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March 6, 2007

ENGLAND SWINGS The You Tube Gathering/UK

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Youtube Commments:
Omg. Where did you hear about english beer being shitty? For a start, most of the beer you buy in english pubs is european, and european beer is the best in the world. American beer is considered (by everyone apart from americans) to be the true shitty beer.

Maybe you heard about ales/bitter, which is a different type of beer to the lager most people drink. They are an acquired taste.

I sent you a message a while ago asking if you needed help finding venues and hotels and things. But I guess you have a lot of new pals so it was not really needed? Glad to see it’s all working out for you, T. You’re gonna have loads of fun, I’m happy for you.

Hey Zip! Cool! I’m sure you will find an English beer you can drink, it’s not all as intense as Guinness. And…. you are going to Germany!!! I live there for a good number of years and I still have some beer belly left to show for it! Where are you going? I’m guessing my old home, since you are saying beer gardens… Already looking forward to the vids from the Europe trip!

The first time I went to England, my father sang “England Swings” at me incessantly the week beforehand – I’m now engaged to a Brit but still can’t get that song out of my head whenever I’m in London. Just a warning! 😉 And you’ll probably still be able to find Bud, or Grolsch… but the English might laugh at you for it. (Indeed, my fiance is sadly shaking his head as I type this.) Have a great trip!!

If you think Bud is good-you need to switch! English beer is great(well, the german/aussie/irish beer that english pubs sell is anyway)! We even sell it chilled these days! You’ll LOVE the pubs! I wonder if the queen ever watches youtube? Wouldn’t that be cool!? lol! I hope I’ll meet up with you guys at some point, looking forward to it 🙂

Avon on Strafford, i think it is called that, the Globe theatre, William Shakespeare..omg..I would die if I could go there, I’d love to play the Queen..evn though i am one of our northern hemisphere of U.S. Seriously Zip,…hope you get to see it.

I am in Canada but visited the UK several years ago and by chance I was in Dickens Pub. Don’t ask for bitters, it has earned it’s name, ask for lager. I found the lager comparative to Canadian beer. The Tower of London is also a great spot to visit. Get a pic with a Beefeater 🙂

wish you could meet Mrs. slocombe, Mr. Humphrey’s from “are you being served” and eastenders stars…o man, i would die to meet them..especially the tavern lady, phil and grants mum..Mrs. Mitchell, she is a hot bomb, wow, isn’t she? her first name escapes me right now…any eastender fans here/are you being served, as time goes by..i watch every frickin brit com there is. lol oh hell, i may book a flight, sounds so exciting.

Thanks positive sue, my goodness, I am getting dislexia or word reversal in my , well, not declining years, but that what it is…seriously, I would love to go, and think i will book flight soon, can’t wait go to the land of all those writers, my heavens, i would just die from sheer to you positive sue, paul UK, geriatric, and UK, WE LOVE U.

I’ll be on holiday in Tunisia on June 23rd. What a great pity! 😦
Yes, Biergarten is definitely a german thing.
Idea: Put off the gathering a few days later —> choose Germany for the meeting place —> We’ll all make ‘Biergarten-Hopping’ (not very healthy but extremely funny LOL).

Zip- I have an English buddy who wanted to educate me on English and Irish beer, and what I learned is that after the first one, you say-well, I guess it’s OK. After the 2nd one, you say- this is actually not too bad, and then after the 3rd-you say; this is the best beer I ever had !!!

Zipster- when you first announced you visit to the UK, I e-mailed the offices of the Cunard Line, which owns the new Queen Mary II. I explained that by inviting Zipster08, they might open a marketing avenue, but they never replied. Their loss. Didn’t want to mention it earlier, but Zippy, my hopes and best wishes are with you for a safe and FUN FUN FUN TRIP TO THE UK !!!!

kat, ur’l be fine, no age limit on a coke and bag of salt and vinegar crisps. Bring your mum and dad along and have a great day, don’t forget your camcorder, youtbers will also be flying in from the States, Australia, and Europe. This is going to be one hell of a great day

Try real ale:real ale is a type of beer defined by its traditional production.
Also known as “cask conditioned” beer; the fundamental distinction between real and other ales is that the yeast is still present in the container from which the beer is served.

Because the yeast is still alive, the process of fermentation continues in the cask or bottle on the way to the consumer ensuring a fresh and natural taste

Hey zipster, I hope you like hot weather because june23rd is right in the middle of our summer and it gets really HOT HOT HOT over here,
surely not in rainy old London? believe it, it totally roasts that time of year!
as for the beer, OUR BEER ROCKS, are you kidding, and YES it is cold,
forget the stereotypes, you’re gonna love it!!

Zipster’s coming to the UK! Wooo! You can influence more UK people to make YouTube videos! ;-)!

And there be a chance I’ll be at the meet since I live in London most of the time so I’ll have to get my camera stuff working and start making more video responses before June 23rd! =P


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