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March 7, 2007

Video Diary Entry 29: My stand up comedey!

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Youtube Commments:
Here’s a tip for comedy;

Don’t explain why it’s funny. Like that dumbell one. Just leave it at “They always say brains and bronze, but that’s not how it goes for DUMBBELLS”. I mean, that isn’t what you said, but you get the point. Don’t go into detail with the joke and how it’s funny, or else the funniness is ruined.

Bernice…Superman is a ficticious character. Not a celebrity. PLEASE, I’m begging you, don’t go to school in a Superman uniform…if you could ever listen to some wisdom, now is the time. Don’t do it. You WILL make an ass out of yourself, and you will get lauged at.

I like the last joke, it’s pretty funny/ironic if you think about. But you should go about telling it in a different way. Such as a random question out of nowhere, like, “Do you think there’s a ‘Caution: Ice Ahead’ sign at the North Pole?”
You know what mean?


You gotta work on your pacing & timing. You tell the material too fast & the punchline has no weight behind it. I have friends that are comedians and give them harsh critisim, so don’t take this as a put down or that I’m making fun of you. I’m just saying you need to polish it up and find your rhythm. Watch someone like Dane Cook or Rodney Dangerfield and listen closely to their rhythm and measure as they speak, think of it as training.

your jokes are almost as funny as cervical cancer, and thats saying something. As being a comedian deliverance is a lot, and you deliver your jokes pretty bad, and I don’t think that your idea is very good of superman, 1st of all, superman inst a celebrity and I saw your superman movie, the suit was for 5 year olds. Dear God

Well at least you took the plot somewhere else instead of going on with the same old same old. The standup bit was a little out there, but it was new and therefore you’ll hold onto your audience for a little longer. You might not want to try so hard though, you’ll make the charade all too visible that way.

You can say that, but there’s certain points that I just can’t look past. Particularly in episode 9/10 (Mainly 10 I do believe). Not only did the acting slip there, but there was a point where Jacob says “Why did you pee on me yesterday?” When if you pay attention to the timeline, it wouldn’t have been ‘yesterday,’ but at least days ago. There’s one of many flaws right there.

first off. great jokes. secondly, dont listen to the people that are saying not to laugh at your own jokes, a lot of the greatest comedians ever laughed at their own jokes. also,i’d say dont wear your actual superman costume, i think that people would think that youd be tryin too hard to be cool. you should go as clark kent then people might think that youre mysterious and cool…plus you can tell them theyre stupid if they dont know who you are.
peace out dax.youre bud from kc, adam

driver’s ed? seems more like u should be in special ed. Although, those driving lessons would come in handy when Sojax is going out. You can drive while that fag jacob makes out with sophia in the back. Make sure to adjust the rearview mirrow so u can catch every second of it! haha ur a loser dacks!

ok,first off..stop with the Sophia Jacob and You thing,its not gonna happen!! thats just weiiiirddd! second off,work on your material,don’t over exagerate the jokes,don’t do observation bits like Seinfeild,make up your own bits and try to be subtle,don’t explain the punchline

mail doesnt get delivered on sundays because of church. and the reason mcflurry spoons have the hole in it is cuz they hook it up to the damn machine sturring it. the deal with inventions is cuz most of em make life alot easier. glue makes stuff stick together. not all bells are bronze either. and another thing, why would there be signs in the north pole? its un-inhabited. stand ups not really your thing. just stick to your job of being an actor with down syndrome

Oh come on, buddy! A celebrity? Screw superman, YOU’RE the celebrity, baby. You get over a thousand views and over 100 comments in ONE DAY of posting a new video. Go dressed as yourself, then when people ask who you are, tell them about your vlog and how you’re famous! Everyone will then suddenly realize how cool you are since you have so many internet friends and Sojax can come to be reality.

hey.. i gotta a question… why wont you respond to any of the claims that you are a fake and just acting?? and all the claims on youtube calling you out?? just wondering.. cause if this wasnt fake id think you would try to dispute this rumors… just a thought.. cause right you not reacting to those comments is whats causing me to really believe (aside from the very convincing evidence) that you are fake

so uh, I, uh thought you were going to turn towards the door and yell at your ma again for a second..but uh…you didn’t. I still reckon you don’t seem as strange as you were from the start of this blog. Is it because people were freaking out about it? They suck.

Dear Dax.

Despite how you may think of yourself, you are nothing more, and will never be, anything more than are large collection of scrotums. Big ones, little ones, ones of all sizes, you possess them.

Any other person who wishes they were collection of scrotums would envy you.

As an erection collection myself, I feel honored to have viewed your lame-ass video.


Look, Dax, you need to add a little more spice to your videos, I myself am beginning to become sick of the “ramblings of a mongoloid”. Perhaps you should throw in new characters more often, maybe shorter intervals between freakouts, and evolve existing relationships. The side stories only serve to bore.


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