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March 6, 2007

Adventures in the World of Warcraft w/ Sarah B. (Pt. 4 of 5)

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Youtube Commments:
What a really ditzy chick…

You play WoW all that time and you’ve gotten absolutely no where. Level 67 now? What the hell are you doing with your time? Running around in circles?

If you’re going to play hardcore, get to 70 and start raiding seriously. That’s where the real game starts. At least then you’re a nerd who isn’t mindlessly playing WoW.

Wise up.

This is the point where I want to say, “uhhh… excuse me… uhh, ma’am? It is just a game… and stuff”. Heh. Good job on this series, Mikey. This wook is different that your previous, but it shows that you have looked at other, very cool possibilities for your channel. Woot.

was that a meditation house???

and a japanese rock garden thingy.. dunno what they’re called but yeaaaa… anyways

her exboyfriend sounds like a lame ass.. id be pissed and dump the loser too for going through my shit like that.. its not like she was married to him or anything..

This series is absolutely riveting. I can’t believe anyone could watch this and not be completely absorbed. This idea is brilliant. It is what every reality show wants to be or pretends to be. I feel a little squeamish watching this display, like I am listening in on her therapy session and man, she is an interesting case.


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