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March 12, 2007

YuGiOh: The Abridged Series PETITION!

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Youtube Commments:
Hayl no. YGO Abridged isn’t a breach of IP regulations – LittleKuriboh never claimed ownership of the footage he’s using… The series is fully covered under freedom-of-speech laws in most countries worldwide.

Good luck, LittleKuriboh! W00t for the Abridged Series.

#3. Reaver119

sign my name.
Damn it youtube, I guess all we can post now is videos of ourselves ranting about the molecular substance of a goat! Am I right or what? Aren’t parodies allowed anymore? Jesus f*cking Christ man, Youtube is getting worse and worse by the day.

Why not. Signed. RaSeInt Studios/Cryptography and You supports this petition… I do have a question though. Are you assuming youtube moderators are just going to browse and come across this petition, or are you going to contact them after a number had been reached?

Also, yes, AMVs seem to be becoming the next phantom villian to the recording industry. It’s not quite the best defense to claim something as one anymore.

I highly doubt that anyone from youtube will do anything about this, if anything, destroy his account, because unfortunately youtube is now part of google, and google has to save face always. Otherwise they wouldn’t be around. But SIGNED! Cause I love the series, and yes the CREATIVE genius of the LittleKuriboh


I highly doubt that anyone from youtube will do anything about this, if anything, destroy his account, because unfortunately youtube is now part of google, and google has to save face always. Otherwise they wouldn’t be around. But SIGNED! Cause I love the series, and yes the CREATIVE genius of the LittleKuriboh


Man, I have to admit, it isn’t fair to take Yugioh Abridged off, but honestly, I don’t know if this petition will really be /recognized/ by youtube. Mable back when it know, run by two guys form the top of a pizza parlor, but now, Google and all….
Well, none the less, you have my support, who knows? Mable it can make a difference..
-Juliet Kuehn, because real names look better than “B4K4xni”

*snort* If i’m not mistaken, LK is a fan of yugioh himself ^^’ He’s picking on the 4kids version, and if you’re a fan and have, you know, watched it in japanese uncut, you’d understand that too. Bashing someone whos making a video to support something he’s a fan of in the way you did was a rather unecessary way to express your opinion. Kthanx. *signs*

this isnt copyright infringment, its a spoof, under fair use in copyright laws, you can make vidoes and publish them as long as they are for educational purposes, if you use enough to prove a point, which littlekuribou did, he poked fun at scenes from for kids, and the most important of all, if its a spoof, which this is. If you take this down, go sue wierd all for his work cause he publishes other people’s songs as spoofs.


If enough people sign It’ll be at the top of commented and viewed and the public will notice. This …might… do something but let’s be optimistic


come on you other 500k+ people who viewed the first episode and subsequent episodes!!

I think there’s a bit too much optimism about this working. Nobody cares about online petitions, after all…

But, this is for a damn good cause, and LittleKuriboh’s work has no reason to be taken down, not any more than any of the actual episodes people post up. So consider this my signature and my agreement with everything you’ve said here.


This was an ok series but what really annoys me is the fact that the removal was completely unfair…just like the guy says in the video its not really that much different from an AMV or any other parody!


omegaweapon2005 (real name: David Morbey)

I’ll sign, I absolutely loved the Abridged series, and I don’t think it’s fair. Other people have done simular stuff… and this is far better than anything I’ve ever seen. Little Kuriboh is a god and I don’t care what anyone else says.

ps. Pohatu… grow up.

I thought this series was ok but whats really got me annoyed is that its a parody and therefore unfair to remove (especially as i dont see youtube removing any Red vs Blue episodes) so count me as signed.

omegaweapon2005 (Real name: David Morbey)

SmilingSadly signs.

Also, not to be pessimistic, but this is never going to work. The videos aren’t going to be allowed back, and I shall miss them forever.

(On the upside we were finanlly able to see what LittleKuriboh actually looked like though …)


I would rather watch “The Abridged Series” than the actual Yu-Gi-Oh!, so I will sign this 50 kabillion times, and so will my sister, who loves and respects LittleKuriboh. I also think that youtube should pay LittleKuriboh to re-post his work because it’s soooo gooood!

Signed by dosdavonyos x50 kabillion, and damn proud of it!

Signed Daragon1028 (Andrew Dorough) & i agree, the abridged series isn’t a copyright infringment any more than about 60% of what is on this site. if you’re going to take this down you will have to take down songs people sing that aren’t their own, every single AMV, & every single thing that has any corralation to anything. because that is what the abridged series is. just a cartoon, w/ a voice over in which he only once quotes the show. therefore negating your infringment rule.

TOTALLY FREAKING SIGNED. Legally, I cannot see how they can do this, as — just as you said — they have to take down all AMVs. Not only that, but I’ve watched tons of actual anime episodes here (subbed of course). Not only are the fansubbings illegal in the first place, but posting direct episodes on here is total infringement.


Okay, YouTube must be run by “Gay Clowns” since Google or whoever the hell it was that took over. I say the Pharaoh should give them a “MIND CRUSH” now how’s that for stepping on Copyright infringing toes. Also, you it isn’t like he actually said he made this, he said he made the ABRIDGED version of Yugioh, not to mention trying to copyright infringe on something EVERYONE practically knows to be Yugioh. Oh, and also I’d like to sign the petition (Just fuel for fire is all) BURN YOUTUBE!!

