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March 16, 2007

How Heroes killed my sense of trust

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Youtube Commments:
I think you should return the favour by quoting Maury Povich and telling him he IS NOT YOUR FATHER! 😛

That would be deep, haha!

BTW, sxePhil never sucks. Except that one time… but we won’t go there. Take care Philly 😉

one of my friends, is the biggest idea thief ever. i say a joke, then the next day he comes up to me and tells me the exact same joke, and says that he made it up. he completely forgets that i am the guy that made the joke. i dont know, its kinda like what happened with you.
btw, what was the conversation about?

People who watch a lot of TV start repeating what hear on TV. They don’t even realize it. My mom compared Anna Nichole to Marylyn Monroe like 10 minutes after they said that on TV. I kicked her ass for that. I was like, “You’re kidding right?” I stuck up for M.M.. TV turns people into Zombies. I hear people say stuff all the time that no real person would actually say or think… unless they heard it on TV.

A guy I dated once, told me about “his” radical idea on cognition. It was real genius stuff, albeit not so meaningful, but made him come off as brilliant. A few years later I heard the exact same material from one of my professors in class. So ridiculous.

You going to call your dad on it? haha

While I understand feeling a bit robbed/betrayed/cheated by your dad, the key part of your statement was that he made the message his own. The sentiments were the same, even if it was unoriginal. –You’ve said your dad is cool. You ought to call him on it and see what he says. –But this is a good excuse for you to never say, “I love you,” because you don’t want to copy what somebody else has already said before. :\ You try it out first, and tell me how it works for you.

Back when all the little kids were playing Yu-Gi-Oh, there was this 4th Grade girl hitting on me(major age difference0_o) and she asked me to take her on a date. I was trying not to laugh, especially when she told me “My dad owns Yu-Gi-Oh, Ill get you all the YuGiOh cards if you go out with me” I had to bite my tongue not to laugh, it was hilarious. Anyways not quite the same thing, but just as another case as to how desperate people can be for love.

My first boyfriend told me he was writing poems about me and it didn’t take long to notice he was in fact just reading the lyrics from the insert in one of his CDs. I felt empty. And cheated. And like I wasted so many blowjobs. Well, he didn’t get any blowjobs yet. And once he ripped off Seal, he definitely wasn’t getting any. Pff.

God, why am I rambling at you again!?

No, I made a wisecrack.

Pronunciation: \’wīz-,krak\
Function: noun
Date: 1924
: a clever or sarcastic remark.)

Even if there had been blowjobs occuring, I wouldn’t have been using them as currency. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had to pay people for being in a relationship with me.

Yeah, that happened to me once… I was talking with my dad while I was getting a haircut and when they took the bowl off of my head, I was like wait a minute I heard the same thing you’re saying while I was watching South Park. My dad said, “respect my authorit-eye and put that bowl back on your head”.

Sorry, bro, but you are rockin’ that bowl cut today!!

We aren’t all great philosophers or script writers. It’s often difficult to come up with just what you want to say so when you hear the inspiration for just the right words ya just kinda go with it. I dunno is paraphrasing Heroes like paraphrasing the Bible?!? ‘Cause ya know that one’s been done a million times over. I’d just be thankful that he actually cares enough to try to talk to you about more meaningful things ’cause conversation with my dad is boring and bleak. Thank God for my mom!

I do respect your beliefs and choices (as long as they are not hurting others)… but just as you sit and watch a friend make a decision that you think unwise when you believe another path would bring them more happiness… that is where the feelings of “sorry” come in. *shrug* Life is too short to argue about such things tho and your life is not mine to live. I only need to do the best with what I have.

Ppl do it all the time! U just don’t realize it cause there are too many tv shows! I guess most meaningful subjects come from books, tv, or a third person that discovered that subject through the previous two! Life is a big copy machine, can’t wait to get my ass photocopied(now isn’t that meaningful?)!

In defense of your dad, Phil, would you feel better if he had read “War and Peace” before the conversation? Ideas are integrations of content from many sources. The ideas which YOU value may have some surprising sources, too. The point is that your dad loves you enough to share ideas which move him. That’s nice. Thanks for another thought provoking video.

Just because your dad “borrowed” an idea from “Heroes” and “made it his own,” if it had meaning between you and him, so what the idea was “borrowed?” Hey, truth is truth, even if it comes out of the mouth of Balaam’s donkey. Just something to consider. TagsNOLA

Hey man. I remember watching one of your videos where you said something about “punching him the neck” or something like that. I thought that was funny, and then I saw some famous comedian on TV not long after say it the exact same way you did! I don’t feel cheated though. I don’t believe there is anything really new or original under the sun, just undiscovered by the masses. That’s all. (Also, maybe your dad was inspired. I’ve quote you on accident before.. ha!)


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