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March 15, 2007

MK 111 03092007 003

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Youtube Commments:
Now, I really hope everything will be put together na para maganda ang finale. Oca against Eli, Oca will loose and then everything will back to normal na. Let’s hope that the writer doesn’t do anything stupid anymore cause this show needs to end strong. Thnx Sean.

haha Mang Oca is going to get caught hurting Jackie on the next episode. You’re going down Mang Oca!! Also, it’s interesting how Pong makes that comment about the leaf not holding on tight enough to the tree. Lesson for me is that, if you’re not strong enough for yourself, there might not be anyone to help you.

What a tear-jerker episode! I wonder if Mang Oca will try to kidnap Jackie again because Eli’s not listening to him anymore? Hope they give Jackie & Eli some happy moments! A church wedding between the two in the end would be nice or a look in their future life together! Couldn’t Eli buy Jackie a nice diamond? Next episodes are a must-see! Think Celine’s staying with Brian for good? TY Sean!

oo nga… natatawa lang ako sa sarili ko, kasi pinipigil kong umiyak. ahahhaha! towel ko, puno ng mascara. hahhaha. that was such a touching epi. im so glad na bumabalik narin si eli sa dati. i think dapat lang na inilayo ni jackie si fidel. ngayon, si oca nalang ang suspect, since eli knows all of his evil plans. yeyyyy!!! this was a good friday epi. hindi nakakainis. thanks sean! xoxo

great acting with jackie and pong! i really cried my eyes out. very touching… can’t wait to see the next episode cuz finally we see some luv! good thing mang oca gets caught! jb and celine might have a chance! oh my!! jackie and eli together without hatred! i think it’s gonna end soon! thanks sean ulit, maraming maraming salamat. you make us all happy. god bless.

This episode is definitely touching. What a good way to end the week. This past few episodes we were all grinding our teeth because of Eli’s stupidity and cold-heartedness. Sa wakas! The lovable Eli is slowly coming back. Thank you so much, SEAN!!! Hope to view next weeks’ epis…Have a good weekend to you and to all the viewers here.

napakaganda ng scene ng bisita ni jackie kay pong. napakapoetic ng sinabi ni pong tungkol sa dahon na nalaglag. kayganda ng episode na to dahil may isa na namang resolution, alam ni pong na di na galit si jackie sa kanya. kala ko di ko na makikita itong 111. maraming salamat uli sean!


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