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March 8, 2007

Melinda Doolittle – My Funny Valentine

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Youtube Commments:
OMG!!! This girl sings the song 1000 times better than the original or any person who has ever attempted to sing it… She’s incredible and is thee “American Idol” to me… wow such talent and so humble – what a beautiful person… tear* – I am going to be the 1st to buy her album…

Look, not to be controversial, but all the white girls might as well pack up and go home this AI season. The top four or five female singers are all Black (it’s like the NBA of AI) — and this AI season is really only a contenders contest between just *two* of them: Melinda and Lakisha. Mad props to both of them. Next season will undoubtedly be rigged so a white girl can win. Melinda, YOU *GO* GIRRRL!! YOU TORE IT *UP*!! And such a sweet person too.

actually i agree with you memberviewer. i think its just coincidence, that Melinda, Lakisha, Stephanie, Sabrina, and Jordin are the best girls. if i were to pick another girl to join them, i’d prolly pick Gina, which thats gonna look weird with her being the only white girl.

Listen up EVERYONE! We have probably the best singer that has EVER LIVED!! Let me tell you why. She is the most versatile, who can sing any style or form. Other good singers need a particular song that suits them. They are only as good as the song permits them.
But this beautiful, sweetheart of a woman, is what God has intended for a voice, that can bring such as emotion of true love.

Mottolaworld, Ummm I am a HUGE fan of Melinda. I wouldn’t go as far as saying she is the greatest singer that has ever lived…yet….I guess you’re disregarding singers such as Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and Celine Dion who have already accomplished 10x what Melinda has done.

Grandeflipper, I appreciate your kind words for Melinda. I’ve heard the 3 singers you mentioned. All I have to say to that is “Are you kidding me?” One thing everyone needs to keep in mind, their RECORD SALES, AND GREAT WEALTH, beign at the TOP OF THE CHARTS – DOES NOT TRANSLATE INTO A VERATILE SINGER, WITH ANY TALENT. Simon Cowell, who has seen them all, and recorded them all, is correct when he says “There are WEALTHY STARS, who cannot sing” Melinda has no equal.

I love her! She is in the TOP 3 of the greatest EVER and that’s including the winners of season 1-5. HONESTLY. Great, talented, and humble. She’s gonna shoot straight to the top! I tried voting yesterday for 1 hour but gave up because it was busy the whole time. I couldn’t even get through once! She’s got this competition in the bag. Lakisha is probably gonna come in 2nd-4th. SORRY LJ! AND IF America somehow screws Melinda, I KNOW she will get signed with someone regardless.

The scary thing about Melinda is this; Most singers are at their best during their prime, which is between 17-26. Melinda is 29!!!! AND these performances are LIVE and she hasn’t been off pitch yet! Imagine what she would sound like on a record!!! She’s gonna sell alot of albums.

Motto, that just shows how closed minded you are. Yes, there are wealthy stars who cannot sing. Unfortunately, the three I mentioned ARE NOT who Simon Cowell was referring to. He was referring to people like Britney, and Jessica Simpson, who ARE wealthy, but pale in comparison to the talent Melinda has.

Mariah, Whitney, and Celine could not sing like Melinda. These 3 women are NOT as versatile as Melinda. End of Story. Mariah Carey sing “My funny Valentine?” Are you serious??. I am being very opened minded about this. I know exactly what I’m talking about. I agree, Simon was probably talking about the 3 women above, mostly the contestants in the show.
But let’s just agree that “Melinda can sing” I just have not heard such wonderful phrasing and passion in any singer ever!

Are you being serious? Mariah Carey has a phenomenal vocal range much in evidence on her first CD and hardly at all on her most recent and popular CD and Whitney Houston and Celine Dion have ridiculously good voices…I definitely don’t think Simon was referring to these peerless divas when he talked about egos. I think he was thinking more the Antonella Barbas of the world

I made a typo error on my last post.
Simon started off by talking about the contestants in the show, ie. the Antonella Barbas. I agree. But then he added, not just this show, but life in general, for anyone in show business. But the main point is these three could not sing the range of different song types, from any era, any style, any form. Mariah Carey has yet to sustain a note for more than 2 seconds. If I’m wrong, then tell me which song.

