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March 14, 2007

How to Prepare for Daylight Saving Time

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Youtube Commments:
For those of you who don’t know what Zantaer is talking about, Arizona doesn’t participate in Daylight Saving Time. The Navajo Nation, however, which is within Arizona, does participate. If you are a member of the Navajo Nation, Zantaer, I recommend you proceed with this patch.


I’m a member of the Navajo Nation, but I’m currently aboard the International Space Station on a 6 month mission. Will I need to do this to my laptop (which I have with me aboard the Space Station)? It was bought in Arizona. P.S. I’m still logging into G-Mail but haven’t seen the TV in the logo yet. I’m on try 264,211.

thatnick guy: Thanks for the heads up. Maybe fixing my daylight savings settings will solve both problems. I thought that the salad bowl I attached to my monitor with duct tape would have helped by now. Damn random number generator.

dejahthoris: don’t worry, I have 2 extra microwaves that I use just for keeping my produce fresh.

Mark, my man… No offense to you, but it seemed to me like your heart just wasn’t in this one.

Your smile at the beginning when you say “I’m Mark, this is infinite solutions” is very obviously fake, and you’re talking a lot faster than in the other ones, like you’re trying to get it done as quickly as possible.

Plus, everybody knows that in Windows XP (and the other NT based versions of windows) that the BSOD does not look like that at all. It has not looked like that since windows Me.

it’s a scandal this wasn’t more well known. what were microsoft (the OWNERS of Windows) doing about it? was this going to be allowed to happen? could this bug be an effort by microsoft to force a switch to vista? we have not heard the end of this. i tell you. thanks internetsolutions. great tip.

I need to make careful notes this time, I just had to reload Windows because I obviously didn’t follow the steps exactly when I tried the first time, just back online after 18 hours.

I don’t know where us Technophobes would be without the help of experts like Mark.

Absolutely hilarious as always.

I found an easteregg. In the text file that he mentioned (which is filled with fake code resembling VBScript), there is a URL with a “quick tip”:

This quick tip is also mentioned in the video in a couple of the emails that flash by the screen for a split second.

The good news is that following the procedures in Mark’s video doesn’t actually do anything to the computer. I do question the judgement of sending the average boneheaded user into their registry. It seems to me a recipe for potential disaster. I am confident that at least a few folks watching this video will muck things up for themselves.

Oh, by-the-way, the quick tip is pretty funny, Mark. I won’t spoil the fun by giving away the link here. 😉

When in doubt, there is no doubt. In other words, ALL of the Infinite Solutions videos are hoaxes. They’re very good too. Mark’s straight delivery is unbelievably convincing making only the technically savvy impervious to each of his “solutions”.


I confess, however, that I did fall for the Google TV hoax. Of course, this was before I knew what Infinite Solutions was all about. After watching his other three videos at that time, I realized immediated I had been taken. Fortunately, I only logged into Gmail about 20 or 30 times.

Keep them coming, Mark. But, do avoid hoaxes that could get your less technically savvy viewers into trouble. This registry episode seems borderline to me.



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