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March 6, 2007

Bree Is Crazy

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Youtube Commments:
Dude, you’ve “bro”ed it out with Jonas a little bit too much to be objective. Wasn’t it just a few days ago that you were ready to kill him? Whether or not she’s going too far or jumping to conclusions, make sure that you’re not giving him too much credit.

ALL OF YOUR VIDEOS ARE NOT entertaining at all! Why can’t you guys just admit you’re LAST YEAR’S NEWS & STOP?! So many videos, all SO very boring, 3-star ratings at the HIGHEST. Pretend all you want, but YOU KNOW most of us HATE YOUR VIDEOS! You make alot of us hate YouTube all together, because it sucks to know that somehow smart people still watch your pointless videos, & claim to love them. Even if you’re getting paid, JUST STOP, & do something HELPFUL for mankind or something!

umm…why don’t you just stop watching if you’re apparently so disgusted by them? and like the videos or not, you’re still giving them views by watching them even though you’re apparently criticizing it every second you watch. solution: don’t watch them anymore. simple, no?

“Why don’t you stop watching them?” YaddaYadda. Heard it all. YOU have the right to watch these videos, & I have the right to come & see if there’s to be a clip saying, “Bree’s dead” & I wouldn’t feel like leaving some opinions about how I can’t stand to see this ALL OVER THE PLACE! I’m not the only one. So why don’t you go reply to EVERY person that complains, & justify how wrong they are, as a dedicated fan would. Now go enjoy your subscribed LonelyGirl collection.

your hate is what’s unhelpful for mankind. so you’re not entertained, but most people do like her videos, as evidenced by her view counts. it is the only original content on youtube which consistently competes on the most viewed lists (which is usually filled with TV slips, gags, and the like). what you need to stop pretending is that the audience of youtube is that different than the internet audience.

Daniel, the Order undoubtedly knows where the cabin is since all that stuff is probably on Jonas’ dad’s credit report, so they could have planted the thing. But oh wait, you just said that Jonas says the watcher symbol has been there as long as he can remember. Hm, no, Jonas is one of Them, dude.

Oh c’mon Daniel we want more violence and maybe some skin too? Geez Daniel the story has to have some blood? Daniel is there some way they can incorporate fire ants on Jonas? Y’know smear some blood on him and lay him down on an ant hill, toasting in the sun…lol

i think that this is all a big show put on to fool the order. they want to take the order down, what better way then set jonas up to be brought in by the order and screw them from the inside. or with my whole New Order idea, maybe jonas is part of the new order, sent to protect bree… who knows, but i and a lot of people like jonas so..

This guy is a real bad actor, it just doesn’t seem real enough, it’s like watching a remake of the blair witch project. this guy has got issues, it’s hard to believe these videos are the most popular. i am checking out the most populars lately and am really dissapointed. how they are popular is a mystery to me. Entertainment, what can i say, the numbers don’t lie.


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