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March 14, 2007

The Destruction Of All Beautiful Things

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The suicide point would be a good subject. Japan’s suicide rate is high but it is pretty much an atheist nation. I would think suicide would go down in an atheist community (minus mental illness cases). Is this a cultural thing with Japan? Would Western culture be less suicidal in an atheistic environment? Can depression be so much of a sickness that one would end their existence (in atheism, you no longer eternal)? All rhetorical questions of course…, interesting.

The note by zippoflintmeister about reincarnation… I get that. Reincarnation is another “I am eternal” trump card so death is not permanent to those people. The delusion that things will be better after death is reinforced by the depression. Suicidal atheists though… seem to be a paradox to me. I wonder if there are any comparative studies on that (suicide stats based on region and religion (and lack of it))

“Yes, there are studies, I just googled them and so far the suicide rate is higher for athiests. That’s shocking news for me…”

Homosexuals also have a higher suicide rate.. Because they and atheists are the last people where it is okay to hate.

If atheists were in the minority, the suicide rate may go down for them.

zippoflintmeister, that is odd to me too. It doesn’t fit the thought process of an atheist. But as thefakeyeti said that since atheist and homosexuals are excluded and shuned the rate is higher for them. Leads me to believe that once someone is at the point of killing themselves, they have come to a point of delusion (of some sort) reguardless of their beliefs. Insightful but very sad.

I don’t believe all suicides are mentally ill or all depression should be considered illness however such depression, I would think, has to be so deep seeded to a point that it truly is metal illness. Otherwise I can not see someone ending their existence as an Atheist. Someone that believes in ending the pain by self-termination usually thinks there is something else after that ending. Maybe delusion sets in at this point of depression even for the atheist. hmmm.

“BUT wars and the death total probably would go DOWN.”
Nah, people would just look for another excuse to go to Flowertucci movies. We’re like that. If everyone in the world were atheists there would still be disagreements and problems, look how the atheist community here imploded.

There is no way to proove it either way.. unless atheists did indeed become in control of the world..

George bush wen’t to war because a voice in his head told him too..

Muslim terrorists attacked us..

I cannot think of one war that hasn’t had something to do with religion.. though that may be an excuse not necassarly the reason..

You think if iraq was a christian nation we would have gal with them? How about If we both were atheistic?

You’re right, religion was an excuse. It’s still significant, though, that religion is what gets the footsoldiers to pull the trigger, even if the politicians are only doing it for money. What if the politicians didn’t have that tool to control the masses?

Very true.. I use to debate the cause of the civil war with a friend..

He said it was because the president wanted to unite the nation..

I said it was because of slavery.. because if it werent for that cause not as many people would’ve been willing to fight..

Though the REAL reason mightve been to unite us.. the war wouldn’t of happened if it weren’t for slavery..

Off topic.. but reminded me of it..

Now … How the hell do I respond to “so what?” LMAO

This is one good reason why I subscribe to you. No tip-toeing around anything, just blunt honesty.

I wasn’t thinking of making another video, but this deserves one – there’s just a little more to be said about our approaches.

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