LittleKuriboh is a natural at comedy and it’s a damn shame that he can’t get his talent to the masses because YouTube is too busy pandering to the CEO’s of whatever company has their panties in a bunch.

It’s protected under parody.


ok…this woody4424 and im going to singn this petition because….well i dont know i guess because i watched blunty3000`s video so u SHOULD quote SHOULD thank blunty because without him im sure you wouldnt have half the signatures that u haave now so im gona sign my name one more time for ur pettion im woody4424 and ur welcome

It is not copyright infringements if it isn’t the entire episode, it doesn’t even have the same audiot so why are they complaining about it? What’s next? Will they remove all movie trailers or tv show trailers? Because that is more of a “copyright infringement” than his videos were, even though that isn’t infringement either, so bring it back! Here is my signature!

hell yeah i’ll sign! i’ll die without these wonderful fun videos. It harms nobody and actually make people interested in watching the original so where is the harm? LittleKuriboh is the most amazing amv maker out there please dont stop this too.. please

Youtube, I love ya, but ya suck! Just f***ing delete half, if not more, of the users on here because they f-ing posted AMVs for people’s entertainment. I’ll be first if ya want but this is so stupid! People understnad that half most of the videos of animes, amvs, or manga on here are not made by the actual people who posted them, you bastards! Sorry for the language and such hate but I’m tired of this happening!

Check out my video “Devil Barbie.” See how Barbie reacts when Ken breaks up with her! It’s a short hilarious video, click on my name, NGMmedia, to get to video. Thanks, I’m sure you’ll like, and please rate the video when you’re done watching it. Thanks, again.

well i will sign this however i have to disagree with you on one point he did esencially do the same thing as an AMV however! there is a difference. He used copy written characters ideas ect. such as yugi (yuugi in japanese) and duel monsters. these are copy written so you tubes fear of 4KIDS attacking them is natural. still thats like saying OH NOES WE MUST REMOVE EVERY SINGLE FAN FIC/MOVIE/AMV/ANYTHING ANIME RELATED FROM THE NET!

Signed. This is ridiculous. If he was posting whole episodes or trying to turn a buck that’d be one thing, but what LK does constitutes fair use. If parodies are illegal, Wierd Al would be in jail (Al’s even stated that while he gets permission from everyone out of professional courtesy, he isn’t legally required to).

I signed, just to post this. It’s a shame that Youtube felt the need to delete such creativity and for using an invalid excuse. According to the Fair Use laws, LK has a right to post his videos since they are considered parody and satire. I doubt Youtube will read this, but I must say: Shame on you, Youtube, for taking down something you supposedly promote: creativity. Go back and read the cases on FairUse before deleting stuff without valid reason.

Signature applied.

I hope Youtube provides some answers or reasoning behind this. If they’re going to be deleting stuff like Kuriboh’s work, then they need to go and delete a lot of other stuff, too. Like about half of what’s on Youtube, probably.

I suppose the real question might be who is paying Youtube to actually care if these are on here.

Totally Signed! Taking down Littlekuriboh’s hilarious Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged Series is an injustice. It’s satire (not to mention non-profit satire) and therefore it should be protected under “Fair Use” as it is NOT in violation of any copyright laws. Hopefully, youtube will realize the error of its ways and not only put Littlekuriboh’s awesome videos back, but also apologize to him for causing him such a hassle. Let justice and the REAL laws (i.e. the right to Fair Use) prevail!

Yeah, I’m signing too. Though I’ll abmit having an online signed petition might not be enough to make something like youtube bring it back. Afterall, it’s not like we can sue them into submission. That’s what all this is about, they took it off so their asses don’t get possibly sued and even if they do bring it back, what’s gonna stop 4kids from stop being the assholes they are and bringing yet another lawsuit against Youtube? I’m just saying..

I KeitoKakashi89 sign this petition. I believe this is oppressing the First Amendment of The United States and should be allowed to be viewed all over the world. It’s a very well done voice over and should be praised for it’s great creativity that’s bring more viewers to YouTube.

Death T-2 signs! Satire and sarcasm are completely fair play according to copyright law, and this view must be upheld. There are better cases of genuine copyright infringement floating about than the non-violating Abridged Series that should take on higher prioroty.


Also, I believe that it is within the bounds of copyright law to create a parody of a copyrighted product (which YGO:TAS clearly is)–thus, at least with my extremely limited knowledge, this should be legal… Right?

We need a lawyer to come in and tell us for sure, IMHO. Regardless… Signed, signed, signed.



  1. youtube better bring back LK, its not copyrite, its just a spoof there are heaps of them all ova youtube, but they are noticing LK cos hes gettin popular with his vids, thats not fair at all, youtube better bring the vids back or im not comin back to youtube, youtube is just stupid if they keep the vids off

    signed.Calen Laverty

    Comment by Calen — March 14, 2007 @ 11:15 pm

  2. NickMoon Has signed and given you a hug as well, and I agree with you and others. Youtube = stupid, grrr

    Comment by NickMoon — March 19, 2007 @ 8:06 pm

  3. while it is a parody, it’s a parody that uses copywrited animation. I love the yugioh abridged series and think that they should leave it alone but legally, they have the right to remove it. I would see this as stupid b/c the abridged series is bassically a free advertisement for them.

    Comment by Sythem — March 20, 2007 @ 4:34 pm

  4. your mother has aids

    Comment by your mother — March 28, 2007 @ 8:10 pm

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