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March 8, 2007

GOD SPOKE TO ME – PROOF ON VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Youtube Commments:
Their is suffering and pain because of sin not because of God. If God is real why doesn’t He just have a big conference and let everybody know-OH he did once and they nailed Him to a cross. He has reasons that He has hidden the truth from the proud and gives grace to the Humble, mainly His mercy.

Bible says God creates sickness and evil. He also kills plenty of times in the Bible. Not only that, BUT he also tells people to kill many times.

And another thing… how many witnesses do we have of this little incident you mentioned? None. Not even the people who wrote the Bible saw it. Not even the people IN the story were there. And because some guy got cruicified in a story, we all should believe?

God created the world and man in perfection and in paradise. It was after man’s voluntary choice to sin that death, sin, and all suffering entered the world. God is working 24 hours a day to redeem as many souls back to Himself as He can and will re-establish that paradise someday.

He could have just forgiven Adam and Eve a long time ago. Maybe then he wouldn’t have “had” to have killed so many children, adults, non-believers, and everybody killed by the Crusades, Salem Witch trials, Hitler, and not to mention the Midianites, and he also wouldn’t have had to burn so many fuckin’ people forever… sounds like he’s done a real half assed job.

Well you say it was unwise to let the process of redemption play out, God says it is wise and more good will result than evil in the end. He is doing the best he can as he operates with the free will of man and the boundaries that is subject to by His own moral nature. I choose to believe God over you.

God isn’t real. I am.

The story is flawed, because God could have just very easily asked Adam and Eve to redeem themselves. If you look up the definition of evil, you’ll find his hateful actions go right under the category. So even if you were right, you choose to follow the greatest hateful and genocidal madmen that has ever existed.

If Adam and Eve could have redeemed themselves perhaps God would have let them, but that is obviously impossible. The Gospel plan is the wisest most loving demonstration imaginable. I only pray you open your eyes to see the truth of this. I truly hope and pray the best for you, if you get a chance check out my videos that detail how I went from being a drug addict to a born again Christian.

“I went from being a drug addict to a born again Christian”

Gah.. I hate you fuckers.. my ex was like that.. she went from being a retarded druggie to.. some demented bitch saying that God speaks to her o__o Weak minded freaks.. Gah! I would pity you if you weren’t so.. fucked up!! ^__^ Random comment.. I should make a video about plebs like her.

He could have made us in perfection by not giving us the erge to do bad things. And still given us free will to believe in him or not. And do whatever else we want to do in life. If we never had that thought in us(wich he put there) then the world would be better. Just another imperfection by god. Theres thousands of biological fuck ups aswell

You’re not thinking. Free will implies the choice to choose between only the options that exist. Our options are already limited, ergo a ‘god’ could limit them differently and remove anything undesirable. Also, since the reason for ‘free will’ is supposedly the freedom to ‘choose god’ then there are NO grounds for sins that harm others. Again, think this through.

God will come again and reveal Himself openly to all but then it will be too late. He has allowed a “season of Grace” that all might repent. He truly does reveal Himself to all who diligently seek Him with all their heats. And faking some little prayer will do nothing but harden your heart further and distance yourself more from our Great and awesome God.

Mariaandrick. If your so humble why do you think everything was made for us. And that an all knowing and all powerful God need you to go out and spread his “word.” And that an afterlife was made just for people that think like you. That is not humble, it’s “proud.”

Yes I am proud! very proud! but not of myself, but of my awesome heavenly father. He created a great world for us, and is preparing a place for us for eternity, He pours out His Holy Spirit on us, He is redeeming this world and has chosen me along with millions of others to have the great honor of co-laboring with Him. Yep I am real proud of my heavenly Father!

“He pours out His Holy Spirit on us” in the form of Tsunamis, Volcanoes, Floods and Mud-slides, etc — of course your psychotic god only murders the sinful, so it’s OK.
You’re delusional – ever thought of that in your weaker moments.
Your handle on reality is shaky.
The invisible man swooping about granting wishes does not exist.
You suffer mass delusion along with your Muslim and Hindu friends.
And, believe it or nor, two thirds of the planet CAN be wrong, because y’all are.

I intend on answering your questions, if you want me to. Yes, I have had serious problems with my webcam and my computer, I have not lied about that, and I posted a video about that as well. You will be next to have an answer I guarantee, tomorrow for sure, okay? the 12 questions right? let me know

Please do not judge Christ by the actions of people. We are all sinners and have fallen short of the glory of God. You said it yourself, we don’t read the bible. If people did and applied its content, the world would be a better place. Regardless of your mockery, God still loves you.

if we all did what the bible said to do then we would be confused and the world would consist of only christians because all others will be killed, everyone will probably have slaves, and people would be punished for things that they couldnt control like rape or incest and also homosexuality


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  1. AMEN!!!

    Comment by thejesusmyth — March 10, 2007 @ 6:44 am

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