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March 7, 2007

MS Paint Car – Pixelgod II

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Youtube Commments:
F**K ME!!!! I just finished my vid of cars i did using paint, but there are no words to describe yours! I’m 15 and i hope to be tht good one day, but seriously though even sped up, the accuracy of using the spray is imaculate, it wouldn’t surprise me if this was a fake (Not saying it is) but this should get featured unfortunately the music wont allow it to be i think… But i get everything else in the vid except the spray can, it seems too unreal…

wow. and to think i thought your other one was amazing (and it still is), but this just blows my mind. how is it though that the background, or certain parts of the picture seem to disappear and reappear? (some layer’s type feature i dont know about in paint?)

good stuff though, 5/5

dude.. seriously… i am SPEECHLESS… that is so unbelievable you have a great future ahead of you if thats only ms paint i could only imagine what you can really do that is rediculously amazing and the best drawing ive ever seen in my life… huge congrats to you


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