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March 12, 2007

I Am Going To New York!

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Youtube Commments:
Dude i live here and i have never been to new york.Last time i contemplated on a trip was back around september of 2001 but…um something happened and it changed my mind about visiting major cities for awhile.But hey …you will love it and if need be you can go to certain parts and pay money for new york to love you back…err…that didnt come out right?LOL

Lol, *khayav spazzes out* “IM GOING TO NEW YORK!IM GOING TO AMERICA! THE MOTHERLAND! IM COMING HOME! ..ok maybe its not the mother land…” great stuff, hope you enjoy New York, I know I did when I last wen there, I was able to go onto of the World Trade Center 😀

Also catch a Yankee game if you get the chance, it shows what a lot of true new yorkers are about.

I have no money. I spent it all on my new computer! hehe. Oh, if you go to New York, you must see: the statue of Liberty, a performance at the Apollo theater, central park, the Guggenheim museum, the top of the Empire State building, Rockerfeller center, a broadway show, the museum of modern art, the metropolatain museum of art and you must eat a coney island hot dog if you can. Also have a bagel and some pizza and a pretzel from a street vendor and roasted nuts from a street vendor.

This vid kicks ass, man. And, ja, zah Motherland is an apt way to put it. ; ) I live in zah Motherland, eeek! You put a huge smile on my face today with this video and made me laugh, which is good medicine. Very good (since I deal with depression, etc. – laughter’s a welcome guest). Take care, all my best to you. Suzie

New York opens its’ arms to you!!! I will definitely be there; I wouldn’t miss seeing you for anything in this world. You make us think…you make us smile…you make us better people…you make us happy. Bless you, Khayav 🙂 Bring it on, bro! Maximum respect

Have a fantastic time Khayav! I love your video. Your excitement is so contagious. I get home after a long hard day and it is so refreshing to see you all psyched about your trip, even though it’s not til July! But really, have an excellent time. Did you get a raise? Hope you have fun.

o! sorry for the misunderstanding.
The way your video went, it was like you just got news that you were going, so I thought the event’s sponsors said “Hey, khayav, we want to fly you over!” I know they did that for some people with the San Fran gathering…


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