You mean VARIETEL right? 🙂 And yes, for this competition you MUST be varietel. But once they win, you do albums in your Forte-that is the genre in which your voice is most appropriate for. but in terms of signing a record contract and recording albums, artists DO NOT crossover and do different albums from different genres. You stick with one genre and you become prominent in that genre.

Ok guys heres the deal, whether she wins or not she is getting exposure. Look at Chris Daughtry, JHUD, Clay Aiken and Katherine Mcphee. They are actually doing very well but none of them won! So i guess in the end what i am saying is that yes of course it would be awesome if she won but OBVIOUSLY winning doesnt guarantee success (cough cough Taylor Hicks, Ruben Studdard) loL!

While I adore LaKisha, also, I fear that she will be this year’s Mandisa. I worry that she won’t be able to handle the differing themes. Unlike Melinda, who… DAYUM! One of the best ever on AI. I put this performance right behind Fantasia’s “Summertime” (and I DISLIKE Fantasia), Clay’s “Solitaire”, and right before Bo’s “In A Dream”.

I would put this vocal performance up there along with the likes of Sarah Vaughn, Dinah Washington, and Ella Fitzgerald who are all jazz legends. This girl will only get bettah each time. All I can say to Melinda is “where were you all this time coz girl you can definitely SANG!!!” Stay humble and God bless!

When I first heard the first notes of “My Funny Valentine,” I thought “Oh no! You did NOT pick this tune! You’re doomed!” There is no place for a vocalist to hide in this piece. Any flaw WILL be revealed. And yet, she (again) pulled it off flawlessly. And inspiringly. At the climax of the piece, I am sure that every other contestant was disheartened at their prospects in this competition. Melinda’s first CD could simply be an American Idol complilation.

OMG Higgins2723 i felt the same way. As soon as the music started to play and she began with her first note, i was literally saying “she’s not doing this to me. she’s not about to sing my song.” my heart was racing and like you, kept thinking it had to be flawless. when she was singing, i thought “why am i trippin, she’s tearing this song up.” and after i wiped the tears from my eyes, i knew what i heard was simply that, Flawless!!!

I forgot to mention: Not only is she beautiful inside and out, with tremendous talent and a spectacular voice, but she’s also smart. Did anyone notice how she used her interpretation to showcase BOTH ends of her range. I heard some Gladys Knight, and even some Cleo Lane, among others.

Don’t forget about a touch of some of those Sarah Vaughn jazzy low notes on the base end of Melinda’s wide dynamic range! Definitely some Ella in her…! Some jazzy Chaka Khan in her too…! Melinda’s got some of all our great Black vocalist sistas in her!

Touchdown frm da 1st note to da last. INCREDIBLE!! Its amazin how i got goosebumps da moment she sang. Her openin was sensational n she carried da magic thruout da entire song n ended it perfectly. I cant believe dat american idol is still goin so strong even at its 6th season wif such a g8 talent. Melinda my heart goes out to u. U r special, yur vocals r excellent, da stage belongs to u, u r a star, u r goin to win it n blow everyone out dere away wif yur talent!!

DKAN71, THANK YOU! This fool doesn’t know what he’s talking about. And it’s obvious. MC can’t sustain a note for 2 seconds? She could sustain her whistle tone for atleast 10 seconds. Yeah, the song is Vanishing. Download it and tell me Melinda can hit the notes in that song.

That song never did much for me until I heard you sing it, Melinda. Wow…range, just the right emotion, phrasing, tone, everything. AND…you can still be gracious w/o acting totally surprised at the response to your performances. Come on, you’re too intelligent to play a part – you won’t jinx it or offend anyone if you display a little more confidence. Everyone senses that you’re not only talented, but sharp….so, let it show! You’ve got a lot of new fans out here! Go Melinda


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  1. Melinda Doolittle will released her first album in fall and she also work on Holiday’s cd come join us to the new website and stop to the forum if you want to share with us what you feel, great pictures video’s and also update about her events.

    Comment by louise7 — July 11, 2008 @ 3:45 pm

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