WHAT? Snake ties on the plane? Soak ’em with some pickle juice, and feed them to the aliens! THE ALIENS!

Heart U! 🙂

Lost in the middle of filming a just-another-stupid-hat video? one tip on how to make the most of the situation: wear more hats. irritated viewers will find that the ‘irritation per hat’ ratio is minimized. always remember the line from Uncle Buck… ‘a lot of people hate this hat, it angers a lot of people… just the sight of it.’ Buck could have avoided this had he more selection to choose from. for more keys to success, please don’t hesitate to consult me.


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